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Logical foundations of computer science. International symposium, LFCS 2007, New York, NY, USA, June 4–7, 2007. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1121.03005
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4514. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-72732-3/pbk). xi, 513 p. (2007).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium has been reviewed (see Zbl 0865.00035).
Indexed articles:
Antonakos, Evangelia, Justified and common knowledge: Limited conservativity, 1-11 [Zbl 1132.03319]
Artemov, Sergei; Bonelli, Eduardo, The intensional lambda calculus, 12-25 [Zbl 1132.03318]
Avron, Arnon; Zamansky, Anna, Generalized non-deterministic matrices and \((n,k)\)-ary quantifiers, 26-40 [Zbl 1132.03342]
Blair, Howard A.; Jakel, David W.; Irwin, Robert J.; Rivera, Angel, Elementary differential calculus on discrete and hybrid structures, 41-53 [Zbl 1133.54001]
Bollig, Benedikt; Meinecke, Ingmar, Weighted distributed systems and their logics, 54-68 [Zbl 1133.68052]
Bouyer, Patricia; Brihaye, Thomas; Chevalier, Fabrice, Weighted o-minimal hybrid systems are more decidable than weighted timed automata!, 69-83 [Zbl 1132.68466]
Bresolin, Davide; Goranko, Valentin; Montanari, Angelo; Sciavicco, Guido, On decidability and expressiveness of propositional interval neighborhood logics, 84-99 [Zbl 1132.03335]
Brochenin, Rémi; Demri, Stéphane; Lozes, Etienne, Reasoning about sequences of memory states, 100-114 [Zbl 1132.68335]
Burel, Guillaume; Kirchner, Claude, Cut elimination in deduction modulo by abstract completion, 115-131 [Zbl 1132.03315]
Ciabattoni, Agata; Metcalfe, George, Density elimination and rational completeness for first-order logics, 132-146 [Zbl 1133.03028]
Constable, Robert; Moczydłowski, Wojciech, Extracting the resolution algorithm from a completeness proof for the propositional calculus, 147-161 [Zbl 1132.03316]
Davoren, J. M., Topological semantics and bisimulations for intuitionistic modal logics and their classical companion logics, 162-179 [Zbl 1132.03336]
Demri, Stéphane; D’Souza, Deepak; Gascon, Régis, A decidable temporal logic of repeating values, 180-194 [Zbl 1132.03337]
Engelhardt, Kai; Gammie, Peter; van der Meyden, Ron, Model checking knowledge and linear time: PSPACE cases, 195-211 [Zbl 1132.68729]
Fitting, Melvin, Realizations and LP, 212-223 [Zbl 1132.03325]
Gentilini, R.; Schneider, K.; Mishra, B., Successive abstractions of hybrid automata for monotonic CTL model checking, 224-240 [Zbl 1132.68446]
Goris, Evan, Explicit proofs in formal provability logic, 241-253 [Zbl 1133.03039]
Gottipati, Srikanth; Nerode, Anil, A synthesis algorithm for hybrid systems, 254-268 [Zbl 1132.93330]
Heinemann, Bernhard, Including the past in ‘topologic’, 269-283 [Zbl 1132.03321]
Kanovich, Max, A note on rewriting proofs and Fibonacci numbers, 284-292 [Zbl 1133.05006]
Khoussainov, Bakhadyr; Liu, Jiamou, On complexity of Ehrenfeucht-Fraïssé games, 293-309 [Zbl 1133.03013]
Kjos-Hanssen, Bjørn; Nerode, Anil, The law of the iterated logarithm for algorithmically random Brownian motion, 310-317 [Zbl 1133.68029]
Kurokawa, Hidenori, Hypersequent calculus for intuitionistic logic with classical atoms, 318-331 [Zbl 1133.03031]
Kuznets, Roman, Proof identity for classical logic: Generalizing to normality, 332-348 [Zbl 1133.03032]
Lubarsky, Robert S.; Rathjen, Michael, On the constructive Dedekind reals: Extended abstract, 349-362 [Zbl 1132.03353]
Manna, Zohar; Sipma, Henny B.; Zhang, Ting, Verifying balanced trees, 363-378 [Zbl 1132.68351]
Marek, Victor W.; Remmel, Jeffrey B., Compactness properties for stable semantics of logic programs, 379-400 [Zbl 1133.68013]
Mogbil, Virgile; Rahli, Vincent, Uniform circuits, & Boolean proof nets, 401-421 [Zbl 1132.03351]
Nies, André; Semukhin, Pavel, Finite automata presentable abelian groups, 422-436 [Zbl 1133.68050]
O’Connor, Michael, Embeddings into free Heyting algebras and translations into intuitionistic propositional logic, 437-448 [Zbl 1132.03313]
Parikh, Rohit, Some puzzles about probability and probabilistic conditionals, 449-456 [Zbl 1132.03327]
Platzer, André, A temporal dynamic logic for verifying hybrid system invariants, 457-471 [Zbl 1132.03338]
Redmond, Brian F., Multiplexor categories and models of soft linear logic, 472-485 [Zbl 1132.03352]
Rybakov, V., Until-since temporal logic based on parallel time with common past. Deciding algorithms, 486-497 [Zbl 1132.03324]
Steiner, David; Studer, Thomas, Total public announcements, 498-511 [Zbl 1132.03322]

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03B70 Logic in computer science
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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