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Sampling, wavelets and tomography. (English) Zbl 1047.94001
Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis. Boston: Birkhäuser (ISBN 0-8176-4304-4/hbk). xxi, 344 p. (2004).

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Indexed articles:
Zayed, Ahmed I., A prelude to sampling, wavelets, and tomography, 1-32 [Zbl 1062.94009]
Eldar, Yonina C., Sampling without input constraints: consistent reconstruction in arbitrary spaces, 33-60 [Zbl 1062.94536]
Casazza, Peter G., An introduction to irregular Weyl-Heisenberg frames, 61-80 [Zbl 1073.42023]
Feichtinger, Hans G.; Werther, Tobias, Robustness of regular sampling in Sobolev algebras, 83-113 [Zbl 1070.46022]
Vaidyanathan, P. P., Sampling theorems for nonbandlimited signals, 115-136 [Zbl 1062.94539]
Bose, N. K.; Lertrattanapanich, S., Polynomial matrix factorization, multidimensional filter banks, and wavelets, 137-156 [Zbl 1062.94510]
Jaffard, Stéphane, Function spaces based on wavelet expansions, 157-177 [Zbl 1064.42027]
Papadakis, Manos, Generalized frame multiresolution analysis of abstract Hilbert spaces, 179-223 [Zbl 1069.42027]
Faridani, Adel, Sampling theory and parallel-beam tomography, 225-254 [Zbl 1062.94537]
Katsevich, Alexander; Lauritsch, Guenter, Filtered backprojection algorithms for spiral cone beam CT, 255-287 [Zbl 1056.92037]
Iske, Armin, Adaptive irregular sampling in meshfree flow simulation, 289-309 [Zbl 1061.65092]
Wilson, David C.; Mair, Bernard A., Thin-plate spline interpolation, 311-340 [Zbl 1062.65013]

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