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Space-efficient data structures, streams, and algorithms. Papers in honor of J. Ian Munro on the occasion of his 66th birthday. (English) Zbl 1270.68019
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8066. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-40272-2/pbk). xxviii, 363 p. (2013).

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Indexed articles:
Afshani, Peyman; Agrawal, Manindra; Doerr, Benjamin; Doerr, Carola; Larsen, Kasper Green; Mehlhorn, Kurt, The query complexity of finding a hidden permutation, 1-11 [Zbl 1391.68044]
Boyar, Joan; Ellen, Faith, Bounds for scheduling jobs on grid processors, 12-26 [Zbl 1394.68045]
Chan, Timothy M., Quake heaps: a simple alternative to Fibonacci heaps, 27-32 [Zbl 1394.68092]
Demaine, Erik D.; Demaine, Martin L.; Eisenstat, Sarah; Morgan, Thomas D.; Uehara, Ryuhei, Variations on instant insanity, 33-47 [Zbl 1395.68148]
Durocher, Stephane, A simple linear-space data structure for constant-time range minimum query, 48-60 [Zbl 1394.68093]
Kirkpatrick, David, Closing a long-standing complexity gap for selection: \(V _{3}(42) = 50\), 61-76 [Zbl 1394.68185]
Ma, Qiang; Muthukrishnan, S.; Sandler, Mark, Frugal streaming for estimating quantiles, 77-96 [Zbl 1394.68454]
Barbay, Jérémy, From time to space: fast algorithms that yield small and fast data structures, 97-111 [Zbl 1394.68089]
Borodin, Allan, Computing (and life) is all about tradeoffs. A small sample of some computational tradeoffs, 112-132 [Zbl 1394.68165]
Bose, Prosenjit; Howat, John; Morin, Pat, A history of distribution-sensitive data structures, 133-149 [Zbl 1394.68090]
Brodal, Gerth Stølting, A survey on priority queues, 150-163 [Zbl 1394.68091]
Cardinal, Jean; Fiorini, Samuel, On generalized comparison-based sorting problems, 164-175 [Zbl 1394.68105]
Fleischer, Rudolf; Yu, Jiajin, A survey of the game “Lights Out!”, 176-198 [Zbl 1395.91075]
Grossi, Roberto, Random access to high-order entropy compressed text, 199-215 [Zbl 1394.68135]
He, Meng, Succinct and implicit data structures for computational geometry, 216-235 [Zbl 1394.68097]
Iacono, John, In pursuit of the dynamic optimality conjecture, 236-250 [Zbl 1395.68101]
Kamali, Shahin; López-Ortiz, Alejandro, A survey of algorithms and models for list update, 251-266 [Zbl 1395.68342]
Lewenstein, Moshe, Orthogonal range searching for text indexing, 267-302 [Zbl 1394.68099]
Nicholson, Patrick K.; Raman, Venkatesh; Rao, S. Srinivasa, A survey of data structures in the bitprobe model, 303-318 [Zbl 1395.68103]
Raman, Rajeev; Rao, S. Srinivasa, Succinct representations of ordinal trees, 319-332 [Zbl 1394.68102]
Skala, Matthew, Array range queries, 333-350 [Zbl 1394.68103]
Hon, Wing-Kai; Patil, Manish; Shah, Rahul; Thankachan, Sharma V.; Vitter, Jeffrey Scott, Indexes for document retrieval with relevance, 351-362 [Zbl 1394.68127]
68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68P05 Data structures
68W40 Analysis of algorithms
00B30 Festschriften
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Munro, J. Ian
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