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Principles and practice of constraint programming – CP 2006. 12th international conference, CP 2006, Nantes, France, September 25–29, 2006. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1141.68004
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4204. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-46267-5/pbk). xviii, 774 p. (2006).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1140.68002).
Indexed articles:
Grandoni, Fabrizio; Italiano, Giuseppe F., Algorithms and constraint programming, 2-14 [Zbl 1160.68549]
Bessiere, Christian; Hebrard, Emmanuel; Hnich, Brahim; Kiziltan, Zeynep; Walsh, Toby, The ROOTS constraint, 75-90 [Zbl 1160.68539]
Cohen, David A.; Cooper, Martin C.; Jeavons, Peter G., An algebraic characterisation of complexity for valued constraint, 107-121 [Zbl 1160.68540]
Cohen, David A.; Green, Martin J., Typed guarded decompositions for constraint satisfaction, 122-136 [Zbl 1160.68541]
Dimopoulos, Yannis; Stergiou, Kostas, Propagation in CSP and SAT, 137-151 [Zbl 1160.68542]
Dooms, Grégoire; Katriel, Irit, The minimum spanning tree constraint, 152-166 [Zbl 1160.68544]
Gent, Ian P.; Jefferson, Chris; Miguel, Ian, Watched literals for constraint propagation in Minion, 182-197 [Zbl 1420.68195]
Goldsztejn, Alexandre; Jaulin, Luc, Inner and outer approximations of existentially quantified equality constraints, 198-212 [Zbl 1160.68546]
Hutter, Frank; Hamadi, Youssef; Hoos, Holger H.; Leyton-Brown, Kevin, Performance prediction and automated tuning of randomized and parametric algorithms, 213-228 [Zbl 1160.68551]
Jonsson, Peter; Kuivinen, Fredrik; Nordh, Gustav, Approximability of integer programming with generalised constraints, 256-270 [Zbl 1160.90592]
Lecoutre, Christophe; Szymanek, Radoslaw, Generalized arc consistency for positive table constraints, 284-298 [Zbl 1335.90096]
González, Santiago Macho; Ansótegui, Carlos; Meseguer, Pedro, Boosting open CSPs, 314-328 [Zbl 1160.68547]
Mateescu, Robert; Dechter, Rina, Compiling constraint networks into AND/OR multi-valued decision diagrams (AOMDDs), 329-343 [Zbl 1160.68555]
Michel, Laurent; See, Andrew; Van Hentenryck, Pascal, Distributed constraint-based local search, 344-358 [Zbl 1160.68556]
Neveu, Bertrand; Chabert, Gilles; Trombettoni, Gilles, When interval analysis helps inter-block backtracking, 390-405 [Zbl 1160.68557]
Pralet, Cédric; Schiex, Thomas; Verfaillie, Gérard, Decomposition of multi-operator queries on semiring-based graphical models, 437-452 [Zbl 1160.68558]
Puget, Jean-François, Dynamic lex constraints, 453-467 [Zbl 1160.68559]
Richter, Yossi; Freund, Ari; Naveh, Yehuda, Generalizing AllDifferent: The SomeDifferent constraint, 468-483 [Zbl 1160.68561]
Rollon, Emma; Larrosa, Javier, Mini-bucket elimination with bucket propagation, 484-498 [Zbl 1160.68562]
Samer, Marko; Szeider, Stefan, Constraint satisfaction with bounded treewidth revisited, 499-513 [Zbl 1160.68563]
Sellmann, Meinolf, The theory of grammar constraints, 530-544 [Zbl 1160.68564]
Smith, Barbara M., Constraint programming models for graceful graphs, 545-559 [Zbl 1160.68565]
Streeter, Matthew J.; Smith, Stephen F., A simple distribution-free approach to the max \(k\)-armed bandit problem, 560-574 [Zbl 1160.68566]
Tack, Guido; Schulte, Christian; Smolka, Gert, Generating propagators for finite set constraints, 575-589 [Zbl 1160.68387]
Tamura, Naoyuki; Taga, Akiko; Kitagawa, Satoshi; Banbara, Mutsunori, Compiling finite linear CSP into SAT, 590-603 [Zbl 1160.68567]
Van Hentenryck, Pascal; Michel, Laurent, Differentiable invariants, 604-619 [Zbl 1160.68569]
van Hoeve, Willem-Jan; Pesant, Gilles; Rousseau, Louis-Martin; Sabharwal, Ashish, Revisiting the sequence constraint, 620-634 [Zbl 1160.68573]
Verger, Guillaume; Bessiere, Christian, Blocksolve: A bottom-up approach for solving quantified CSPs, 635-649 [Zbl 1160.68570]
Walsh, Toby, General symmetry breaking constraints, 650-664 [Zbl 1160.68571]
Ågren, Magnus; Flener, Pierre; Pearson, Justin, Inferring variable conflicts for local search, 665-669 [Zbl 1160.68536]
Benhamou, Belaïd; Saïdi, Mohamed Réda, Reasoning by dominance in not-equals binary constraint networks, 670-674 [Zbl 1160.68538]
Houghton, Chris; Cohen, David; Green, Martin J., The effect of constraint representation on structural tractability, 726-730 [Zbl 1160.68550]
Khemmoudj, Mohand Ou Idir; Bennaceur, Hachemi, Clique inference process for solving Max-CSP, 746-750 [Zbl 1160.68553]
Quimper, Claude-Guy; Walsh, Toby, Global grammar constraints, 751-755 [Zbl 1160.68560]

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