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Graph-theoretic concepts in computer science. 29th international workshop, WG 2003, Elspeet, The Netherlands, June 19–21, 2003. Revised papers. (English) Zbl 1029.00043
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2880. Berlin: Springer. xi, 386 p. (2003).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding workshop has been reviewed (see Zbl 1013.00032).
Indexed articles:
Fellows, Michael R., Blow-ups, win/win’s, and crown rules: some new directions in FPT, 1-12 [Zbl 1255.68113]
Schrijver, Alexander, Matching, edge-colouring, and dimers., 13-22 [Zbl 1255.05152]
Arbib, Claudio; Flammini, Michele; Marinelli, Fabrizio, Minimum flow time graph ordering., 23-33 [Zbl 1255.90117]
Barrière, Lali; Fraigniaud, Pierre; Santoro, Nicola; Thilikos, Dimitrios M., Searching is not jumping., 34-45 [Zbl 1255.68105]
Berry, Anne; Heggernes, Pinar; Simonet, Geneviève, The minimum degree heuristic and the minimal triangulation process., 58-70 [Zbl 1255.05186]
Berthomé, Pascal; Diallo, Madiagne; Ferreira, Afonso, Generalized parametric multi-terminal flows problem., 71-80 [Zbl 1255.90118]
Bonichon, Nicolas; Gavoille, Cyril; Hanusse, Nicolas, Canonical decomposition of outerplanar maps and application to enumeration, coding, and generation (extended abstract), 81-92 [Zbl 1255.68106]
Bonsma, Paul, The complexity of the matching-cut problem for planar graphs and other graph classes (extended abstract), 93-105 [Zbl 1255.05146]
Brandstädt, Andreas; Dragan, Feodor F.; Le, Hoang-Oanh; Le, Van Bang; Uehara, Ryuhei, Tree spanners for bipartite graphs and probe interval graphs., 106-118 [Zbl 1255.68107]
Bretscher, Anna; Corneil, Derek; Habib, Michel; Paul, Christophe, A simple linear time LexBFS cograph recognition algorithm., 119-130 [Zbl 1255.68108]
Broersma, Hajo; Fomin, Fedor V.; Golovach, Petr A.; Woeginger, Gerhard J., Backbone colorings for networks., 131-142 [Zbl 1255.05076]
Carmi, Paz; Erlebach, Thomas; Okamoto, Yoshio, Greedy edge-disjoint paths in complete graphs., 143-155 [Zbl 1255.68299]
Collberg, Christian; Kobourov, Stephen; Carter, Edward; Thomborson, Clark, Error-correcting graphs for software watermarking., 156-167 [Zbl 1255.68110]
Cornelsen, Sabine; Wagner, Dorothea, Completely connected clustered graphs., 168-179 [Zbl 1255.68111]
Dehne, Frank; Fellows, Michael R.; Rosamond, Frances A., An FPT algorithm for set splitting., 180-191 [Zbl 1255.68080]
Di Giacomo, E.; Didimo, W.; Liotta, G.; Wismath, S. K., Drawing planar graphs on a curve., 192-204 [Zbl 1255.68187]
Dujmović, Vida; Wood, David R., Tree-partitions of \(k\)-trees with applications in graph layout., 205-217 [Zbl 1255.05148]
Erlebach, Thomas; Pagourtzis, Aris; Potika, Katerina; Stefanakos, Stamatis, Resource allocation problems in multifiber WDM tree networks., 218-229 [Zbl 1255.90028]
Faria, Luerbio; Herrera de Figueiredo, Celina M.; Sýkora, Ondrej; Vrt’o, Imrich, An improved upper bound on the crossing number of the hypercube., 230-236 [Zbl 1255.68112]
Glikson, Alexander; Makowsky, Johann A., NCE graph grammars and clique-width., 237-248 [Zbl 1255.68088]
Golumbic, Martin Charles; Lipshteyn, Marina, Chordal probe graphs (extended abstract), 249-260 [Zbl 1255.05158]
Gutwenger, Carsten; Jünger, Michael; Leipert, Sebastian; Mutzel, Petra; Percan, Merijam; Weiskircher, René, Subgraph induced planar connectivity augmentation (extended abstract), 261-272 [Zbl 1255.68114]
Kloks, Ton; Lee, Chuan-Min; Liu, Jiping; Müller, Haiko, On the recognition of general partition graphs., 273-283 [Zbl 1255.05160]
Kowalik, Łukasz, Short cycles in planar graphs., 284-296 [Zbl 1255.05187]
Kratochvíl, Jan, Complexity of hypergraph coloring and Seidel’s switching., 297-308 [Zbl 1255.68082]
Kratsch, Dieter; Müller, Haiko; Todinca, Ioan, Feedback vertex set and longest induced path on AT-free graphs., 309-321 [Zbl 1255.05188]
Levin, Asaf; Paulusma, Daniël; Woeginger, Gerhard J., The complexity of graph contractions., 322-333 [Zbl 1255.68083]
Manuel, Paul; Rajan, Bharati; Rajasingh, Indra; Alaguvel, Amutha, Tree spanners, Cayley graphs, and diametrically uniform graphs., 334-345 [Zbl 1255.05161]
Murat, Cécile; Paschos, Vangelis Th., The probabilistic minimum coloring problem (extended abstract), 346-357 [Zbl 1255.68085]
Nikolopoulos, Stavros D.; Palios, Leonidas, Recognizing bipolarizable and \(P _{4}\)-simplicial graphs., 358-369 [Zbl 1255.05189]
Todinca, Ioan, Coloring powers of graphs of bounded clique-width., 370-382 [Zbl 1255.05084]
Brandenburg, Franz J., Erratum to: “Cycles in generalized networks”, 383 [Zbl 1255.90119]

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