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Algebraic methodology and software technology. 10th international conference, AMAST 2004, Stirling, Scotland, UK, July 12–16, 2004. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1053.68007
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3116. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-22381-9/pbk). xi, 569 p. (2004).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1045.68011).
Indexed articles:
Backhouse, Roland, Algebraic approaches to problem generalisation, 1-2 [Zbl 1108.68371]
Batory, Don, A science of software design, 3-18 [Zbl 1108.68372]
Bidoit, Michel; Hennicker, Rolf, Glass box and black box views of state-based system specifications, 19 [Zbl 1108.68375]
Calder, Muffy, Abstraction for safety, induction for liveness, 20 [Zbl 1108.68540]
Jacobs, Bart; Hubbers, Engelbert; Kiniry, Joseph; Oostdijk, Martijn, Counting votes with formal methods, 21-22 [Zbl 1108.68390]
Meyer, John-Jules Charles, Agent-oriented programming: Where do we stand?, 23-26 [Zbl 1108.68402]
Benedikt, Michael; Bruns, Glenn, On guard: Producing run-time checks from integrity constraints, 27-41 [Zbl 1108.68373]
Brogi, Antonio; Canal, Carlos; Pimentel, Ernesto, Behavioural types and component adaptation, 42-56 [Zbl 1108.68376]
Bujorianu, Marius C.; Boiten, Eerke A., Towards correspondence carrying specifications, 57-71 [Zbl 1108.68377]
Clavel, Manuel; Martí-Oliet, Narciso; Palomino, Miguel, Formalizing and proving semantic relations between specifications by reflection, 72-86 [Zbl 1108.68378]
Contensin, Magali; Pierre, Laurence, Model-checking systems with unbounded variables without abstraction, 87-101 [Zbl 1108.68379]
Denney, Ewen; Venkatesan, Ram Prasad, A generic software safety document generator, 102-116 [Zbl 1108.68380]
Derrick, John; Smith, Graeme, Linear temporal logic and Z refinement, 117-131 [Zbl 1108.68381]
Farzan, Azadeh; Meseguer, José; Roşu, Grigore, Formal JVM code analysis in JavaFAN, 132-147 [Zbl 1108.68382]
Fokkink, Wan; Groote, Jan Friso; Pang, Jun; Badban, Bahareh; van de Pol, Jaco, Verifying a sliding window protocol in \(\mu\)CRL, 148-163 [Zbl 1108.68383]
Garavel, Hubert; Serwe, Wendelin, State space reduction for process algebra specifications, 164-180 [Zbl 1108.68385]
Heinemann, Bernhard, A hybrid logic of knowledge supporting topological reasoning, 181-195 [Zbl 1108.68386]
Hill, Gillian; Vickers, Steven, A language for configuring multi-level specifications, 196-210 [Zbl 1108.68387]
Hunter, Chris; Robinson, Peter; Strooper, Paul, Flexible proof reuse for software verification, 211-225 [Zbl 1108.68388]
Imine, Abdessamad; Molli, Pascal; Oster, Gérald; Rusinowitch, Michaël, Deductive verification of distributed groupware systems, 226-240 [Zbl 1108.68389]
Jacobs, Bart; Marché, Claude; Rauch, Nicole, Formal verification of a commercial smart card applet with multiple tools, 241-257 [Zbl 1108.68391]
Jeannet, Bertrand; Serwe, Wendelin, Abstracting call-stacks for interprocedural verification of imperative programs, 258-273 [Zbl 1108.68392]
Knapp, Alexander; Merz, Stephan; Wirsing, Martin, Refining mobile UML state machines, 274-288 [Zbl 1108.68393]
Kouchnarenko, Olga; Lanoix, Arnaud, Verifying invariants of component-based systems through refinement, 289-303 [Zbl 1108.68394]
Küster-Filipe, Juliana, Modelling concurrent interactions, 304-318 [Zbl 1108.68395]
Lindegaard, Morten P.; Haxthausen, Anne E., Proof support for RAISE by a reuse approach based on institutions, 319-333 [Zbl 1108.68397]
Logozzo, Francesco, Separate compositional analysis of class-based object-oriented languages, 334-348 [Zbl 1108.68398]
Massé, Damien, Abstract domains for property checking driven analysis of temporal properties, 349-363 [Zbl 1108.68399]
Meseguer, José; Braga, Christiano, Modular rewriting semantics of programming languages, 364-378 [Zbl 1108.68401]
Möller, Bernhard; Struth, Georg, Modal Kleene algebra and partial correctness, 379-393 [Zbl 1108.68403]
Pierik, Cees; de Boer, Frank S., Modularity and the rule of adaptation, 394-408 [Zbl 1108.68408]
van de Pol, Jaco; Valero Espada, Miguel, Modal abstractions in \(\mu\)CRL, 409-425 [Zbl 1108.68533]
van Riemsdijk, M. Birna; Meyer, John-Jules Charles; de Boer, Frank S., Semantics of plan revision in intelligent agents, 426-442 [Zbl 1108.68482]
Schröder, Lutz; Mossakowski, Till, Generic exception handling and the Java monad, 443-459 [Zbl 1108.68411]
Shankland, Carron; Bryans, Jeremy; Morel, Lionel, Expressing iterative properties logically in a symbolic setting, 460-474 [Zbl 1108.68412]
Sims, Élodie-Jane, Extending separation logic with fixpoints and postponed substitution, 475-490 [Zbl 1108.68413]
Stenzel, Kurt, A formally verified calculus for full Java card, 491-505 [Zbl 1108.68414]
Meng, Sun; Barbosa, Luís S., On refinement of generic state-based software components, 506-520 [Zbl 1108.68400]
Thati, Prasanna; Talcott, Carolyn; Agha, Gul, Techniques for executing and reasoning about specification diagrams, 521-536 [Zbl 1108.68415]
Turner, Kenneth J., Formalising graphical behaviour descriptions, 537-552 [Zbl 1108.68416]
Wang, Farn, Model-checking distributed real-time systems with states, events, and multiple fairness assumptions, 553-567 [Zbl 1108.68530]

68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68N30 Mathematical aspects of software engineering (specification, verification, metrics, requirements, etc.)
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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