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Computing and combinatorics. 10th annual international conference, COCOON 2004, Jeju Island, Korea, August 17–20, 2004. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1053.68004
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3106. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-22856-X/pbk). xiii, 474 p. (2004).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1031.68006).
Indexed articles:
Arge, Lars, External geometric data structures, 1 [Zbl 1091.68526]
Kim, Jeong Han, The Poisson cloning model for random graphs, random directed graphs and random \(k\)-SAT problems, 2 [Zbl 1091.68559]
Sugihara, Kokichi, Robust geometric computation based on digital topology, 3-12 [Zbl 1091.68670]
Onishi, Kensuke, Adjacency of optimal regions for Huffman trees, 13-22 [Zbl 1091.68035]
Woelfel, Philipp, A construction method for optimally universal hash families and its consequences for the existence of RBIBDs, 23-32 [Zbl 1091.68527]
Mahajan, Meena; Rama, Raghavan; Vijayakumar, S., Towards constructing optimal strip move sequences, 33-42 [Zbl 1091.68039]
Lefmann, Hanno, Large triangles in the \(d\)-dimensional unit-cube (extended abstract), 43-52 [Zbl 1091.68668]
Chin, Francis Y. L.; Qian, Jianbo; Wang, Cao An, Progress on maximum weight triangulation, 53-61 [Zbl 1091.68113]
Adamy, Udo; Hoffmann, Michael; Solymosi, József; Stojaković, Miloš, Coloring octrees, 62-71 [Zbl 1091.68033]
Moczurad, Małgorzata; Moczurad, Włodzimierz, Some open problems in decidability of brick (labelled polyomino) codes, 72-81 [Zbl 1091.05016]
Cicalese, Ferdinando; Deppe, Christian; Mundici, Daniele, \(Q\)-ary Ulam-Rényi game with weighted constrained lies, 82-91 [Zbl 1091.68038]
Koizumi, Koichi; Mizuki, Takaaki; Nishizeki, Takao, Necessary and sufficient numbers of cards for the transformation protocol, 92-101 [Zbl 1091.94506]
Lim, Andrew; Wang, Fan; Xu, Zhou, On the selection and assignment with minimum quantity commitments, 102-111 [Zbl 1091.90529]
Du, Ying; Chen, Danny Z.; Wu, Xiaodong, Approximation algorithms for multicommodity flow and normalized cut problems: Implementations and experimental study, 112-121 [Zbl 1091.90501]
Lim, Andrew; Miao, Zhaowei; Rodrigues, Brian; Xu, Zhou, Transshipment through crossdocks with inventory and time windows, 122-131 [Zbl 1091.90500]
Imamura, Tomokazu; Iwama, Kazuo; Tsukiji, Tatsuie, Approximated vertex cover for graphs with perfect matchings, 132-142 [Zbl 1091.68077]
Zhang, Yong; Zhu, Hong, An approximation algorithm for weighted weak vertex cover problem in undirected graphs, 143-150 [Zbl 1091.68085]
Chandran, L. Sunil; Narayanaswamy, N. S., On the arrangement of cliques in chordal graphs with respect to the cuts, 151-160 [Zbl 1091.05037]
Tomita, Etsuji; Tanaka, Akira; Takahashi, Haruhisa, The worst-case time complexity for generating all maximal cliques, 161-170 [Zbl 1091.68562]
Kaminski, Michael; Tan, Tony, Regular expressions for languages over infinite alphabets, 171-178 [Zbl 1091.68545]
Nakanishi, Masaki, On the power of one-sided error quantum pushdown automata with classical stack operations, 179-187 [Zbl 1091.68068]
Vinodchandran, N. Variyam, Learning DNFs and circuits using teaching assistants, 188-197 [Zbl 1091.68065]
Ratsaby, Joel, On the complexity of samples for learning, 198-209 [Zbl 1091.68064]
Chan, Wun-Tat; Lam, Tak-Wah; Ting, Hing-Fung; Wong, Prudence W. H., New results on on-demand broadcasting with deadline via job scheduling with cancellation, 210-218 [Zbl 1091.90502]
Baille, Fabien; Bampis, Evripidis; Laforest, Christian, Maximization of the size and the weight of schedules of degradable intervals, 219-228 [Zbl 1091.90509]
Li, Shuguang; Li, Guojun; Zhang, Shaoqiang, Minimizing maximum lateness on identical parallel batch processing machines, 229-237 [Zbl 1091.90510]
Chen, Danny Z.; Chun, Jinhee; Katoh, Naoki; Tokuyama, Takeshi, Efficient algorithms for approximating a multi-dimensional voxel terrain by a unimodal terrain, 238-248 [Zbl 1091.68112]
Akutsu, Tatsuya, Algorithms for point set matching with \(k\)-differences, 249-258 [Zbl 1091.68110]
Ahn, Hee-Kap; Brass, Peter; Cheong, Otfried; Na, Hyeon-Suk; Shin, Chan-Su; Vigneron, Antoine, Approximation algorithms for inscribing or circumscribing an axially symmetric polygon to a convex polygon, 259-267 [Zbl 1091.68109]
Deĭneko, Vladimir G.; Hoffmann, Michael; Okamoto, Yoshio; Woeginger, Gerhard J., The traveling salesman problem with few inner points, 268-277 [Zbl 1091.90063]
Takaoka, Tadao, A faster algorithm for the all-pairs shortest path problem and its application, 278-289 [Zbl 1091.68082]
Ausiello, Giorgio; Demange, Marc; Laura, Luigi; Paschos, Vangelis, Algorithms for the on-line quota traveling salesman problem, 290-299 [Zbl 1091.90533]
Nomura, Kumiko; Tayu, Satoshi; Ueno, Shuichi, On the orthogonal drawing of outerplanar graphs, 300-308 [Zbl 1091.68079]
Miura, Kazuyuki; Azuma, Machiko; Nishizeki, Takao, Canonical decomposition, realizer, Schnyder labeling and orderly spanning trees of plane graphs, 309-318 [Zbl 1091.68561]
Chen, Zhi-Zhong, New bounds on the number of edges in a \(k\)-map graph, 319-328 [Zbl 1091.05022]
Narayanaswamy, N. S., Dynamic storage allocation and on-line colouring interval graphs, 329-338 [Zbl 1091.68681]
Li, Shuai Cheng; Leong, Hon Wai; Quek, Steven K., New approximation algorithms for some dynamic storage allocation problems, 339-348 [Zbl 1091.68678]
Lim, Andrew; Rodrigues, Brian; Wang, Fan; Xu, Zhou, \(k\)-center problems with minimum coverage, 349-359 [Zbl 1091.90528]
Zheng, Xizhong; Rettinger, Robert, On the extensions of Solovay-reducibility, 360-369 [Zbl 1091.03013]
Nordh, Gustav; Jonsson, Peter, The complexity of counting solutions to systems of equations over finite semigroups, 370-379 [Zbl 1091.68061]
Vikas, Narayan, Computational complexity classification of partition under compaction and retraction, 380-391 [Zbl 1091.68062]
Park, Jung-Heum, One-to-many disjoint path covers in a graph with faulty elements, 392-401 [Zbl 1091.68080]
Yamada, Toshinori, Fault-tolerant meshes with constant degree, 402-411 [Zbl 1091.68084]
Park, Kyoung-Wook; Lim, Hyeong-Seok; Park, Jung-Heum; Kim, Hee-Chul, Fault Hamiltonicity of meshes with two wraparound edges, 412-421 [Zbl 1091.68081]
Nakata, Toshio, On the expected time for Herman’s probabilistic self-stabilizing algorithm, 422-431 [Zbl 1091.68009]
Leung, Ho-Fung; Peng, Zeshan; Ting, Hing-Fung, An efficient online algorithm for square detection, 432-439 [Zbl 1091.68680]
Kim, Jin Wook; Park, Kunsoo, An efficient local alignment algorithm for masked sequences, 440-449 [Zbl 1091.68677]
Tsukiji, Tatsuie; Chen, Zhi-Zhong, Computing phylogenetic roots with bounded degrees and errors is hard, 450-461 [Zbl 1091.68056]
Jansson, Jesper; Sung, Wing-Kin, Inferring a level-1 phylogenetic network from a dense set of rooted triplets, 462-471 [Zbl 1091.68078]

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