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Annual review of fluid mechanics. Vol. 45. (English) Zbl 1258.76021
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics 45. Palo Alto, CA: Annual Reviews (ISBN 978-0-8243-0745-5/hbk). x, 585 p. (2013).

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Indexed articles:
Narasimha, Roddam; Roshko, Anatol; Gharib, Morteza, Hans W. Liepmann, 1914–2009, 1-17 [Zbl 1359.76003]
Pullin, D. I.; Meiron, D. I., Philip G. Saffman, 19-34 [Zbl 1359.76005]
Tailleux, Rémi, Available potential energy and exergy in stratified fluids, 35-58 [Zbl 1359.76109]
Rotunno, Richard, The fluid dynamics of tornadoes, 59-84 [Zbl 1359.76324]
Basaran, Osman A.; Gao, Haijing; Bhat, Pradeep P., Nonstandard inkjets, 85-113 [Zbl 1359.76289]
Perlin, Marc; Choi, Wooyoung; Tian, Zhigang, Breaking waves in deep and intermediate waters, 115-145 [Zbl 1359.76066]
Vanneste, J., Balance and spontaneous wave generation in geophysical flows, 147-172 [Zbl 1359.76068]
Jordan, Peter; Colonius, Tim, Wave packets and turbulent jet noise, 173-195 [Zbl 1359.76257]
Quéré, David, Leidenfrost dynamics, 197-215 [Zbl 1359.76296]
Schoof, Christian; Hewitt, Ian, Ice-sheet dynamics, 217-239 [Zbl 1359.76319]
Cohen-Addad, Sylvie; Höhler, Reinhard; Pitois, Olivier, Flow in foams and flowing foams, 241-267 [Zbl 1359.76290]
Snoeijer, Jacco H.; Andreotti, Bruno, Moving contact lines: scales, regimes, and dynamical transitions, 269-292 [Zbl 1359.76320]
Grabowski, Wojciech W.; Wang, Lian-Ping, Growth of cloud droplets in a turbulent environment, 293-324 [Zbl 1359.76293]
Koumoutsakos, Petros; Pivkin, Igor; Milde, Florian, The fluid mechanics of cancer and its therapy, 325-355 [Zbl 1359.76351]
Mezić, Igor, Analysis of fluid flows via spectral properties of the koopman operator, 357-378 [Zbl 1359.76271]
Mahesh, Krishnan, The interaction of jets with crossflow, 379-407 [Zbl 1359.76100]
Westerweel, Jerry; Elsinga, Gerrit E.; Adrian, Ronald J., Particle image velocimetry for complex and turbulent flows, 409-436 [Zbl 1359.76008]
Mittal, Rajat; Erath, Byron D.; Plesniak, Michael W., Fluid dynamics of human phonation and speech, 437-467 [Zbl 1359.76262]
Charru, François; Andreotti, Bruno; Claudin, Philippe, Sand ripples and dunes, 469-493 [Zbl 1359.76299]
Yoo, Jung Yul, The turbulent flows of supercritical fluids with heat transfer, 495-525 [Zbl 1359.76135]

76-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to fluid mechanics
76-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to fluid mechanics
00B15 Collections of articles of miscellaneous specific interest
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