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Advances in statistical methods for the health sciences. Applications to cancer and AIDS studies, genome sequence analysis, and survival analysis. Selected papers based on the presentations at the international conference on statistics in health sciences, Nantes, France, June 23–25, 2004. (English) Zbl 1106.62348
Statistics for Industry and Technology. Boston, MA: Birkhäuser (ISBN 0-8176-4368-0/hbk). xl, 540 p. (2007).

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Indexed articles:
Altman, Douglas G.; Trivella, Marialena; Pezzella, Francesco; Harris, Adrian L.; Pastorino, Ugo, Systematic review of multiple studies of prognosis: the feasibility of obtaining individual patient data, 3-18 [Zbl 05280106]
Holländer, N.; Sauerbrei, W., On statistical approaches for the multivariable analysis of prognostic marker studies, 19-38 [Zbl 05280107]
Riley, Richard D.; Abrams, Keith R.; Lambert, Paul C.; Sutton, Alex J.; Altman, Douglas G., Where next for evidence synthesis of prognostic marker studies? Improving the quality and reporting of primary studies to faciliate clinically relevant evidence-bases results, 39-58 [Zbl 05280108]
Lachenbruch, Peter A.; Wittes, Janet, Sentinel event methods for monitoring unanticipated adverse events, 61-74 [Zbl 05280109]
Roux, E.; Thiessard, F.; Fourrier, A.; Bégaud, B.; Tubert-Bitter, P., Spontaneous reporting system modelling for the evaluations of automatic signal generation methods in pharmacovigilance, 75-92 [Zbl 05280110]
Christensen, Karl Bang, Latent covariates in generalized linear models: a Rasch model approach, 95-108 [Zbl 05280111]
Sébille, Véronique; Challa, Tariku; Mesbah, Mounir, Sequential analysis of quality of life measurements with the mixed partial credit model, 109-125 [Zbl 05280112]
Nikulin, M.; Gerville-Réache; Orazio, S., A parametric degradation model used in reliability, survival analysis, and quality of life, 127-138 [Zbl 05280113]
Natarajan, Sundar; McHenry, M. Brent; Lipsitz, Stuart; Klar, Neil; Lipshultz, Steven, Agreement between two ratings with different ordinal scales, 139-148 [Zbl 05280114]
Wienke, Andreas; Lichtenstein, Paul; Czene, Kamila; Yashin, Anatoli I., The role of correlated frailty models in studies of human health, ageing, and longevity, 151-166 [Zbl 05280115]
Calle, M. L.; Roura, P.; Arnau, A.; Yáñez, A.; Leiva, A., Prognostic factors and prediction of residual survival for hospitalized elderly patients, 167-178 [Zbl 05280116]
Semechenko, Ganna V.; Yashin, Anatoli I.; Johnson, Thomas E.; Cypser, James W., New models and methods for survival analysis of experimental data, 179-194 [Zbl 05280117]
Deheuvels, Paul; Derzko, G’erard, Uniform consistency for conditional lifetime distribution estimators under random right-censorship, 195-209 [Zbl 05280118]
Bordes, L.; Breuils, C., Sequential estimation for the semiparametric additive hazard model, 211-223 [Zbl 05280119]
Zhu, Chao; Sun, Jianguo, Variance estimation of a survival function with doubly censored failure time data, 225-235 [Zbl 05280120]
Ciampi, Antonio; Lechevallier, Yves, Statistical models and artificial neural networks: supervised classification and prediction via soft trees, 239-261 [Zbl 05280121]
Lechevallier, Yves; Ciampi, Antonio, Multilevel clustering for large databases, 263-274 [Zbl 05280122]
Santos, A. M.; Pereira, B. B.; Seixas, J. M.; Mello, F. C. Q.; Kritski, A. L., Neural networks: an application for predicting smear negative pulmonary tuberculosis, 275-287 [Zbl 05280123]
Liang, Hua; Tan, Wai-Yuan; Xiong, Xiaoping, Assessing drug resistance in HIV infection using viral load using segmented regression, 289-304 [Zbl 05280124]
Tan, Wai-Yuan; Zhang, Ping; Xiong, Xiaoping; Flynn, Pat, Assessment of treatment effects on HIV pathogenesis under treatment by state space models, 305-319 [Zbl 05280125]
Foulkes, Mary A., Safety assessment versus effiacy assessment, 323-334 [Zbl 05280126]
Letierce, Alexia; Tubert-Bitter, Pascal, Cancer clinical trials with efficiacy and toxicity endpoints: a simulation study to compare two nonparametric methods, 335-348 [Zbl 05280127]
Carter, Rickey; Woolson, Robert F., Safety assessment in pilot studies when zero events are observed, 349-358 [Zbl 05280128]
Ng, K. T.; Mohanty, S. G.; Balakrishnan, N., An assessment of up- and down designs and associated estimators in phase I trials, 361-386 [Zbl 1341.62313]
Ansisimov, Vladimir; Fedorov, Valerii V., Design of multicentre clinical trials with random enrolment, 387-400 [Zbl 05280130]
Stallard, Nigel; Todd, Susan, Statistical methods for combining clinical trial phases II and III, 401-417 [Zbl 05280131]
Xiong, Xiaoping; Tan, Ming; Boyett, James, SCPRT: a sequential procedure that gives another reason to stop clinical trials early, 419-434 [Zbl 05280132]
Naumova, Elena N.; MacNeill, Ian B., Seasonality assessment for biosurveillance systems, 437-450 [Zbl 05280133]
Sauleau, Erik-A.; Musio, Monica; Etienne, Arnaud; Buemi, Antoine, Comparison of three convolution prior spatial models for cancer incidence, 451-466 [Zbl 1392.62327]
Willems, Sylvie; Segala, Claire; Maidenberg, Manuel; Mesbah, Mounir, Longitudinal analysis of short-term bronchiolitis air pollution association using semiparametric models, 467-487 [Zbl 05280135]
Karnoub, M.; Sen, P. K.; Seillier-Moiseiwitsch, F., Are there correlated genomic substitutions?, 491-515 [Zbl 05280136]
Hauser, R.; Breidenbach, B.; Stärk, K. D. C., Swiss federal veterinary office risk assessments: advantages and limitations of the qualitative method, 519-537 [Zbl 05280137]
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