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Theory and applications of models of computation. 8th annual conference, TAMC 2011, Tokyo, Japan, May 23–25, 2011. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1213.68052
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6648. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-20876-8/pbk). xv, 564 p. (2011).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see Zbl 1189.68012.
Indexed articles:
Pospelov, Alexey, Group-theoretic lower bounds for the complexity of matrix multiplication, 2-13 [Zbl 1330.68122]
Yap, Chee, A real elementary approach to the master recurrence and generalizations, 14-26 [Zbl 1330.68339]
Bell, Paul C.; Wong, Prudence W. H., Multiprocessor speed scaling for jobs with arbitrary sizes and deadlines, 27-36 [Zbl 1330.68038]
Schmied, Richard; Viehmann, Claus, Approximating edge dominating set in dense graphs, 37-47 [Zbl 1330.68125]
Lingas, Andrzej; Di, Cui, Near approximation of maximum weight matching through efficient weight reduction, 48-57 [Zbl 1330.68348]
Ito, Takehiro; Demaine, Erik D., Approximability of the subset sum reconfiguration problem, 58-69 [Zbl 1330.68094]
Luo, Weizhong; Wang, Jianxin; Feng, Qilong; Guo, Jiong; Chen, Jianer, An improved kernel for planar connected dominating set, 70-81 [Zbl 1333.05295]
Junosza-Szaniawski, Konstanty; Kratochvíl, Jan; Liedloff, Mathieu; Rossmanith, Peter; Rzążewski, Paweł, Fast exact algorithm for \(L(2,1)\)-labeling of graphs, 82-93 [Zbl 1333.05292]
Ito, Takehiro; Kawamura, Kazuto; Zhou, Xiao, An improved sufficient condition for reconfiguration of list edge-colorings in a tree, 94-105 [Zbl 1333.05112]
Iwata, Kozue; Ishiwata, Shiro; Nakano, Shin-Ichi, A compact encoding of unordered binary trees, 106-113 [Zbl 1331.68061]
Faragó, András, Low distortion metric embedding into constant dimension, 114-123 [Zbl 1331.68250]
Chen, Xue; Hu, Guangda; Sun, Xiaoming, A better upper bound on weights of exact threshold functions, 124-132 [Zbl 1332.94117]
Kamiyama, Naoyuki, Submodular function minimization under a submodular set covering constraint, 133-141 [Zbl 1332.90225]
Shioura, Akiyoshi; Suzuki, Shunya, Optimal allocation in combinatorial auctions with quadratic utility functions, 142-153 [Zbl 1331.68116]
Suzuki, Akira; Uchizawa, Kei; Zhou, Xiao, Energy and fan-in of threshold circuits computing mod functions, 154-163 [Zbl 1332.94120]
Wang, Fengming, NEXP does not have non-uniform quasipolynomial-size ACC circuits of \(o(\log \log n)\) depth, 164-170 [Zbl 1331.68086]
Chin, Francis Y. L.; Leung, Henry C. M.; Yiu, S. M., Non-adaptive complex group testing with multiple positive sets, 172-183 [Zbl 1331.68205]
van der Zwaan, Ruben; Berger, André; Grigoriev, Alexander, How to cut a graph into many pieces, 184-194 [Zbl 1331.68117]
Davoodi, Pooya; Rao, Satti Srinivasa, Succinct dynamic cardinal trees with constant time operations for small alphabet, 195-205 [Zbl 1331.68058]
Brodal, Gerth Stølting; Greve, Mark; Pandey, Vineet; Rao, Satti Srinivasa, Integer representations towards efficient counting in the bit probe model, 206-217 [Zbl 1331.68057]
Jain, Sanjay; Stephan, Frank; Teutsch, Jason, Closed left-r.e. sets, 218-229 [Zbl 1333.03108]
Jeandel, Emmanuel; Vanier, Pascal, \(\Pi^{0}_{1}\) sets and tilings, 230-239 [Zbl 1333.03109]
Zhou, Chunlai, Intuitive probability logic, 240-251 [Zbl 1258.03025]
Fu, Jie; Heinz, Jeffrey; Tanner, Herbert G., An algebraic characterization of strictly piecewise languages, 252-263 [Zbl 1331.68146]
Manthey, Bodo, Deterministic algorithms for multi-criteria TSP, 264-275 [Zbl 1331.68294]
Klavík, Pavel; Kratochvíl, Jan; Vyskočil, Tomáš, Extending partial representations of interval graphs, 276-285 [Zbl 1331.68107]
Cicerone, Serafino, Using split composition to extend distance-hereditary graphs in a generative way (extended abstract), 286-297 [Zbl 1333.05284]
Li, Angsheng; Tang, Linqing, The complexity and approximability of minimum contamination problems, 298-307 [Zbl 1331.68093]
Althaus, Ernst; Kupilas, Joschka; Naujoks, Rouven, On the low-dimensional Steiner minimum tree problem in Hamming metric, 308-319 [Zbl 1331.68087]
Brody, Joshua; Matulef, Kevin; Wu, Chenggang, Lower bounds for testing computability by small width OBDDs, 320-331 [Zbl 1331.68088]
Freivalds, Rūsiņš; Zeugmann, Thomas, On the amount of nonconstructivity in learning recursive functions, 332-343 [Zbl 1331.68120]
Brunsch, Tobias; Röglin, Heiko, A bad instance for \(k\)-means++, 344-352 [Zbl 1331.68290]
Gavenčiak, Tomáš, Catching a fast robber on interval graphs, 353-364 [Zbl 1332.91030]
Datta, Samir; Krishnamurthy, Nagarajan, Some tractable win-lose games, 365-376 [Zbl 1332.91011]
Ding, Ning; Gu, Dawu, A note on obfuscation for cryptographic functionalities of secret-operation then public-encryption, 377-389 [Zbl 1306.94047]
Liśkiewicz, Maciej; Reischuk, Rüdiger; Wölfel, Ulrich, Grey-box steganography, 390-402 [Zbl 1260.94045]
Leung, Ming Lam; Li, Yang; Zhang, Shengyu, Tight bounds on communication complexity of symmetric XOR functions in one-way and SMP models, 403-408 [Zbl 1331.68078]
Sołtys, Karolina, The hardness of median in the synchronized bit communication model, 409-415 [Zbl 1331.68080]
Brunsch, Tobias; Röglin, Heiko, Lower bounds for the smoothed number of Pareto optimal solutions, 416-427 [Zbl 1332.90232]
Fukunaga, Takuro, Approximating minimum cost source location problems with local vertex-connectivity demands, 428-439 [Zbl 1331.68152]
Iwama, Kazuo; Miyazaki, Shuichi; Yanagisawa, Hiroki, Improved approximation bounds for the student-project allocation problem with preferences over projects, 440-451 [Zbl 1331.68091]
Okamoto, Yoshio; Otachi, Yota; Uehara, Ryuhei; Uno, Takeaki, Hardness results and an exact exponential algorithm for the spanning tree congestion problem, 452-462 [Zbl 1331.68094]
Jelínková, Eva, Switching to hedgehog-free graphs is NP-complete, 463-470 [Zbl 1331.68092]
Bílka, Ondřej; Lidický, Bernard; Tesař, Marek, Locally injective homomorphism to the simple weight graphs, 471-482 [Zbl 1331.68098]
Hellouin de Menibus, Benjamin; Uno, Takeaki, Maximal matching and path matching counting in polynomial time for graphs of bounded clique width, 483-494 [Zbl 1333.05291]
Cook, Atlas F. IV; Fan, Chenglin; Luo, Jun, Hide-and-seek: algorithms for polygon walk problems, 495-504 [Zbl 1331.68249]
Langer, Alexander; Rossmanith, Peter; Sikdar, Somnath, Linear-time algorithms for graphs of bounded rankwidth: a fresh look using game theory (extended abstract), 505-516 [Zbl 1331.68111]
Moser, Philippe, On the polynomial depth of various sets of random strings, 517-527 [Zbl 1331.68118]
Belmonte, Rémy; Heggernes, Pinar; van ’t Hof, Pim, Edge contractions in subclasses of chordal graphs, 528-539 [Zbl 1331.68097]
Datta, Samir; Prakriya, Gautam, Planarity testing revisited, 540-551 [Zbl 1331.68102]
Meier, Arne; Schneider, Thomas, Generalized satisfiability for the description logic \(\mathcal{ALC}\) (extended abstract), 552-562 [Zbl 1331.68113]

68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68Q05 Models of computation (Turing machines, etc.) (MSC2010)
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