Longitudinal data analysis. (English) Zbl 1136.62075

Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons (ISBN 978-0-471-42027-9/hbk; 0-470-03648-6/ebook). xx, 337 p. (2006).
Publisher’s description: This innovative book sets forth and describes methods for the analysis of longitudinal data, emphasizing applications to problems in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. Reflecting the growing importance and use of longitudinal data across many areas of research, the text is designed to help users of statistics better analyze and understand this type of data. Much of the material from the book grew out of a course given by the first author on longitudinal data analysis. The material is, therefore, thoroughly classroom tested and includes a number of features designed to help readers better understand and apply the material.
The statistical procedures featured within the text include: Repeated measures analysis of variance; Multivariate analysis of variance for repeated measures; Random-effects regression models (RRM); Covariance-pattern models; Generalized-estimating equations (GEE) models; Generalizations of RRM and GEE for categorical outcomes.
The authors emphasize the applications of the methods, using real-world examples for illustration. Some syntax examples are provided, although the authors do not generally focus on software. Several datasets and computer syntax examples are posted on this title’s companion Web site. The authors intend to keep the syntax examples current as new versions of the software programs emerge. The text is designed for both undergraduate and graduate courses in longitudinal data analysis. Instructors can take advantage of overheads and additional course materials available online for adopters. Applied statisticians in biomedicine and the social sciences can also use the book as a convenient reference.


62P10 Applications of statistics to biology and medical sciences; meta analysis
62P15 Applications of statistics to psychology
62P25 Applications of statistics to social sciences
62-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to statistics
62Pxx Applications of statistics
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