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For most large underdetermined systems of equations, the minimal \(\ell_1\)-norm near-solution approximates the sparsest near-solution. (English) Zbl 1105.90068
Summary: We consider inexact linear equations \(y\approx\Phi x\) where \(y\) is a given vector in \(\mathbb{R}^n\), \(\Phi\) is a given \(n\times m\) matrix, and we wish to find \(x_{0,\varepsilon}\) as sparse as possible while obeying \(\|y-\Phi x_{0, \varepsilon}\}_2\leq\varepsilon\). In general, this requires combinatorial optimization and so is considered intractable. On the other hand, the \(\ell_1\)-minimization problem \[ \min\|x\|_1\quad\text{ subject to }\quad\|y-\Phi x\|_2 \leq\varepsilon \] is convex and is considered tractable. We show that for most \(\Phi\), if the optimally sparse approximation \(x_{0,\varepsilon}\) is sufficiently sparse, then the solution \(x_{1,\varepsilon}\) of the \(\ell_1\)-minimization problem is a good approximation to \(x_{0,\varepsilon}\). We suppose that the columns of \(\Phi\) are normalized to the unit \(\ell_2\)-norm, and we place uniform measure on such \(\Phi\). We study the underdetermined case where \(m\sim\tau n\) and \(\tau>1\), and prove the existence of \(\rho=\rho (\tau)>0\) and \(C=C(\rho,\tau)\) so that for large \(n\) and for all \(\Phi\)’s except a negligible fraction, the following approximate sparse solution property of \(\Phi\) holds: for every \(y\) having an approximation \(\|y-\Phi x_0\|_2\leq\varepsilon\) by a coefficient vector \(x_0\in\mathbb{R}^m\) with fewer than \(\rho\cdot n\) nonzeros, \[ \|x_{1,\varepsilon}-x_0\|_2\leq C \cdot\varepsilon. \] This has two implications. First, for most \(\Phi\), whenever the combinatorial optimization result \(x_{0, \varepsilon}\) would be very sparse, \(x_{1,\varepsilon}\) is a good approximation to \(x_{0,\varepsilon}\). Second, suppose we are given noisy data obeying \(y=\Phi x_0+z\) where the unknown \(x_0\) is known to be sparse and the noise \(\|z\|\leq \varepsilon\). For most \(\Phi\), noise-tolerant \(\ell_1\)-minimization will stably recover \(x_0\) from \(y\) in the presence of noise \(z\). We also study the barely determined case \(m=n\) and reach parallel conclusions by slightly different arguments. Proof techniques include the use of almost-spherical sections in Banach space theory and concentration of measure for eigenvalues of random matrices.

90C27 Combinatorial optimization
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