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Exact solutions for the flow of a viscoelastic fluid induced by a circular cylinder subject to a time dependent shear stress. (English) Zbl 1222.76012
Summary: The velocity field and the adequate shear stress corresponding to the flow of a Maxwell fluid with fractional derivative model, between two infinite coaxial cylinders, are determined by means of the Laplace and finite Hankel transforms. The motion is due to the inner cylinder that applies a longitudinal time dependent shear to the fluid. The solutions that have been obtained, presented under integral and series form in terms of the generalized \(G\) and \(R\) functions, satisfy all imposed initial and boundary conditions. They can be easy particularizes to give the similar solutions for ordinary Maxwell and Newtonian fluids. Finally, the influence of the relaxation time and the fractional parameter, as well as a comparison between models, is shown by graphical illustrations.

76A10 Viscoelastic fluids
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