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Information security practice and experience. 7th international conference, ISPEC 2011, Guangzhou, China, May 30 – June 1, 2011. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1213.68026
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6672. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-21030-3/pbk). xiii, 448 p. (2011).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see Zbl 1186.68007.
Indexed articles:
Zhu, Huafei, Public-key encryptions tolerating adaptive and composable adversaries, 1-13 [Zbl 1326.94124]
Liu, Yamin; Li, Bao; Lu, Xianhui; Jia, Xiaoying, Encryption simulatability reconsidered, 14-23 [Zbl 1325.68084]
Lai, Junzuo; Deng, Robert H.; Li, Yingjiu, Fully secure cipertext-policy hiding CP-ABE, 24-39 [Zbl 1325.68082]
Chen, Yu; Chen, Liqun; Chen, Zhong, Generic methods to achieve tighter security reductions for a category of IBE schemes, 40-54 [Zbl 1325.68081]
Luo, Song; Chen, Yu; Hu, Jianbin; Chen, Zhong, New fully secure hierarchical identity-based encryption with constant size ciphertexts, 55-70 [Zbl 1326.94111]
Zhao, Fangming; Nishide, Takashi; Sakurai, Kouichi, Realizing fine-grained and flexible access control to outsourced data with attribute-based cryptosystems, 83-97 [Zbl 1325.68086]
Liu, Jun’e; Wan, Zhiguo; Gu, Ming, Hierarchical attribute-set based encryption for scalable, flexible and fine-grained access control in cloud computing, 98-107 [Zbl 1325.68083]
Sedghi, Saeed; Hartel, Pieter; Jonker, Willem; Nikova, Svetla, Privacy enhanced access control by means of policy blinding, 108-122 [Zbl 1325.68085]
Wang, Yikai; Mu, Yi; Zhang, Minjie, Policy-based authentication for mobile agents, 123-137 [Zbl 1326.94133]
Zhou, Xuhua; Ding, Xuhua; Chen, Kefei, Lightweight delegated subset test with privacy protection, 138-151 [Zbl 1326.94123]
Rose, Michael; Plantard, Thomas; Susilo, Willy, Improving BDD cryptosystems in general lattices, 152-167 [Zbl 1326.94118]
Cao, Weiwei; Hu, Lei; Ding, Jintai; Yin, Zhijun, Kipnis-Shamir attack on unbalanced oil-vinegar scheme, 168-180 [Zbl 1326.94079]
Yang, Guangdong; Tang, Shaohua; Yang, Li, A novel group signature scheme based on MPKC, 181-195 [Zbl 1326.94121]
Liu, Jiye; Zhou, Yongbin; Han, Yang; Li, Jiantang; Yang, Shuguo; Feng, Dengguo, How to characterize side-channel leakages more accurately?, 196-207 [Zbl 1305.94061]
Nakahara, Jorge jun., New impossible differential and known-key distinguishers for the 3D cipher, 208-221 [Zbl 1305.94071]
Wei, Yongzhuang; Lu, Jiqiang; Hu, Yupu, Meet-in-the-middle attack on 8 rounds of the AES block cipher under 192 key bits, 222-232 [Zbl 1292.94151]
Liang, Bo; Wu, Wenling; Zhang, Liting, BCBC: a more efficient MAC algorithm, 233-246 [Zbl 1292.94172]
Liu, Bozhong; Gong, Zheng; Qiu, Weidong; Zheng, Dong, On the security of 4-bit involutive S-boxes for lightweight designs, 247-256 [Zbl 1292.94103]
Huang, Qiong; Wong, Duncan S., Short convertible undeniable signature in the standard model, 257-272 [Zbl 1292.94171]
Jhanwar, Mahabir Prasad, A practical (non-interactive) publicly verifiable secret sharing scheme, 273-287 [Zbl 1291.94189]
Lv, Chunli; Jia, Xiaoqi; Lin, Jingqiang; Jing, Jiwu; Tian, Lijun, An efficient group-based secret sharing scheme, 288-301 [Zbl 1292.94109]
Zhao, Xingwen; Zhang, Fangguo, Traitor tracing against public collaboration, 302-316 [Zbl 1292.94175]
Tian, Donghai; Xiong, Xi; Hu, Changzhen; Liu, Peng, Policy-centric protection of OS kernel from vulnerable loadable kernel modules, 317-332 [Zbl 1293.68115]
Allard, Tristan; Nguyen, Benjamin; Pucheral, Philippe, Sanitizing microdata without leak: combining preventive and curative actions, 333-342 [Zbl 1305.68079]
Kwon, Jonghoon; Lee, Jehyun; Lee, Heejo, Hidden bot detection by tracing non-human generated traffic at the zombie host, 343-361 [Zbl 1305.68082]
Pham, Quan; Reid, Jason; Dawson, Ed, A model for constraint and delegation management, 362-371 [Zbl 1305.68083]
Zhu, Huafei, Non-black-box computation of linear regression protocols with malicious adversaries, 372-385 [Zbl 1305.94086]
Wang, An; Li, Zheng; Yang, Xianwen; Yu, Yanyan, A new security proof of practical cryptographic devices based on hardware, software and protocols, 386-400 [Zbl 1305.94081]
Ding, Ning; Gu, Dawu, A general and efficient obfuscation for programs with tamper-proof hardware, 401-416 [Zbl 1305.94042]
Pan, Jiaxin; Wang, Libin; Ma, Changshe, Analysis and improvement of an authenticated key exchange protocol, 417-431 [Zbl 1305.94091]
Zhang, Lijun; Wang, Kunpeng; Wang, Hong; Ye, Dingfeng, Another elliptic curve model for faster pairing computation, 432-446 [Zbl 1305.94085]

68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68P25 Data encryption (aspects in computer science)
94A60 Cryptography
94A62 Authentication, digital signatures and secret sharing
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