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Proceedings of the 12th symposium of mathematics and its applications, “Politehnica” University of Timişoara, Timişoara, Romania, November 5–7, 2009. (English) Zbl 1184.00029
Timişoara: Editura Politehnica. 533 p. (2010).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 10th symposium has been reviewed (see Zbl 1177.00115).
Indexed articles:
Cristescu, Gabriela; Kovács, Edith; Takači, Arpad, Professor Dr. Francis Fazekas, shining figure among the mathematicians of the \({XX}^{th}\) century, 17-20 [Zbl 1212.01009]
Acu, Ana Maria; Rafiq, Arif, About a linear positive functional, 23-28 [Zbl 1212.65089]
Bărbătei, Ovidiu; Cofan, Nicolae; Stan, Ilie, Interpolation of Banach \(K\)-subtriples, 29-36 [Zbl 1212.46108]
Bărbătei, Ovidiu; Hedrea, Ciprian; Mihailov, Dobrica; Stan, Ilie, Interpolation of subspaces in the multidimensional case, 37-43 [Zbl 1212.46107]
Bărbătei, Ovidiu; Stan, Ilie, On some compactness results for the real interpolation methods in the case of Banach triples, 44-51 [Zbl 1212.46045]
Biriş, Larisa; Megan, Mihail, On exponential instability in Banach spaces, 52-57 [Zbl 1224.34167]
Bogdan, Marcel; Kolumban, Iosif, Continuity of the solution map related to parametric equilibrium problems, 65-72 [Zbl 1224.49011]
Burai, Pal; Hazy, Attila, On Orlicz-convex functions, 73-78 [Zbl 1224.26032]
Ciurdariu, Loredana, Gramian analytic operators and Gramian multi-analytic operators, 79-84 [Zbl 1210.47031]
Costache, Emilian; Deleanu, Dumitru; Constantinescu, Eliodor, Theorems in cluster set theory, 85-90 [Zbl 1212.30102]
Cristescu, Gabriela; Găianu, Mihail, Shape properties of Noor’s \(g\)-convex sets, 91-99 [Zbl 1212.52001]
Găvruţa, Laura; Găvruţa, Paşc, Frames in duality, 100-107 [Zbl 1212.42075]
Georgescu, Raluca-Mihaela, Lyapunov stability in a predator-prey model for a limit case, 108-111 [Zbl 1212.37087]
Goleţ, Ioan, On generalized probabilistic normed spaces, 112-117 [Zbl 1214.46056]
Házy, Attila; Burai, Pál, Bernstein-Doetsch type results for generalized convex functions, 118-123 [Zbl 1212.26023]
Lupa, Nicolae, On exponential instability of evolution operators in Banach spaces, 140-146 [Zbl 1212.34175]
Minda, Andrea Amalia, Lyapunov functions for \((f,g)\)-stability of evolution operators in Banach spaces, 147-152 [Zbl 1212.34176]
Mitrea, A. I., Error estimates of some quadrature procedures on Jacobi nodes, 153-158 [Zbl 1212.41018]
Popa, Emil C., On some inequality for the constants of Landau and Lebesgue, 159-161 [Zbl 1212.33004]
Popa, Ioan-Lucian, Nonuniform exponential instability for evolution operators in Banach spaces, 162-167 [Zbl 1212.34177]
Răpeanu, Eleonora, Abstract scheme of the approximation, 168-174 [Zbl 1211.47099]
Stoica, Diana, Exponential stability and exponential instability for stochastic cocycles, 182-187 [Zbl 1212.60106]
Stoica, Codruţa; Megan, Mihail, Asymptotic properties for discrete linear systems on Banach spaces, 188-193 [Zbl 1224.39011]
Takači, Djurdjica; Takači, Arpad, On the time fractional differential equation, 194-199 [Zbl 1212.26013]
Vernescu, Andrei, Aspects of discrete asymptotic analysis, 200-206 [Zbl 1212.26006]
Bota, Constantin; Popescu, Dan; Căruntu, Bogdan, Two criterions related to dispersive dynamical systems on a topological manifold, 209-215 [Zbl 1212.54104]
Ceauşu, Traian; Opriş, Dumitru, Deterministic stochastic and hybrid models for the regenerative machine tool chatter, 216-220 [Zbl 1212.34132]
Ciortea, Elisabeta Mihaela, Flexible network system design using Petri, 221-226 [Zbl 1212.68099]
Ivan, Gheorghe; Opriş, Dumitru; Ivan, Mihai, Hybrid fractional differential systems associated to Toda lattice. Numerical simulation, 227-234 [Zbl 1212.26012]
Lugojan, Sorin, A topological setting for obstacle collision free motions, 235-245 [Zbl 1212.68347]
Milici, Constantin, On the axiom of Pasch, 246-253 [Zbl 1212.03004]
Müller, Winfried B., Algebraic and cryptographic properties of the RSA-permutation group, 254-260 [Zbl 1201.94091]
Pop, Camelia, Numerical integration of a dynamical system on the Lie group \(SO(4)\), 261-266 [Zbl 1213.37117]
Popuţa, Vasile; Şerban, Călin, Computational algorithms in modular groupoids, 267-272 [Zbl 1212.18008]
Şuşoi, Paul Mihai, Numerical integration of the Euler top system, 273-278 [Zbl 1212.65086]
Aron, Anania, Some remarks about a mathematical modelling in biomedicine and economy, 281-287 [Zbl 1212.65504]
Bălă, Dumitru, The study of the stability of some dynamical systems with application in economy using geometrical methods, 288-293 [Zbl 1212.37090]
Bistrian, Diana Alina; Dragomirescu, Florica Ioana, Standard spectral methods in a swirling flow stability problem, 294-299 [Zbl 1212.76011]
Bota, Constantin; Căruntu, Bogdan, An approximate polynomial solution for a class of nonlinear second order differential equations using a variational method, 300-306 [Zbl 1212.65284]
Bundău, O.; Juratoni, A.; Babescu, Ghe., The mathematical model associated of an economic growth process with public intervention, 307-313 [Zbl 1212.49003]
Căruntu, Bogdan; Bota, Constantin, A new method for the calculus of an approximate polynomial solution of some differential equations on a finite interval with boundary conditions, 314-319 [Zbl 1212.65285]
Drăgoescu (Cazacu), Nina, The human internal ear modelled as a dynamical system, 320-325 [Zbl 1212.37086]
Ene, Remus-Daniel, On the existence and uniqueness of a generalized solution in a thin porous plate problem, 326-331 [Zbl 1201.74018]
Fedotenkov, Igor, Estimation of binary choice models maximizing AUC, 338-343 [Zbl 1212.62073]
Găianu, Mihai, Didactic software for teaching image processing using fast Fourier transformation, 344-349 [Zbl 1212.00007]
Gîrban, Gabriel; Aron, Anania, Some remarks about a fluid coupling actuator, 350-355 [Zbl 1212.34135]
Gîrban, Gabriel; Fuicu, Sebastian; Pop, Camelia, About the solution of the medium speed pulverizor, 356-360 [Zbl 1212.34136]
Herişanu, Nicolae; Bacria, Vasile, Investigation of the acoustic fiels generated by an industrial production hall, 367-374 [Zbl 1212.37085]
Ion, Anca-Veronica, New results concerning the stability of equilibria of a delay differential equations modeling leukemia, 375-380 [Zbl 1212.65313]
Iscan, Fatma; Ongun, Mevlude Yakit, A numerical method for solving a model for HIV infection of \(CD4^+T\) cells, 381-386 [Zbl 1212.65266]
Kammanee, Athassawat; Bockmann, Christine, Inverse Sturm-Liouville problems, 387-392 [Zbl 1212.65296]
Kovacs, Adalbert; Kovacs, Laura, Solving the four fundamental problems from the theory of profile grids via BEM, 393-400 [Zbl 1212.05265]
Kovács, Adalbert; Kovács, Laura, Deciding properties of affine loops, 401-406 [Zbl 1212.05264]
Lazăr, Ioana-Claudia, The collapsibility of square 2-complexes with 8-property, 407-412 [Zbl 1212.53061]
Lazarević, Mihailo; Vasić, Vasilije; Cvelbar, Robert; Trišović, Nataša, Applying fractional wavelet transform in signal and image processing, 413-418 [Zbl 1212.42076]
Lazarević, Mihailo; Živanović, Miloš; Joka, Marko, Biologically inspired modeling and control of robotic systems, 419-425 [Zbl 1212.93227]
Lupşa, Liana; Chiorean, Ioana; Neamţiu, Luciana, A Bayesian approach for measuring the efficiency of the medical treatments, 426-430 [Zbl 1212.46109]
Mihon, Liviu; Tokar, Adriana, Mathematical models for analyzing the propulsion equipments of the motor vehicles, 431-437 [Zbl 1212.35369]
Mîndruţă, Cristina, On modeling some software architectural styles, 438-445 [Zbl 1212.68034]
Mitrea, Alexandru Ioan; Gurzău, Octavian Mircia; Mitrea, Paulina; Cîmpean, Dalia, Numerical methods for finding the optimal model in the theory of deformable surface, 446-453 [Zbl 1212.00020]
Păunescu, Doru; Dondera, Daniel, The usage of Monte Carlo simulation in reliability analysis of power systems, 454-459 [Zbl 1212.62022]
Petrişor, Camelia; Aron, Anania, Lax formulations for a quadratic and homogeneous Hamilton-Poisson systems on \((so(3))^*\), 460-464 [Zbl 1212.65505]
Petrović, Dragan V.; Golubović, Zorana; Tasić, Srdan; Golubović, Zoran, On determination of the particle size distributions of kieselgur and perlite granulations, 465-470 [Zbl 1211.62194]
Pokorádi, László, Uncertainties of mathematical modeling, 471-476 [Zbl 1212.93001]
Popoviciu, Nicolae; Boncuţ, Mioara, A Bayesian solution and an improving geometric algorithm for a vector classification model of two-class problem, 477-488 [Zbl 1201.62037]
Pop, Camelia; Petrişor, Camelia, Lax formulation and numerical integration for car’s dynamics, 489-494 [Zbl 1213.37118]
Szántai, Tamás; Kovacs, Edith, Estimation of the probability of rare events, 495-507 [Zbl 1223.62077]
Teselios, Delia; Albici, Mihaela, Numerical methods used in assessing options, 508-514 [Zbl 1212.65011]
Trišović, Nataša; Maneski, Taško; Golubović, Zoran; Lazarević, Mihailo; Šumarac, Dragoslav, About structural dynamic reanalysis, 515-525 [Zbl 1212.74006]
Vlad, Serban E., The model of the ideal rotary element of Morita, 526-531 [Zbl 1201.94147]
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