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Parameterized and exact computation. 6th international symposium, IPEC 2011, Saarbrücken, Germany, September 6–8, 2011. Revised selected papers. (English) Zbl 1238.68016
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7112. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-28049-8/pbk). viii, 273 p. (2012).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding symposium see [Zbl 1202.68012].
Indexed articles:
Cygan, Marek; Pilipczuk, Marcin; Pilipczuk, Michał; Wojtaszczyk, Jakub Onufry, On multiway cut parameterized above lower bounds, 1-12 [Zbl 1352.68100]
Cygan, Marek; Fomin, Fedor V.; van Leeuwen, Erik Jan, Parameterized complexity of firefighting revisited, 13-26 [Zbl 1352.68098]
Jiang, Minghui; Zhang, Yong, Parameterized complexity in multiple-interval graphs: domination, 27-40 [Zbl 1352.68113]
Iwata, Yoichi, A faster algorithm for dominating set analyzed by the potential method, 41-54 [Zbl 1352.68111]
Heggernes, Pinar; van ’t Hof, Pim; Lévêque, Benjamin; Lokshtanov, Daniel; Paul, Christophe, Contracting graphs to paths and trees, 55-66 [Zbl 1310.68228]
Golovach, Petr A.; Kamiński, Marcin; Paulusma, Daniël; Thilikos, Dimitrios M., Increasing the minimum degree of a graph by contractions, 67-79 [Zbl 1352.68106]
Adler, Isolde; Kolliopoulos, Stavros G.; Thilikos, Dimitrios M., Planar disjoint-paths completion, 80-93 [Zbl 1352.68090]
Damaschke, Peter, Sparse solutions of sparse linear systems: fixed-parameter tractability and an application of complex group testing, 94-105 [Zbl 1352.68101]
Golovnev, Alexander, New upper bounds for MAX-2-SAT and MAX-2-CSP w.r.t. the average variable degree, 106-117 [Zbl 1352.68107]
Kim, Eun Jung; Williams, Ryan, Improved parameterized algorithms for above average constraint satisfaction, 118-131 [Zbl 1352.68115]
Jansen, Bart M. P.; Kratsch, Stefan, On polynomial kernels for structural parameterizations of odd cycle transversal, 132-144 [Zbl 1352.68112]
Bodlaender, Hans L.; Jansen, Bart M. P.; Kratsch, Stefan, Kernel bounds for path and cycle problems, 145-158 [Zbl 1352.68092]
Cygan, Marek; Lokshtanov, Daniel; Pilipczuk, Marcin; Pilipczuk, Michał; Saurabh, Saket, On the hardness of losing width, 159-168 [Zbl 1352.68089]
Guo, Jiong; Kanj, Iyad; Kratsch, Stefan, Safe approximation and its relation to kernelization, 169-180 [Zbl 1352.68108]
Hagerup, Torben, Simpler linear-time kernelization for planar dominating set, 181-193 [Zbl 1352.68109]
van Bevern, René; Hartung, Sepp; Kammer, Frank; Niedermeier, Rolf; Weller, Mathias, Linear-time computation of a linear problem kernel for dominating set on planar graphs, 194-206 [Zbl 1352.68119]
Broersma, Hajo; Golovach, Petr A.; Patel, Viresh, Tight complexity bounds for FPT subgraph problems parameterized by clique-width, 207-218 [Zbl 1352.68095]
Hvidevold, Eivind Magnus; Sharmin, Sadia; Telle, Jan Arne; Vatshelle, Martin, Finding good decompositions for dynamic programming on dense graphs, 219-231 [Zbl 1352.68110]
Lampis, Michael, Parameterized maximum path coloring, 232-245 [Zbl 1352.68116]
Cygan, Marek; Lokshtanov, Daniel; Pilipczuk, Marcin; Pilipczuk, Michał; Saurabh, Saket, On cutwidth parameterized by vertex cover, 246-258 [Zbl 1352.68099]
Ganian, Robert, Twin-cover: beyond vertex cover in parameterized algorithmics, 259-271 [Zbl 1352.68105]

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