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WFLP 2003. Selected papers of the 12th international workshop on functional and constraint logic programming (in connection with RDP’03, Federated conference on rewriting, deduction and programming), Valencia, Spain, June 12–13, 2003. (English) Zbl 1271.68025
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 86, No. 3. Amsterdam: Elsevier. 206 p., electronic only (2003).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the 2001 workshop see [Zbl 1267.68023].
Indexed articles:
Maluszyński, Jan, On integrating rules into the semantic web, 1-11 [Zbl 1270.68043]
Rusinowitch, Michael, Automated analysis of security protocols, 12-15 [Zbl 1270.68176]
Tolmach, Andrew; Antoy, Sergio, A monadic semantics for core Curry, 16-34 [Zbl 1270.68158]
Hanus, Michael; Höppner, Klaus; Huch, Frank, Towards translating embedded Curry to C, 35-51 [Zbl 1270.68326]
Nishida, Naoki; Sakai, Masahiko; Sakabe, Toshiki, Narrowing-based simulation of term rewriting systems with extra variables and its termination proof, 52-69 [Zbl 1270.68135]
Cunha, Alcino, Automatic visualization of recursion trees: a case study on generic programming, 70-84 [Zbl 1270.68074]
Ballis, D.; Falaschi, M.; Ferri, C.; Hernández-Orallo, J.; Ramírez-Quintana, M. J., Cost-sensitive diagnosis of declarative programs, 85-104 [Zbl 1270.68077]
Alpuente, M.; Ballis, D.; Escobar, S.; Falaschi, M.; Lucas, S., Abstract correction of first-order functional programs, 105-122 [Zbl 1270.68064]
López-Fraguas, F. J.; Sánchez-Hernández, J., Failure and equality in functional logic programming, 123-143 [Zbl 1270.68061]
Moreno, Ginés, A narrowing-based instantiation rule for rewriting-based fold/unfold transformations, 144-167 [Zbl 1270.68133]
Almendros-Jiménez, Jesús M.; Becerra-Terón, Antonio, A safe relational calculus for functional logic deductive databases, 168-204 [Zbl 1270.68101]
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68N17 Logic programming
68N18 Functional programming and lambda calculus
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