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\(2:1\) and \(1:1\) frequency-locking in fast excited van der Pol-Mathieu-Duffing oscillator. (English) Zbl 1170.70344
Summary: The frequency-locking area of \(2:1\) and \(1:1\) resonances in a fast harmonically excited van der Pol-Mathieu-Duffing oscillator is studied. An averaging technique over the fast excitation is used to derive an equation governing the slow dynamic of the oscillator. A perturbation technique is then performed on the slow dynamic near the \(2:1\) and \(1:1\) resonances, respectively, to obtain reduced autonomous slow flow equations governing the modulation of amplitude and phase of the corresponding slow dynamics. These equations are used to determine the steady state responses, bifurcations and frequency-response curves. Analysis of quasi-periodic vibrations is carried out by performing multiple scales expansion for each of the dependent variables of the slow flows. Results show that in the vicinity of both considered resonances, fast harmonic excitation can change the nonlinear characteristic spring behavior from softening to hardening and causes the entrainment regions to shift. It was also shown that entrained vibrations with moderate amplitude can be obtained in a small region near the \(1:1\) resonance. Numerical simulations are performed to confirm the analytical results.

70K30 Nonlinear resonances for nonlinear problems in mechanics
70K65 Averaging of perturbations for nonlinear problems in mechanics
70K43 Quasi-periodic motions and invariant tori for nonlinear problems in mechanics
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