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Recent trends in dynamical systems. Proceedings of the international conference, Munich, Germany, January 11–13, 2012, in honor of Jürgen Scheurle on the occasion of his 60th birthday. (English) Zbl 1278.37005
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 35. Basel: Springer (ISBN 978-3-0348-0450-9/hbk; 978-3-0348-0451-6/ebook). xxv, 616 p. (2013).

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Indexed articles:
Guckenheimer, John, The birth of chaos, 3-24 [Zbl 1314.34129]
Chillingworth, D. R. J.; Nordmark, A. B., Periodic orbits close to grazing for an impact oscillator, 25-37 [Zbl 1314.34087]
Vanderbauwhede, André, Branches of periodic orbits in reversible systems, 39-49 [Zbl 1314.37017]
Dumortier, Freddy, Canard explosion and position curves, 51-78 [Zbl 1314.37036]
Küpper, T.; Hosham, H. A.; Weiss, D., Bifurcation for non-smooth dynamical systems via reduction methods, 79-105 [Zbl 1314.34035]
Sandstede, Björn, Homoclinic flip bifurcations in conservative reversible systems, 107-123 [Zbl 1314.35107]
Giesl, Peter; Hafstein, Sigurdur, Local Lyapunov functions for periodic and finite-time ODEs, 125-152 [Zbl 1314.34126]
Goeke, Alexandra; Walcher, Sebastian, Quasi-steady state: searching for and utilizing small parameters, 153-178 [Zbl 1314.92067]
Efendiev, Messoud; Zhigun, Anna, On a global uniform pullback attractor of a class of PDEs with degenerate diffusion and chemotaxis in one dimension, 179-203 [Zbl 1314.35004]
Reich, Sebastian, A guided sequential Monte Carlo method for the assimilation of data into stochastic dynamical systems, 205-220 [Zbl 1314.37059]
Flå, Tor; Rupp, Florian; Woywod, Clemens, Deterministic and stochastic dynamics of chronic myelogenous leukaemia stem cells subject to Hill-function-like signaling, 221-263 [Zbl 1314.37061]
Holm, D. D.; Munn, J.; Stechmann, S. N., Singular solutions of Euler-Poincaré equations on manifolds with symmetry, 267-316 [Zbl 1331.53100]
Broer, Henk W.; Hanßmann, Heinz; You, Jiangong, On the destruction of resonant Lagrangean tori in Hamiltonian systems, 317-333 [Zbl 1314.37044]
Montaldi, James; Tokieda, Tadashi, Deformation of geometry and bifurcations of vortex rings, 335-370 [Zbl 1314.37039]
Bloch, Anthony M.; Morrison, Philip J.; Ratiu, Tudor S., Gradient flows in the normal and Kähler metrics and triple bracket generated metriplectic systems, 371-415 [Zbl 1321.37054]
Zhang, Fumin; Justh, Eric W.; Krishnaprasad, P. S., Boundary tracking and obstacle avoidance using gyroscopic control, 417-446 [Zbl 1392.93006]
Adams, Fred C.; Bloch, Anthony M.; Lagarias, Jeffrey C., Random Hill’s equations, random walks, and products of random matrices, 447-470 [Zbl 1321.34043]
Caraballo, T.; Kloeden, P. E., The three-dimensional globally modified Navier-Stokes equations: recent developments, 473-492 [Zbl 1317.76030]
Glocker, Christoph, Simulation of hard contacts with friction: an iterative projection method, 493-515 [Zbl 1317.74068]
Paicu, M.; Raugel, G., Dynamics of second grade fluids: the Lagrangian approach, 517-553 [Zbl 1318.35086]
Mielke, Alexander, Dissipative quantum mechanics using GENERIC, 555-585 [Zbl 1315.81061]
Kružík, Martin; Zimmer, Johannes, Modelling of thin martensitic films with nonpolynomial stored energies, 587-608 [Zbl 1317.74063]
Renardy, Michael, Linear stability of steady flows of Jeffreys type fluids, 609-616 [Zbl 1317.76012]
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Scheurle, Jürgen
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