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Experimental and efficient algorithms. 4th international workshop, WEA 2005, Santorini Island, Greece, May 10–13, 2005. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1073.68008
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3503. Berlin Springer (ISBN 3-540-25920-1/pbk). xv, 624 p. (2005).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The second workshop (2003) has been reviewed (see Zbl 1019.00014).
Indexed articles:
Papadimitriou, Christos H., \(T\alpha\;\Pi\alpha\iota\delta\acute\iota\alpha\;\Pi\alpha\acute\iota\zeta\varepsilon\iota\). The interaction between algorithms and game theory, 1-3 [Zbl 1121.68456]
Fernandes, Eraldo R.; Ribeiro, Celso C., Using an adaptive memory strategy to improve a multistart heuristic for sequencing by hybridization, 4-15 [Zbl 1121.68404]
Bader, David A., High-performance algorithm engineering for large-scale graph problems and computational biology, 16-21 [Zbl 1121.68462]
Flammini, Michele; Navarra, Alfredo; Perennes, Stephane, The “real” approximation factor of the MST heuristic for the minimum energy broadcasting, 22-31 [Zbl 1121.68406]
Mehlhorn, Kurt; Michail, Dimitrios, Implementing minimum cycle basis algorithms, 32-43 [Zbl 1121.05314]
Hassin, Refael; Segev, Danny, Rounding to an integral program, 44-54 [Zbl 1121.68345]
Heinrich-Litan, L.; Lübbecke, M. E., Rectangle covers revisited computationally, 55-66 [Zbl 1121.68453]
Bast, Holger; Weber, Ingmar, Don’t compare averages, 67-76 [Zbl 1121.91408]
Kaporis, A. C.; Kirousis, L. M.; Politopoulou, E. I.; Spirakis, P. G., Experimental results for Stackelberg scheduling strategies, 77-88 [Zbl 1121.68326]
Fahle, Torsten; Tiemann, Karsten, An improved branch-and-bound algorithm for the test cover problem, 89-100 [Zbl 1121.68458]
Koster, Arie M. C. A.; Wolle, Thomas; Bodlaender, Hans L., Degree-based treewidth lower bounds, 101-112 [Zbl 1121.68346]
Dimitropoulos, Xenofontas; Krioukov, Dmitri; Huffaker, Bradley; Claffy, K. C.; Riley, George, Inferring AS relationships: Dead end or lively beginning?, 113-125 [Zbl 1121.90348]
Köhler, Ekkehard; Möhring, Rolf H.; Schilling, Heiko, Acceleration of shortest path and constrained shortest path computation, 126-138 [Zbl 1121.90413]
Bar-Noy, Amotz; Christensen, Jacob; Ladner, Richard E.; Tamir, Tami, A general buffer scheme for the windows scheduling problem, 139-151 [Zbl 1121.90310]
Lu, Qiang; Zhang, Hu, Implementation of approximation algorithms for the multicast congestion problem, 152-164 [Zbl 1121.68469]
Kchikech, Mustapha; Togni, Olivier, Frequency assignment and multicoloring powers of square and triangular meshes, 165-176 [Zbl 1121.90311]
De Wachter, Bram; Genon, Alexandre; Massart, Thierry, From static code distribution to more shrinkage for the multiterminal cut, 177-188 [Zbl 1121.68467]
Möhring, Rolf H.; Schilling, Heiko; Schütz, Birk; Wagner, Dorothea; Willhalm, Thomas, Partitioning graphs to speed up Dijkstra’s algorithm, 189-202 [Zbl 1121.68356]
Panagopoulou, Panagiota N.; Spirakis, Paul G., Efficient convergence to pure Nash equilibria in weighted network congestion games, 203-215 [Zbl 1121.68310]
Bachoore, Emgad H.; Bodlaender, Hans L., New upper bound heuristics for treewidth, 216-227 [Zbl 1121.68355]
Bleischwitz, Yvonne; Kliewer, Georg, Accelerating Vickrey payment computation in combinatorial auctions for an airline alliance, 228-239 [Zbl 1121.91343]
Hüffner, Falk, Algorithm engineering for optimal graph bipartization, 240-252 [Zbl 1121.68459]
Pérez, Xavier, Empirical analysis of the connectivity threshold of mobile agents on the grid, 253-264 [Zbl 1121.68358]
Cantone, Domenico; Ferro, Alfredo; Giugno, Rosalba; Lo Presti, Giuseppe; Pulvirenti, Alfredo, Multiple-winners randomized tournaments with consensus for optimization problems in generic metric spaces, 265-276 [Zbl 1121.68466]
Sawitzki, Daniel, On symbolic scheduling independent tasks with restricted execution times, 277-289 [Zbl 1121.90339]
Ossamy, Rodrigue, A simple randomized \(k\)-local election algorithm for local computations, 290-301 [Zbl 1121.68465]
Andreou, M. I.; Papadopoulou, V. G.; Spirakis, P. G.; Theodorides, B.; Xeros, A., Generating and radiocoloring families of perfect graphs, 302-314 [Zbl 1121.68353]
Kim, Dong Kyue; Na, Joong Chae; Kim, Ji Eun; Park, Kunsoo, Efficient implementation of rank and select functions for succinct representation, 315-327 [Zbl 1121.68461]
Pereira, Romulo A.; Moura, Arnaldo V.; de Souza, Cid C., Comparative experiments with GRASP and constraint programming for the oil well drilling problem, 328-340 [Zbl 1121.90338]
Leone, Pierre; Albuquerque, Paul; Mazza, Christian; Rolim, Jose, A framework for probabilistic numerical evaluation of sensor networks: A case study of a localization protocol, 341-353 [Zbl 1121.68309]
Liebchen, Christian, A cut-based heuristic to produce almost feasible periodic railway timetables, 354-366 [Zbl 1121.90337]
Festa, Paola; Pardalos, Panos M.; Pitsoulis, Leonidas S.; Resende, Mauricio G. C., GRASP with path-relinking for the weighted maximum satisfiability problem, 367-379 [Zbl 1121.68405]
Hyyrö, Heikki; Pinzon, Yoan; Shinohara, Ayumi, New bit-parallel indel-distance algorithm, 380-390 [Zbl 1121.68460]
Kimbrel, Tracy; Steinder, Malgorzata; Sviridenko, Maxim; Tantawi, Asser, Dynamic application placement under service and memory constraints, 391-402 [Zbl 1121.68308]
Boukerche, Azzedine; Koch, Jeferson; Magalhaes Alves de Melo, Alba Cristina, Integrating coordinated checkpointing and recovery mechanisms into DSM synchronization barriers, 403-414 [Zbl 1121.68317]
Gomułkiewicz, Marcin; Kutyłowski, Mirosław; Vierhaus, Heinrich Theodor; Wlaź, Paweł, Synchronization fault cryptanalysis for breaking A5/1, 415-427 [Zbl 1121.94307]
Cantone, Domenico; Cristofaro, Salvatore; Faro, Simone, An efficient algorithm for \(\delta\)-approximate matching with \(\alpha\)-bounded gaps in musical sequences, 428-439 [Zbl 1121.68457]
Weinard, Maik, The necessity of timekeeping in adversarial queueing, 440-451 [Zbl 1121.90322]
Becker, Bernd; Behle, Markus; Eisenbrand, Friedrich; Wimmer, Ralf, BDDs in a branch and cut framework, 452-463 [Zbl 1121.90422]
Boukerche, Azzedine; Magalhaes Alves de Melo, Alba Cristina; Ayala-Rincon, Mauricio; Santana, Thomas M., Parallel Smith-Waterman algorithm for local DNA comparison in a cluster of workstations, 464-475 [Zbl 1121.68463]
Schwartz, Justus; Steger, Angelika; Weißl, Andreas, Fast algorithms for weighted bipartite matching, 476-487 [Zbl 1121.05315]
Botelho, Fabiano C.; Kohayakawa, Yoshiharu; Ziviani, Nivio, A practical minimal perfect hashing method, 488-500 [Zbl 1121.68332]
Boughaci, Dalila; Drias, Habiba, Efficient and experimental meta-heuristics for MAX-SAT problems, 501-512 [Zbl 1121.68403]
Goldberg, M.; Hollinger, D.; Magdon-Ismail, M., Experimental evaluation of the greedy and random algorithms for finding independent sets in random graphs, 513-523 [Zbl 1121.68408]
Orponen, Pekka; Schaeffer, Satu Elisa, Local clustering of large graphs by approximate Fiedler vectors, 524-533 [Zbl 1121.68357]
Gambin, Anna; Wójtowicz, Damian, Almost FPRAS for lattice models of protein folding, 534-544 [Zbl 1121.68464]
Asgeirsson, Eyjolfur; Stein, Cliff, Vertex cover approximations: Experiments and observations, 545-557 [Zbl 1121.68354]
de Andrade, Marcos R. Q.; de Andrade, Paulo M. F.; Martins, Simone L.; Plastino, Alexandre, GRASP with path-relinking for the maximum diversity problem, 558-569 [Zbl 1121.68417]
Georgakopoulos, George F., How to splay for loglog\(N\)-competitiveness, 570-579 [Zbl 1121.68334]
Geraci, Filippo; Grossi, Roberto, Distilling router data analysis for faster and simpler dynamic IP lookup algorithms, 580-592 [Zbl 1121.68305]
Kamphans, Tom; Langetepe, Elmar, Optimal competitive online ray search with an error-prone robot, 593-596 [Zbl 1121.68431]
Elmasry, Amr; Hammad, Abdelrahman, An empirical study for inversions-sensitive sorting algorithms, 597-601 [Zbl 1121.68333]
Kochol, Martin; Krivoňáková, Nad’a; Smejová, Silvia, Approximation algorithm for chromatic index and edge-coloring of multigraphs, 602-605 [Zbl 1121.68468]
Schank, Thomas; Wagner, Dorothea, Finding, counting and listing all triangles in large graphs, an experimental study, 606-609 [Zbl 1121.68360]
Bekker, H.; Braad, E. P.; Goldengorin, B., Selecting the roots of a small system of polynomial equations by tolerance based matching, 610-613 [Zbl 1121.90402]
Levendovszky, Janos; Orosz, Csego, Developing novel statistical bandwidths for communication networks with incomplete information, 614-617 [Zbl 1121.90312]
Jia, Yuxiao; Makrakis, Dimitrios; Georganas, Nicolas D.; Ionescu, Dan, Dynamic quality of service support in virtual private networks, 618-621 [Zbl 1121.68306]

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