A multidimensional scaling model for three-way data analysis. (English) Zbl 1122.91357

Summary: This article proposes a model that facilitates the analysis of triadic relationships among three objects. Recently, interest in studies of three-way data models has increased, and many significant contributions have been made in this area. However, one-mode, three-way models have yet to be considered. This study focuses on a one-mode, three-way model in which three-way distances are explained as the subtraction of the smallest squared distance among the three squared distances from the sum of these squared distances. This formulation is used to illustrate the idea that relationships with many differences carry more information than relationships with few differences. Moreover, the distance between two objects is weighted more heavily when two objects differ greatly, and this weight indicates the salience of their dyadic distance. Finally, the model and algorithm are applied to purchase data for convenience stores. The proposed model of multidimensional scaling clearly identifies differences among groups of objects.


91B72 Spatial models in economics
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