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Public-key cryptography – PKC 2013. 16th international conference on practice and theory in public-key cryptography, Nara, Japan, February 26–March 1, 2013. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1258.94004
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7778. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-36361-0/pbk). xiv, 518 p. (2013).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1241.94004].
Indexed articles:
Brakerski, Zvika; Gentry, Craig; Halevi, Shai, Packed ciphertexts in LWE-based homomorphic encryption, 1-13 [Zbl 1314.94058]
Katz, Jonathan; Thiruvengadam, Aishwarya; Zhou, Hong-Sheng, Feasibility and infeasibility of adaptively secure fully homomorphic encryption, 14-31 [Zbl 1314.94077]
Emura, Keita; Hanaoka, Goichiro; Ohtake, Go; Matsuda, Takahiro; Yamada, Shota, Chosen ciphertext secure keyed-homomorphic public-key encryption, 32-50 [Zbl 1314.94066]
Waters, Brent, Functional encryption: origins and recent developments, 51-54 [Zbl 1314.94096]
Catalano, Dario; Fiore, Dario, Vector commitments and their applications, 55-72 [Zbl 1314.94059]
Choi, Seung Geol; Katz, Jonathan; Wee, Hoeteck; Zhou, Hong-Sheng, Efficient, adaptively secure, and composable oblivious transfer with a single, global CRS, 73-88 [Zbl 1314.94061]
Kumarasubramanian, Abishek; Ostrovsky, Rafail; Pandey, Omkant; Wadia, Akshay, Cryptography using CAPTCHA puzzles, 89-106 [Zbl 1314.94080]
Ling, San; Nguyen, Khoa; Stehlé, Damien; Wang, Huaxiong, Improved zero-knowledge proofs of knowledge for the ISIS problem, and applications, 107-124 [Zbl 1314.94087]
Okamoto, Tatsuaki; Takashima, Katsuyuki, Decentralized attribute-based signatures, 125-142 [Zbl 1314.94106]
Barbosa, Manuel; Farshim, Pooya, On the semantic security of functional encryption schemes, 143-161 [Zbl 1314.94054]
Hohenberger, Susan; Waters, Brent, Attribute-based encryption with fast decryption, 162-179 [Zbl 1314.94074]
Kunihiro, Noboru; Shinohara, Naoyuki; Izu, Tetsuya, Recovering RSA secret keys from noisy key bits with erasures and errors, 180-197 [Zbl 1314.94081]
Barbu, Guillaume; Battistello, Alberto; Dabosville, Guillaume; Giraud, Christophe; Renault, Guénaël; Renner, Soline; Zeitoun, Rina, Combined attack on CRT-RSA. Why public verification must not be public?, 198-215 [Zbl 1314.94055]
Seo, Jae Hong; Emura, Keita, Revocable identity-based encryption revisited: security model and construction, 216-234 [Zbl 1314.94092]
Xagawa, Keita, Improved (hierarchical) inner-product encryption from lattices, 235-252 [Zbl 1314.94097]
Lindell, Yehuda, Techniques for efficient secure computation based on Yao’s protocol. (Abstract), 253 [Zbl 1314.94085]
Freire, Eduarda S. V.; Hofheinz, Dennis; Kiltz, Eike; Paterson, Kenneth G., Non-interactive key exchange, 254-271 [Zbl 1314.94069]
Ben Hamouda, Fabrice; Blazy, Olivier; Chevalier, Céline; Pointcheval, David; Vergnaud, Damien, Efficient UC-secure authenticated key-exchange for algebraic languages, 272-291 [Zbl 1292.94168]
Abdalla, Michel; Ben Hamouda, Fabrice; Pointcheval, David, Tighter reductions for forward-secure signature schemes, 292-311 [Zbl 1314.94098]
Abe, Masayuki; David, Bernardo; Kohlweiss, Markulf; Nishimaki, Ryo; Ohkubo, Miyako, Tagged one-time signatures: tight security and optimal tag size, 312-331 [Zbl 1314.94099]
Matsuda, Takahiro; Hanaoka, Goichiro, Key encapsulation mechanisms from extractable hash proof systems, revisited, 332-351 [Zbl 1314.94089]
Farshim, Pooya; Libert, Benoît; Paterson, Kenneth G.; Quaglia, Elizabeth A., Robust encryption, revisited, 352-368 [Zbl 1314.94068]
Huang, Zhengan; Liu, Shengli; Qin, Baodong, Sender-equivocable encryption schemes secure against chosen-ciphertext attacks revisited, 369-385 [Zbl 1314.94075]
Attrapadung, Nuttapong; Libert, Benoît; Peters, Thomas, Efficient completely context-hiding quotable and linearly homomorphic signatures, 386-404 [Zbl 1314.94101]
Nishimaki, Ryo; Xagawa, Keita, Verifiably encrypted signatures with short keys based on the decisional linear problem and obfuscation for encrypted VES, 405-422 [Zbl 1314.94105]
Lee, Kwangsu; Lee, Dong Hoon; Yung, Moti, Sequential aggregate signatures with short public keys: design, analysis and implementation studies, 423-442 [Zbl 1290.94153]
Seurin, Yannick, New constructions and applications of trapdoor DDH groups, 443-460 [Zbl 1314.94093]
Dagdelen, Özgür; Mohassel, Payman; Venturi, Daniele, Rate-limited secure function evaluation: definitions and constructions, 461-478 [Zbl 1314.94064]
Chase, Melissa; Kohlweiss, Markulf; Lysyanskaya, Anna; Meiklejohn, Sarah, Verifiable elections that scale for free, 479-496 [Zbl 1314.94060]
Nielsen, Jesper Buus; Venturi, Daniele; Zottarel, Angela, On the connection between leakage tolerance and adaptive security, 497-515 [Zbl 1314.94091]

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94A60 Cryptography
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