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The conformal structure of space-time. Geometry, analysis, numerics. (English) Zbl 1030.00021
Lecture Notes in Physics. 604. Berlin: Springer. xiv, 373 p. EUR 72.95/net; sFr 129.00; £56.00; $ 89.80 (2002).

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Indexed articles:
Friedrich, Helmut, Conformal Einstein evolution, 1-50 [Zbl 1054.83006]
Galloway, Gregory J., Some global results for asymptotically simple space-times, 51-60 [Zbl 1046.83007]
Chruściel, Piotr T., Black holes, 61-102 [Zbl 1052.83023]
Frittelli, Simonetta; Kamran, Niky; Newman, Ezra T., Conformal geometry, differential equations and associated transformations, 103-112 [Zbl 1043.53014]
Penrose, Roger, Twistor geometry of conformal infinity, 113-121 [Zbl 1042.83022]
Tod, K. Paul, Isotropic cosmological singularities, 123-134 [Zbl 1042.83029]
Valiente Kroon, Juan Antonio, Polyhomogeneous expansions close to null and spatial infinity, 135-159 [Zbl 1043.83012]
Dain, Sergio, Asymptotically flat and regular Cauchy data, 161-181 [Zbl 1160.83303]
Andersson, Lars, Construction of hyperboloidal initial data, 183-194 [Zbl 1043.83004]
Butscher, Adrian, Exploring the conformal constraint equations, 195-222 [Zbl 1043.83005]
Simon, Walter, Criteria for (in)finite extent of static perfect fluids, 223-237 [Zbl 1042.83016]
Husa, Sascha, Problems and successes in the numerical approach to the conformal field equations, 239-259 [Zbl 1042.83004]
Frauendiener, Jörg, Some aspects of the numerical treatment of the conformal field equations, 261-282 [Zbl 1043.83002]
Schmidt, Bernd G., Data for the numerical calculation of the Kruskal space-time, 283-295 [Zbl 1043.83008]
Lehner, Luis, Numerics of the characteristic formulation in Bondi variables. Where we are and what lies ahead, 297-312 [Zbl 1042.83008]
Bartnik, Robert A.; Norton, Andrew H., Numerical experiments at null infinity, 313-326 [Zbl 1042.83003]
Font, José A., Local characteristic algorithms for relativistic hydrodynamics, 327-348 [Zbl 1043.83001]
Garfinkle, David, Simulations of generic singularities in harmonic coordinates, 349-358 [Zbl 1043.83025]
Kreiss, Heinz-O.; Ortiz, Omar E., Some mathematical and numerical questions connected with first and second order time-dependent systems of partial differential equations, 359-370 [Zbl 1043.35525]

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