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Lattice friction for crystalline defects: from dislocations to cracks. (English) Zbl 1084.74005
Summary: We propose a discrete model providing a unified description of lattice-induced drag for a class of defects which includes martensitic phase boundaries, dislocations and cracks. Although the model is Hamiltonian, it generates a non-trivial macroscopic friction law which we present as a closed-form functional relation between the velocity of the defect and the conjugate configurational force. The possibility to obtain an exact analytic solution of the dynamic problem allows us to expose both the similarities and the differences in the kinetics of various types of defects. In particular, we trace the origin of the symmetry related resonances, specific for dislocations, and show how the flattening of one of the energy wells, indicating transition to fracture, generates a morphological instability of the displacement profile at a critical velocity.

74A60 Micromechanical theories
74E15 Crystalline structure
74A45 Theories of fracture and damage
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