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The Japanese-Australian workshop on real and complex singularities, JARCS III, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, September 15–18, 2009. (English) Zbl 1218.14001
Proceedings of the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications, Australian National University 43. Canberra: Australian National University, Centre for Mathematics and its Applications (ISBN 0-7315-5207-5). vii, 174 p. (2010).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the 1st workshop (2005) see Zbl 1110.14002.
Indexed articles:
Eastwood, Michael, Symmetry via Lie algebra cohomology, 1-7 [Zbl 1230.58025]
Isaev, Alexander, Simple elliptic hypersurface singularities: a new look at the equivalence problem, 9-17 [Zbl 1228.32029]
Loi, Ta Lê, o-minimal structures, 19-30 [Zbl 1247.14059]
Loi, Ta Lê, Stratifiations in o-minimal structures, 31-39 [Zbl 1247.14060]
Loi, Ta Lê, Three fundamental theorems of singularity theory in \(o\)-minimal structures, 41-54 [Zbl 1238.14021]
Miyajima, Kimio, CR deformation of cyclic quotient surface singularities, 55-65 [Zbl 1228.32030]
Oka, Mutsuo, On mixed plane curves of polar degree 1, 67-74 [Zbl 1227.14031]
Nishimura, T., Stable multigerms, simple multigerms and asymmetric Cantor sets, 75-81 [Zbl 1230.58026]
Sekiguchi, Jiro, Systems of uniformization equations along Saito free divisors and related topics, 83-126 [Zbl 1244.35093]
Shiota, Masahiro, Triangulations of non-proper semialgebraic Thom maps, 127-140 [Zbl 1420.57069]
Takeuchi, Kiyoshi, Monodromies at infinity of polynomial maps and \({\mathcal A}\)-hypergeometric functions, 141-174 [Zbl 1231.14006]

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