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Graph-theoretic concepts in computer science. 39th international workshop, WG 2013, Lübeck, Germany, June 19–21, 2013. Revised papers. (English) Zbl 1276.68009
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8165. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-45042-6/pbk). xix, 430 p. (2013).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding workshop see [Zbl 1250.68031].
Indexed articles:
Dragan, Feodor F., Tree-like structures in graphs: a metric point of view, 1-4 [Zbl 1417.05028]
Svensson, Ola, Overview of new approaches for approximating TSP, 5-11 [Zbl 1417.90130]
Adler, Isolde; Kanté, Mamadou Moustapha, Linear rank-width and linear clique-width of trees, 12-25 [Zbl 1417.05041]
Alam, Md. Jawaherul; Chaplick, Steven; Fijavž, Gašper; Kaufmann, Michael; Kobourov, Stephen G.; Pupyrev, Sergey, Threshold-coloring and unit-cube contact representation of graphs, 26-37 [Zbl 1417.05056]
Auer, Christopher; Bachmaier, Christian; Brandenburg, Franz J.; Hanauer, Kathrin, Rolling upward planarity testing of strongly connected graphs, 38-49 [Zbl 1417.05197]
Bento, Lucila Maria Souza; Boccardo, Davidson; Machado, Raphael Carlos Santos; Pereira de Sá, Vinícius Gusmão; Szwarcfiter, Jayme Luiz, Towards a provably resilient scheme for graph-based watermarking, 50-63 [Zbl 1417.94093]
Berry, Anne; Wagler, Annegret, The normal graph conjecture for classes of sparse graphs, 64-75 [Zbl 1419.05088]
van Bevern, René; Feldmann, Andreas Emil; Sorge, Manuel; Suchý, Ondřej, On the parameterized complexity of computing graph bisections, 76-87 [Zbl 1318.68098]
Bodlaender, Hans L.; Kratsch, Stefan; Kreuzen, Vincent J. C., Fixed-parameter tractability and characterizations of small special treewidth, 88-99 [Zbl 1400.05234]
Bose, Prosenjit; Morin, Pat; van Renssen, André; Verdonschot, Sander, The \(\theta_5\)-graph is a spanner, 100-114 [Zbl 1400.05162]
Boyacı, Arman; Ekim, Tınaz; Shalom, Mordechai; Zaks, Shmuel, Graphs of edge-intersecting non-splitting paths in a tree: towards hole representations (extended abstract), 115-126 [Zbl 1400.05163]
Broersma, Hajo; Fiala, Jiří; Golovach, Petr A.; Kaiser, Tomáš; Paulusma, Daniël; Proskurowski, Andrzej, Linear-time algorithms for scattering number and Hamilton-connectivity of interval graphs, 127-138 [Zbl 1417.05200]
Chaplick, Steven; Kobourov, Stephen G.; Ueckerdt, Torsten, Equilateral L-contact graphs, 139-151 [Zbl 1400.05235]
Chen, Jianer; Fan, Jia-Hao; Sze, Sing-Hoi, Parameterized and approximation algorithms for the MAF problem in multifurcating trees, 152-164 [Zbl 1400.05236]
Chiarelli, Nina; Milanič, Martin, Linear separation of total dominating sets in graphs, 165-176 [Zbl 1400.05171]
Cochefert, Manfred; Couturier, Jean-François; Golovach, Petr A.; Kratsch, Dieter; Paulusma, Daniël, Sparse square roots, 177-188 [Zbl 1331.05204]
Cook, Kathryn; Eschen, Elaine M.; Sritharan, R.; Wang, Xiaoqiang, Completing colored graphs to meet a target property, 189-200 [Zbl 1417.05062]
Dabrowski, Konrad K.; Golovach, Petr A.; Paulusma, Daniël, Colouring of graphs with Ramsey-type forbidden subgraphs, 201-212 [Zbl 1417.68064]
Di Giacomo, Emilio; Liotta, Giuseppe; Mchedlidze, Tamara, Lower and upper bounds for long induced paths in 3-connected planar graphs, 213-224 [Zbl 1417.05108]
Doerr, Carola; Ramakrishna, G.; Schmidt, Jens M., Computing minimum cycle bases in weighted partial 2-trees in linear time, 225-236 [Zbl 1417.05203]
Durocher, Stephane; Gethner, Ellen; Mondal, Debajyoti, Thickness and colorability of geometric graphs, 237-248 [Zbl 1419.05071]
Faria, Luerbio; de Figueiredo, Celina M. H.; Richter, R. Bruce; Vrt’o, Imrich, The same upper bound for both: the 2-page and the rectilinear crossing numbers of the \(n\)-cube, 249-260 [Zbl 1417.05037]
Fellows, Michael R.; Jansen, Bart M. P., FPT is characterized by useful obstruction sets, 261-273 [Zbl 1417.68051]
Giannopoulou, Archontia C.; Kamiński, Marcin; Thilikos, Dimitrios M., Excluding graphs as immersions in surface embedded graphs, 274-285 [Zbl 1417.05173]
Gillé, Marc, OBDD-based representation of interval graphs, 286-297 [Zbl 1417.05135]
Hanauer, Kathrin; Brandenburg, Franz J.; Auer, Christopher, Tight upper bounds for minimum feedback arc sets of regular graphs, 298-309 [Zbl 1417.68052]
Kammer, Frank, A linear-time kernelization for the rooted \(k\)-leaf outbranching problem, 310-320 [Zbl 1417.05086]
Kloks, Ton; Wang, Yue-Li, On retracts, absolute retracts, and folds in cographs, 321-332 [Zbl 1417.05174]
Krawczyk, Tomasz; Pawlik, Arkadiusz; Walczak, Bartosz, Coloring triangle-free rectangular frame intersection graphs with \(O(\log \log n)\) colors, 333-344 [Zbl 1417.05071]
Lindzey, Nathan; McConnell, Ross M., On finding Tucker submatrices and Lekkerkerker-Boland subgraphs, 345-357 [Zbl 1417.05081]
Mehlhorn, Kurt; Neumann, Adrian; Schmidt, Jens M., Certifying 3-edge-connectivity, 358-369 [Zbl 1417.05226]
Misra, Neeldhara; Panolan, Fahad; Rai, Ashutosh; Raman, Venkatesh; Saurabh, Saket, Parameterized algorithms for Max Colorable Induced Subgraph problem on perfect graphs, 370-381 [Zbl 1417.05082]
Nevries, Ragnar; Rosenke, Christian, Characterizing and computing the structure of clique intersections in strongly chordal graphs, 382-393 [Zbl 1417.05156]
Cheng, Christine T.; McConvey, Andrew; Onderko, Drew; Shar, Nathaniel; Tomlinson, Charles, Beyond knights and knaves, 394-405 [Zbl 1417.05176]
Schulz, André, Drawing graphs with few arcs, 406-417 [Zbl 1417.05140]
Telle, Jan Arne; Villanger, Yngve, Connecting terminals and 2-disjoint connected subgraphs, 418-428 [Zbl 1417.05112]

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68R10 Graph theory (including graph drawing) in computer science
05C85 Graph algorithms (graph-theoretic aspects)
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