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LATIN 2010: Theoretical informatics. 9th Latin American symposium, Oaxaca, Mexico, April 19–23, 2010. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1185.68011
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6034. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-12199-9/pbk). xv, 706 p. (2010).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium has been reviewed (see Zbl 1133.68008).
Indexed articles:
Aloupis, Greg; Cardinal, Jean; Collette, Sébastien; Imahori, Shinji; Korman, Matias; Langerman, Stefan; Schwartz, Oded; Smorodinsky, Shakhar; Taslakian, Perouz, Colorful strips, 2-13 [Zbl 1283.05080]
Backer, Jonathan; Keil, J. Mark, The mono- and bichromatic empty rectangle and square problems in all dimensions (extended abstract), 14-25 [Zbl 1283.52017]
Gu, Qianping; Imani, Navid, Connectivity is not a limit for kernelization: planar connected dominating set, 26-37 [Zbl 1283.05149]
Angel, Eric; Bampis, Evripidis; Thibault, Nicolas, Randomized truthful algorithms for scheduling selfish tasks on parallel machines, 38-48 [Zbl 1283.90018]
Fürer, Martin, Almost linear time computation of the chromatic polynomial of a graph of bounded tree-width, 49-59 [Zbl 1283.05094]
Betzler, Nadja; Guo, Jiong; Komusiewicz, Christian; Niedermeier, Rolf, Average parameterization and partial kernelization for computing medians, 60-71 [Zbl 1283.68391]
Fomin, Fedor V.; Lokshtanov, Daniel; Grandoni, Fabrizio; Saurabh, Saket, Sharp separation and applications to exact and parameterized algorithms, 72-83 [Zbl 1278.68232]
Kameda, Tsunehiko; Suzuki, Ichiro; Zhang, John Z., Finding the minimum-distance schedule for a boundary searcher with a flashlight, 84-95 [Zbl 1283.52021]
La Torre, Salvatore; Madhusudan, Parthasarathy; Parlato, Gennaro, The language theory of bounded context-switching, 96-107 [Zbl 1283.68197]
Recalde, Diego; Rutten, Cyriel; Schuurman, Petra; Vredeveld, Tjark, Local search performance guarantees for restricted related parallel machine scheduling, 108-119 [Zbl 1283.68114]
Peis, Britta; Skutella, Martin; Wiese, Andreas, Packet routing on the grid, 120-130 [Zbl 1283.68272]
Coury, Michael D.; Hell, Pavol; Kratochvíl, Jan; Vyskočil, Tomáš, Faithful representations of graphs by islands in the extended grid, 131-142 [Zbl 1283.68269]
Greiner, Gero; Jacob, Riko, The I/O complexity of sparse matrix dense matrix multiplication, 143-156 [Zbl 1283.68163]
Fischer, Johannes, Optimal succinctness for range minimum queries, 158-169 [Zbl 1283.68141]
Barbay, Jérémy; Claude, Francisco; Navarro, Gonzalo, Compact rich-functional binary relation representations, 170-183 [Zbl 1283.68131]
Lombardy, Sylvain; Sakarovitch, Jacques, Radix cross-sections for length morphisms, 184-195 [Zbl 1283.68223]
Geffert, Viliam; Pighizzini, Giovanni, Pairs of complementary unary languages with “balanced” nondeterministic automata, 196-207 [Zbl 1283.68195]
Brzozowski, Janusz; Jirásková, Galina; Li, Baiyu, Quotient complexity of ideal languages, 208-221 [Zbl 1283.68189]
Bassino, Frédérique; Giambruno, Laura; Nicaud, Cyril, Complexity of operations on cofinite languages, 222-233 [Zbl 1283.68188]
Cohen, Hagai; Porat, Ely, Fast set intersection and two-patterns matching, 234-242 [Zbl 1283.68146]
von zur Gathen, Joachim; Viola, Alfredo; Ziegler, Konstantin, Counting reducible, powerful, and relatively irreducible multivariate polynomials over finite fields (extended abstract), 243-254 [Zbl 1279.11113]
Bollig, Beate, A larger lower bound on the OBDD complexity of the most significant bit of multiplication, 255-266 [Zbl 1283.68132]
Madritsch, Manfred; Vallée, Brigitte, Modelling the LLL algorithm by sandpiles, 267-281 [Zbl 1283.68392]
Bose, Prosenjit; Carmi, Paz; Smid, Michiel; Xu, Daming, Communication-efficient construction of the plane localized Delaunay graph, 282-293 [Zbl 1283.05255]
Gall, Dominik; Jacob, Riko; Richa, Andrea; Scheideler, Christian; Schmid, Stefan; Täubig, Hanjo, Time complexity of distributed topological self-stabilization: the case of graph linearization, 294-305 [Zbl 1283.68397]
Berenbrink, Petra; Elsässer, Robert; Sauerwald, Thomas, Randomised broadcasting: memory vs. randomness, 306-319 [Zbl 1283.68048]
Rasendrahasina, Vonjy; Ravelomanana, Vlady, Limit theorems for random MAX-2-XORSAT, 320-331 [Zbl 1283.68264]
Austrin, Per; Benabbas, Siavosh; Magen, Avner, On quadratic threshold CSPs, 332-343 [Zbl 1283.68159]
Padró, Carles; Vázquez, Leonor, Finding lower bounds on the complexity of secret sharing schemes by linear programming, 344-355 [Zbl 1283.94100]
Maltais, Elizabeth; Moura, Lucia, Finding the best CAFE is NP-hard, 356-371 [Zbl 1283.68156]
Gál, Anna; Jang, Jing-Tang, The size and depth of layered Boolean circuits, 372-383 [Zbl 1283.94159]
Agarwal, Pankaj K.; Phillips, Jeff M.; Sadri, Bardia, Lipschitz unimodal and isotonic regression on paths and trees, 384-396 [Zbl 1283.68267]
Panario, Daniel; Stevens, Brett; Wang, Qiang, Ambiguity and deficiency in Costas arrays and APN permutations, 397-406 [Zbl 1228.20041]
Gansner, E. R.; Hu, Y. F.; Kaufmann, M.; Kobourov, S. G., Optimal polygonal representation of planar graphs, 417-432 [Zbl 1283.05187]
Dumitrescu, Adrian; Jiang, Minghui, Minimum-perimeter intersecting polygons, 433-445 [Zbl 1283.52020]
Cheng, Qi; Li, Yu-Hsin, Finding the smallest gap between sums of square roots, 446-455 [Zbl 1283.52019]
Aloupis, Greg; Cardinal, Jean; Collette, Sébastien; Demaine, Erik D.; Demaine, Martin L.; Dulieu, Muriel; Fabila-Monroy, Ruy; Hart, Vi; Hurtado, Ferran; Langerman, Stefan; Saumell, Maria; Seara, Carlos; Taslakian, Perouz, Matching points with things, 456-467 [Zbl 1283.52016]
Speckmann, Bettina; Verbeek, Kevin, Homotopic rectilinear routing with few links and thick edges, 468-479 [Zbl 1283.68379]
Ballier, Alexis; Durand, Bruno; Jeandel, Emmanuel, Tilings robust to errors, 480-491 [Zbl 1283.52018]
Bitner, Steven; Cheung, Yam K.; Cook, Atlas F. IV; Daescu, Ovidiu; Kurdia, Anastasia; Wenk, Carola, Visiting a sequence of points with a bevel-tip needle, 492-502 [Zbl 1283.92048]
Bateni, MohammadHossein; Hajiaghayi, MohammadTaghi, Euclidean prize-collecting Steiner forest, 503-514 [Zbl 1283.68402]
Hajiaghayi, MohammadTaghi; Nasri, Arefeh A., Prize-collecting Steiner networks via iterative rounding, 515-526 [Zbl 1283.68403]
van Bevern, René; Moser, Hannes; Niedermeier, Rolf, Kernelization through tidying. A case study based on \(s\)-Plex Cluster Vertex Deletion, 527-538 [Zbl 1283.68394]
van Hoeij, Mark; Novocin, Andrew, Gradual sub-lattice reduction and a new complexity for factoring polynomials, 539-553 [Zbl 1191.11035]
Chung, Christine; Ligett, Katrina; Pruhs, Kirk; Roth, Aaron L., The power of fair pricing mechanisms, 554-564 [Zbl 1283.91073]
Mirrokni, Vahab; Muthukrishnan, S.; Nadav, Uri, Quasi-proportional mechanisms: prior-free revenue maximization, 565-576 [Zbl 1283.91079]
Valiant, Leslie G., Some observations on holographic algorithms, 577-590 [Zbl 1283.68393]
Byrka, Jaroslaw; Karrenbauer, Andreas; Sanità, Laura, The interval constrained 3-coloring problem, 591-602 [Zbl 1283.05083]
Bonsma, Paul; Breuer, Felix, Counting hexagonal patches and independent sets in circle graphs, 603-614 [Zbl 1283.05131]
Asahiro, Yuichi; Miyano, Eiji; Samizo, Kazuaki, Approximating maximum diameter-bounded subgraphs, 615-626 [Zbl 1283.05254]
Dutta, Kunal; Subramanian, C. R., Largest induced acyclic tournament in random digraphs: a 2-point concentration, 627-637 [Zbl 1283.05248]
Ge, Qi; Štefankovič, Daniel, The complexity of counting Eulerian tours in 4-regular graphs, 638-649 [Zbl 1283.05133]
Brandstädt, Andreas; Hundt, Christian; Nevries, Ragnar, Efficient edge domination on hole-free graphs in polynomial time, 650-661 [Zbl 1283.05197]
Karpiński, Marek; Ruciński, Andrzej; Szymańska, Edyta, Computational complexity of the Hamiltonian cycle problem in dense hypergraphs, 662-673 [Zbl 1283.05155]
Duch, Amalia; Jiménez, Rosa M.; Martńnez, Conrado, Rank selection in multidimensional data, 674-685 [Zbl 1283.68134]
Bose, Prosenjit; Douïeb, Karim; Dujmović, Vida; Howat, John, Layered working-set trees, 686-696 [Zbl 1283.68138]
Ferragina, Paolo; Gagie, Travis; Manzini, Giovanni, Lightweight data indexing and compression in external memory, 697-710 [Zbl 1283.68140]

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