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Robust fault detection for a class of uncertain switched nonlinear systems via the state updating approach. (English) Zbl 1291.93309
Summary: In this paper, the fault detection problem for a class of state-dependent switched nonlinear systems with linear switching surface is addressed. The investigation of fault detection problem includes two parts: design sub-filters for each subsystem, and determine a proper update of estimated state. A fault detection filter is proposed incorporating the update of the estimated state at switching instants and the multiple Lyapunov function approach is employed in the design process to reduce the conservativeness. It should be pointed out that the state update relation is derived based upon multiple Lyapunov functions and also on the information of switching surface. In the end, a special case in which the state space is divided into several polyhedral cells is discussed. A numerical example is given to illustrate the effectiveness of proposed results.

93E11 Filtering in stochastic control theory
93E10 Estimation and detection in stochastic control theory
93C30 Control/observation systems governed by functional relations other than differential equations (such as hybrid and switching systems)
93C10 Nonlinear systems in control theory
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