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Complex analysis and applications. Proceedings of the 13th international conference on finite or infinite dimensional complex analysis and applications, Shantou University, Shantou, China, August 8–12, 2005. (English) Zbl 1097.32001
Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific (ISBN 981-256-868-9/hbk). x, 337 p. (2006).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1032.30002).
Indexed articles:
Begehr, H.; Harutyunyan, G., Complex boundary value problems in a quarter plane, 1-10 [Zbl 1114.30042]
Cao, Wensheng, Some equations over 4-dimensional Clifford algebra, 11-21 [Zbl 1115.30046]
Chang, K. S.; Cho, D. H.; Kim, B. S.; Song, T. S.; Yoo, I., A change of scale formula for Wiener integrals of unbounded functions over Wiener paths in abstract Wiener space, 22-43 [Zbl 1119.46058]
Chen, Zongxuan; Gao, Shian, The complex oscillation of solutions for differential equations with periodic coefficients, 44-52 [Zbl 1118.30024]
Engliš, Miroslav, \(Q_p\)-spaces: generalizations to bounded symmetric domains, 53-71 [Zbl 1121.32010]
Hinkkanen, Aimo; Laine, Ilpo, Order of growth of Painlevé transcendents, 72-77 [Zbl 1118.34334]
Huang, Bin, Uniqueness of meromorphic functions that share four values, 78-88 [Zbl 1114.30030]
Huang, Zhibo; Chen, Zongxuan, On two perturbation results of second order linear differential equations with periodic coefficients, 89-100 [Zbl 1119.34068]
Imayoshi, Yoichi; Nogi, Toshihiro, A remark on holomorphic sections of certain holomorphic families of Riemann surfaces, 101-108 [Zbl 1115.32008]
Jiang, Yunping, \(\alpha\)-asymptotically conformal fixed points and holomorphic motions, 109-129 [Zbl 1112.37036]
Li, Chunhong; Gu, Yongxing, The hyper-order of solutions of certain high order differential equations, 130-139 [Zbl 1127.30304]
Li, Jiangtao, Sharing values and normal families, 137-148 [Zbl 1126.30017]
Lin, Jing, The Bloch type spaces via the Cesàro means, 149-158 [Zbl 1115.30057]
Lin, Shanhua; Lin, Weichuan, Uniqueness of meromorphic functions concerning weakly weighted-sharing, 159-168 [Zbl 1126.30018]
Lin, Weichuan; Mori, Seiki, Uniqueness theory of meromorphic functions in an angular domain, 169-177 [Zbl 1128.30010]
Luo, Xi; Sun, Daochun, The convergence of Laplace-Stieltjes transforms, 178-184 [Zbl 1127.30305]
Lou, Zengjian, A new decomposition for the Hardy space on domains, 185-188 [Zbl 1202.42044]
Ma, Tsoywo, Transversality on coordinated manifolds, 189-196 [Zbl 1110.58001]
Meng, Xiaoge, On logarithmic \((\alpha,\beta)\)-Bloch spaces, 197-202 [Zbl 1116.30019]
Morimoto, Mitsuo, Infinite series in Japanese mathematics of the 18th century, 203-217 [Zbl 1128.01006]
Qiu, Gangdi, Meromorphic functions that share four small functions, 218-224 [Zbl 1112.30027]
Qu, Dan, Integration operators on the BMOA type spaces, 225-230 [Zbl 1116.30023]
Shang, Lina; Gao, Zongsheng, The growth of analytic functions of infinite order represented by Laplace-Stieltjes transformations, 231-241 [Zbl 1114.30040]
Shu, Mingchun; Yi, Caifeng, On \(T\)-direction of meromorphic function, 242-248 [Zbl 1112.30024]
Sukantamala, Nattakorn; Wu, Zhijian, On Nevanlinna type classes, 249-260 [Zbl 1114.30033]
Tao, Jicheng, Fredholm module and Cauchy integral operator, 261-266 [Zbl 1112.45006]
Wu, Jiongqi, On \(\Psi\)-modulus and \(\Psi\)-capacities equalities in metric measure spaces, 267-275 [Zbl 1117.31003]
Wu, Pengcheng, A criterion of Bloch functions and little Bloch functions, 276-280 [Zbl 1110.30018]
Xuan, Zuxing; Gao, Zongsheng, Some results of uniqueness for algebroid functions, 281-292 [Zbl 1111.30019]
Yao, Guowu, On non-existence of Teichmüller extremal, 293-299 [Zbl 1118.30019]
Yao, Weihong, Two meromorphic functions sharing four small functions in the sense of \(E_{K)}(\beta,F)=E_{K)}(\beta,G)\), 300-308 [Zbl 1114.30034]
Ye, Shanli, Multiplication operators in the \(\alpha\)-Bloch spaces, 309-319 [Zbl 1109.30028]
Zhang, Qingde, An improved inequality for meromorphic functions with few simple zeros, 320-327 [Zbl 1109.30029]
Zhu, Kehe, The Möbius invariance of Besov spaces on the unit ball of \(\mathbb C^n\), 328-337 [Zbl 1112.32006]

32-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to several complex variables and analytic spaces
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