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Logical, algebraic, analytic and probabilistic aspects of triangular norms. Selected papers from the 24th Linz seminar on fuzzy set theory, Linz, Austria, February 4–8, 2003. (English) Zbl 1063.03003
Amsterdam: Elsevier (ISBN 0-444-51814-2/hbk). viii, 481 p. (2005).

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Indexed articles:
Schweizer, Berthold, Triangular norms, looking back-triangle functions, looking ahead, 3-15 [Zbl 1080.54022]
Klement, Erich Peter; Mesiar, Radko; Pap, Endre, Triangular norms: basic notions and properties, 17-60 [Zbl 1078.03022]
Klement, Erich Peter; Mesiar, Radko; Pap, Endre, Semigroups and triangular norms, 63-93 [Zbl 1082.06013]
Mesiarová, Andrea, Generators of triangular norms, 95-111 [Zbl 1078.03023]
Jenei, Sándor, A survey on left-continuous t-norms and pseudo t-norms, 113-142 [Zbl 1086.03020]
Sander, Wolfgang, Some aspects of functional equations, 143-187 [Zbl 1076.39018]
Mayor, Gaspar; Torrens, Joan, Triangular norms on discrete settings, 189-230 [Zbl 1079.03012]
Deschrijver, Glad; Kerre, Etienne E., Triangular norms and related operators in \(L^*\)-fuzzy set theory, 231-259 [Zbl 1079.03043]
Beliakov, Gleb, Fitting triangular norms to empirical data, 261-272 [Zbl 1104.68105]
Gottwald, Siegfried; Hájek, Petr, Triangular norm-based mathematical fuzzy logics, 275-299 [Zbl 1078.03020]
Höhle, Ulrich, Many-valued equalities and their representation, 301-319 [Zbl 1076.03034]
Bezhanishvili, Guram; Gehrke, Mai; Harding, John; Walker, Carol; Walker, Elbert, Varieties of algebras in fuzzy set theory, 321-344 [Zbl 1078.08003]
Navara, Mirko, Triangular norms and measures of fuzzy sets, 345-390 [Zbl 1073.28015]
Nelsen, Roger B., Copulas and quasi-copulas: an introduction to their properties and applications, 391-413 [Zbl 1079.60021]
De Baets, Bernard; De Meyer, Hans; De Schuymer, Bart, Transitive comparison of random variables, 415-442 [Zbl 1073.60014]
Hadžić, Olga; Pap, Endre, Triangular norms in probabilistic metric spaces and fixed point theory, 443-472 [Zbl 1082.54021]

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