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Annual review of fluid mechanics. Vol. 44. (English) Zbl 1235.76004
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics 44. Palo Alto, CA: Annual Reviews (ISBN 978-0-8243-0744-8/hbk). ix, 655 p. (2012).

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Indexed articles:
Fabre, Benoit; Gilbert, Joel; Hirschberg, Avraham; Pelorson, Xavier, Aeroacoustics of musical instruments, 1-25 [Zbl 1347.76041]
Jiménez, Javier, Cascades in wall-bounded turbulence, 27-45 [Zbl 1388.76089]
Fox, Rodney O., Large-eddy-simulation tools for multiphase flows, 47-75 [Zbl 1356.76123]
Jaffrin, Michel Y., Hydrodynamic techniques to enhance membrane filtration, 77-95 [Zbl 1360.76326]
Ern, Patricia; Risso, Frédéric; Fabre, David; Magnaudet, Jacques, Wake-induced oscillatory paths of bodies freely rising or falling in fluids, 97-121 [Zbl 1355.76019]
Nepf, Heidi M., Flow and transport in regions with aquatic vegetation, 123-142 [Zbl 1350.76056]
Sheng, Ping; Wen, Weijia, Electrorheological fluids: mechanisms, dynamics, and microfluidics applications, 143-174 [Zbl 1359.76345]
Krommes, John A., The gyrokinetic description of microturbulence in magnetized plasmas, 175-201 [Zbl 1354.76231]
Kawahara, Genta; Uhlmann, Markus; van Veen, Lennaert, The significance of simple invariant solutions in turbulent flows, 203-225 [Zbl 1352.76031]
Peake, Nigel; Parry, Anthony B., Modern challenges facing turbomachinery aeroacoustics, 227-248 [Zbl 1351.76275]
Ribe, Neil M.; Habibi, Mehdi; Bonn, Daniel, Liquid rope coiling, 249-266 [Zbl 1353.76006]
Braun, Richard J., Dynamics of the tear film, 267-297 [Zbl 1357.76110]
Wang, Meng; Mani, Ali; Gordeyev, Stanislav, Physics and computation of aero-optics, 299-321 [Zbl 1365.76098]
Monaghan, J. J., Smoothed particle hydrodynamics and its diverse applications, 323-346 [Zbl 1361.76019]
Siggers, Jennifer H.; Ethier, C. Ross, Fluid mechanics of the eye, 347-372 [Zbl 1353.76097]
Guasto, Jeffrey S.; Rusconi, Roberto; Stocker, Roman, Fluid mechanics of planktonic microorganisms, 373-400 [Zbl 1358.76086]
Chang, Hsueh-Chia; Yossifon, Gilad; Demekhin, Evgeny A., Nanoscale electrokinetics and microvortices: how microhydrodynamics affects nanofluidic ion flux, 401-426 [Zbl 1355.76075]
Boffetta, Guido; Ecke, Robert E., Two-dimensional turbulence, 427-451 [Zbl 1350.76022]
Dumais, Jacques; Forterre, Yoël, “Vegetable dynamicks”: the role of water in plant movements, 453-478 [Zbl 1347.76066]
Belcher, Stephen E.; Harman, Ian N.; Finnigan, John J., The wind in the willows: flows in forest canopies in complex terrain, 479-504 [Zbl 1364.76072]
Alonso, Juan J.; Colonno, Michael R., Multidisciplinary optimization with applications to sonic-boom minimization, 505-526 [Zbl 1362.76051]
Zhong, Xiaolin; Wang, Xiaowen, Direct numerical simulation on the receptivity, instability, and transition of hypersonic boundary layers, 527-561 [Zbl 1366.76043]
Kiger, Kenneth T.; Duncan, James H., Air-entrainment mechanisms in plunging jets and breaking waves, 563-596 [Zbl 1352.76026]
76-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to fluid mechanics
76-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to fluid mechanics
00B15 Collections of articles of miscellaneous specific interest
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