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Algorithms and computation. 24th international symposium, ISAAC 2013, Hong Kong, China, December 16–18, 2013. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1277.68005
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8283. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-45029-7/pbk). xvii, 747 p. (2013).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding symposium see [Zbl 1258.68005].
Indexed articles:
Aichholzer, Oswin; Hackl, Thomas; Korman, Matias; Pilz, Alexander; Vogtenhuber, Birgit, Geodesic-preserving polygon simplification, 11-21 [Zbl 1329.68256]
Chun, Jinhee; de Gonzalo, Ricardo Garcia; Tokuyama, Takeshi, Space-efficient and data-sensitive polygon reconstruction algorithms from visibility angle information, 22-32 [Zbl 1329.68262]
Bereg, Sergey; Hong, Seok-Hee; Katoh, Naoki; Poon, Sheung-Hung; Tanigawa, Shin-ichi, On the edge crossing properties of Euclidean minimum weight Laman graphs, 33-43 [Zbl 1321.05166]
Aurenhammer, Franz; Walzl, Gernot, Structure and computation of straight skeletons in 3-space, 44-54 [Zbl 1321.52020]
Amir, Amihood; Porat, Benny, Pattern matching with non overlapping reversals – approximation and on-line algorithms, 55-65 [Zbl 1329.68306]
Belazzougui, Djamal; Pierrot, Adeline; Raffinot, Mathieu; Vialette, Stéphane, Single and multiple consecutive permutation motif search, 66-77 [Zbl 1329.68307]
Gawrychowski, Paweł; Straszak, Damian, Beating \(O(nm)\) in approximate LZW-compressed pattern matching, 78-88 [Zbl 1329.68313]
Lewenstein, Moshe; Munro, J. Ian; Raman, Venkatesh; Thankachan, Sharma V., Less space: indexing for queries with wildcards, 89-99 [Zbl 1329.68315]
Cheng, Qi; Li, Jiyou; Zhuang, Jincheng, On determining deep holes of generalized Reed-Solomon codes, 100-110 [Zbl 1321.94136]
Otachi, Yota; Schweitzer, Pascal, Isomorphism on subgraph-closed graph classes: a complexity dichotomy and intermediate graph classes, 111-118 [Zbl 1321.05163]
Qiao, Youming; Sun, Xiaoming; Yu, Nengkun, Determinantal complexities and field extensions, 119-129 [Zbl 1321.12003]
Johnson, Matthew; Paulusma, Daniël; van Leeuwen, Erik Jan, Algorithms to measure diversity and clustering in social networks through dot product graphs, 130-140 [Zbl 1329.05281]
Lelarge, Marc; Zhou, Hang, Sublinear-time algorithms for monomer-dimer systems on bounded degree graphs, 141-151 [Zbl 1329.05282]
Bredereck, Robert; Hartung, Sepp; Nichterlein, André; Woeginger, Gerhard J., The complexity of finding a large subgraph under anonymity constraints, 152-162 [Zbl 1329.05276]
Cheong, Otfried; Har-Peled, Sariel; Kim, Heuna; Kim, Hyo-Sil, On the number of edges of fan-crossing free graphs, 163-173 [Zbl 1329.05079]
Gavenčiak, Tomás; Jelínek, Vít; Klavík, Pavel; Kratochvíl, Jan, Cops and robbers on intersection graphs, 174-184 [Zbl 1329.05209]
Angelini, Patrizio; Evans, William; Frati, Fabrizio; Gudmundsson, Joachim, SEFE with no mapping via large induced outerplane graphs in plane graphs, 185-195 [Zbl 1329.05073]
Baïou, Mourad; Beaudou, Laurent; Li, Zhentao; Limouzy, Vincent, Hardness and algorithms for variants of line graphs of directed graphs, 196-206 [Zbl 1329.05275]
Etscheid, Michael, Performance guarantees for scheduling algorithms under perturbed machine speeds, 207-217 [Zbl 1329.90058]
Kawahara, Jun; Kobayashi, Koji M.; Miyazaki, Shuichi, Better bounds for online \(k\)-frame throughput maximization in network switches, 218-228 [Zbl 1329.68093]
Walker, Sam; Zinder, Yakov, The solvable cases of a scheduling algorithm, 229-239 [Zbl 1407.90177]
Farach-Colton, Martín; Tsai, Meng-Tsung, Exact sublinear binomial sampling, 240-250 [Zbl 1331.68278]
Scheder, Dominik, Trivial, tractable, hard. A not so sudden complexity jump in neighborhood restricted CNF formulas, 251-261 [Zbl 1406.68044]
Buchin, Kevin; Gerrits, Dirk H. P., Dynamic point labeling is strongly PSPACE-complete, 262-272 [Zbl 1331.68247]
Scheder, Dominik, Unsatisfiable CNF formulas contain many conflicts, 273-283 [Zbl 1406.68045]
Klein, Kyle; Suri, Subhash, Pursuit evasion on polyhedral surfaces, 284-294 [Zbl 1330.91047]
Mulzer, Wolfgang; Stein, Yannik, Algorithms for tolerated Tverberg partitions, 295-305 [Zbl 1406.68122]
Bohler, Cecilia; Klein, Rolf, Abstract Voronoi diagrams with disconnected regions, 306-316 [Zbl 1408.68142]
Hurtado, Ferran; Löffler, Maarten; Matos, Inês; Sacristán, Vera; Saumell, Maria; Silveira, Rodrigo I.; Staals, Frank, Terrain visibility with multiple viewpoints, 317-327 [Zbl 1331.68252]
Xiao, Mingyu; Nagamochi, Hiroshi, Exact algorithms for maximum independent set, 328-338 [Zbl 1406.68047]
Kanté, Mamadou Moustapha; Limouzy, Vincent; Mary, Arnaud; Nourine, Lhouari; Uno, Takeaki, On the enumeration and counting of minimal dominating sets in interval and permutation graphs, 339-349 [Zbl 1407.05222]
Angelini, Patrizio; Bläsius, Thomas; Rutter, Ignaz, Testing mutual duality of planar graphs, 350-360 [Zbl 1407.05216]
Chen, Jiehua; Komusiewicz, Christian; Niedermeier, Rolf; Sorge, Manuel; Suchý, Ondřej; Weller, Mathias, Effective and efficient data reduction for the subset interconnection design problem, 361-371 [Zbl 1303.68091]
van Bevern, René; Fellows, Michael R.; Gaspers, Serge; Rosamond, Frances A., Myhill-Nerode methods for hypergraphs, 372-382 [Zbl 1329.68129]
Frati, Fabrizio; Gaspers, Serge; Gudmundsson, Joachim; Mathieson, Luke, Augmenting graphs to minimize the diameter, 383-393 [Zbl 1406.68078]
Navarro, Gonzalo; Thankachan, Sharma V., Top-\(k\) document retrieval in compact space and near-optimal time, 394-404 [Zbl 1406.68022]
Chan, Timothy M.; Munro, J. Ian; Raman, Venkatesh, Faster, space-efficient selection algorithms in read-only memory for integers, 405-412 [Zbl 1310.68218]
Gemsa, Andreas; Niedermann, Benjamin; Nöllenburg, Martin, Trajectory-based dynamic map labeling, 413-423 [Zbl 1406.68116]
Panagiotou, Konstantinos; Speidel, Leo, Asynchronous rumor spreading on random graphs, 424-434 [Zbl 1372.68035]
Kawase, Yasushi; Han, Xin; Makino, Kazuhisa, Unit cost buyback problem, 435-445 [Zbl 1407.91127]
Panagiotou, Konstantinos; Pourmiri, Ali; Sauerwald, Thomas, Faster rumor spreading with multiple calls, 446-456 [Zbl 1408.68032]
Frederiksen, Søren Kristoffer Stiil; Miltersen, Peter Bro, Approximating the value of a concurrent reachability game in the polynomial time hierarchy, 457-467 [Zbl 1406.68040]
Murota, Kazuo; Shioura, Akiyoshi; Yang, Zaifu, Computing a Walrasian equilibrium in iterative auctions with multiple differentiated items, 468-478 [Zbl 1407.91131]
Xiang, Xiangzhong, New results on the online pricing problem, 479-490 [Zbl 1408.91085]
Arge, Lars; Thorup, Mikkel, RAM-efficient external memory sorting, 491-501 [Zbl 1329.68089]
Lewenstein, Moshe; Munro, J. Ian; Raman, Venkatesh, Succinct data structures for representing equivalence classes, 502-512 [Zbl 1372.68074]
Naor, Moni; Yogev, Eylon, Sliding Bloom filters, 513-523 [Zbl 1329.68088]
Plaxton, C. Gregory, Vertex-weighted matching in two-directional orthogonal ray graphs, 524-534 [Zbl 1406.68090]
Balko, Martin; Klavík, Pavel; Otachi, Yota, Bounded representations of interval and proper interval graphs, 535-546 [Zbl 1406.68059]
Floderus, Peter; Kowaluk, Mirosław; Lingas, Andrzej; Lundell, Eva-Marta, Detecting and counting small pattern graphs, 547-557 [Zbl 1406.68128]
Lin, Min Chih; Mizrahi, Michel J.; Szwarcfiter, Jayme L., An \(O ^{*}(1.1939^{n })\) time algorithm for minimum weighted dominating induced matching, 558-567 [Zbl 1407.05223]
Karpinski, Marek; Lampis, Michael; Schmied, Richard, New inapproximability bounds for TSP, 568-578 [Zbl 1328.68075]
Manthey, Bodo; Veenstra, Rianne, Smoothed analysis of the 2-opt heuristic for the TSP: polynomial bounds for Gaussian noise, 579-589 [Zbl 1407.90277]
Fan, Chenglin; Luo, Jun; Zhu, Binhai, Tight approximation bounds for connectivity with a color-spanning set, 590-600 [Zbl 1406.68075]
Chen, Jing; Guo, He; Han, Xin; Iwama, Kazuo, The train delivery problem revisited, 601-611 [Zbl 1406.68129]
Fraser, Robert; He, Meng; Kawamura, Akitoshi; López-Ortiz, Alejandro; Munro, J. Ian; Nicholson, Patrick K., The distance 4-sector of two points is unique, 612-622 [Zbl 1406.68115]
Horiyama, Takashi; Shoji, Wataru, The number of different unfoldings of polyhedra, 623-633 [Zbl 1408.52012]
Khanteimouri, Payam; Mohades, Ali; Abam, Mohammad Ali; Kazemi, Mohammad Reza, Computing the smallest color-spanning axis-parallel square, 634-643 [Zbl 1406.68120]
Kamousi, Pegah; Suri, Subhash, Euclidean traveling salesman tours through stochastic neighborhoods, 644-654 [Zbl 1408.90255]
Li, Angsheng; Peng, Pan, Detecting and characterizing small dense bipartite-like subgraphs by the bipartiteness ratio measure, 655-665 [Zbl 1406.68086]
Kerber, Michael; Sharathkumar, R., Approximate Čech complex in low and high dimensions, 666-676 [Zbl 1406.68119]
Slivovsky, Friedrich; Szeider, Stefan, Model counting for formulas of bounded clique-width, 677-687 [Zbl 1406.68046]
Wu, Yen-Wei; Lin, Wei-Yin; Wang, Hung-Lung; Chao, Kun-Mao, Computing plurality points and Condorcet points in Euclidean space, 688-698 [Zbl 1406.68124]
Johnsen, Aleck C.; Kao, Ming-Yang; Seki, Shinnosuke, Computing minimum tile sets to self-assemble color patterns, 699-710 [Zbl 1406.68117]
Cai, Xing Shi; Devroye, Luc, A probabilistic analysis of Kademlia networks, 711-721 [Zbl 1408.68027]
Das, Aparna; Fleszar, Krzysztof; Kobourov, Stephen; Spoerhase, Joachim; Veeramoni, Sankar; Wolff, Alexander, Approximating the generalized minimum Manhattan network problem, 722-732 [Zbl 1386.68191]
Wang, Haitao, Minmax regret 1-facility location on uncertain path networks, 733-743 [Zbl 1408.90167]

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