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Principles and practice of constraint programming – CP 2003. 9th international conference, CP 2003, Kinsale, Ireland, September 29 – October 3, 2003. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1024.00062
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2833. Berlin: Springer. xix, 1005 p. (2003).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see Zbl 1049.68016.
Indexed articles:
Kautz, Henry; Selman, Bart, Ten challenges redux: recent progress in propositional reasoning and search, 1-18 [Zbl 1273.68350]
Sandholm, Tuomas, Automated mechanism design: a new application area for search algorithms, 19-36 [Zbl 1273.68385]
Angelsmark, Ola; Jonsson, Peter, Improved algorithms for counting solutions in constraint satisfaction problems, 81-95 [Zbl 1273.68330]
Bailleux, Olivier; Boufkhad, Yacine, Efficient CNF encoding of Boolean cardinality constraints, 108-122 [Zbl 1273.68332]
Bent, Russell; Van Hentenryck, Pascal, A two-stage hybrid algorithm for pickup and delivery vehicle routing problems with time windows, 123-137 [Zbl 1273.90020]
Bistarelli, Stefano; Codognet, Philippe; Hui, Kin-Chuen; Lee, Jimmy Ho Man, Solving finite domain constraint hierarchies by local consistency and tree search, 138-152 [Zbl 1273.68335]
Bulatov, Andrei A.; Jeavons, Peter, An algebraic approach to multi-sorted constraints, 183-198 [Zbl 1273.68337]
Chen, Hubie, Periodic constraint satisfaction problems: polynomial-time algorithms, 199-213 [Zbl 1273.68338]
Cheng, Chi Kan; Lee, Jimmy Ho Man; Stuckey, Peter J., Box constraint collections for adhoc constraints, 214-228 [Zbl 1273.68339]
Choi, Chiu Wo; Lee, Jimmy Ho Man; Stuckey, Peter J., Propagation redundancy in redundant modelling, 229-243 [Zbl 1273.68340]
Cohen, David A.; Cooper, Martin; Jeavons, Peter; Krokhin, Andrei, Soft constraints: complexity and multimorphisms, 244-258 [Zbl 1273.68342]
Cruz, Jorge; Barahona, Pedro, Constraint satisfaction differential problems, 259-273 [Zbl 1273.68343]
Dimitriou, Tassos, A wealth of SAT distributions with planted assignments, 274-287 [Zbl 1273.68344]
Dotú, Iván; del Val, Alvaro; Cebrián, Manuel, Redundant modeling for the quasigroup completion problem, 288-302 [Zbl 1273.68269]
Faltings, Boi; Macho-Gonzalez, Santiago, Open constraint optimization, 303-317 [Zbl 1273.68345]
Frisch, Alan M.; Jefferson, Chris; Miguel, Ian, Constraints for breaking more row and column symmetries, 318-332 [Zbl 1273.68075]
Gent, Ian P.; Harvey, Warwick; Kelsey, Tom; Linton, Steve, Generic SBDD using computational group theory, 333-347 [Zbl 1273.68076]
Gent, Ian P.; Hoos, Holger H.; Rowley, Andrew G. D.; Smyth, Kevin, Using stochastic local search to solve quantified Boolean formulae, 348-362 [Zbl 1273.68346]
de Givry, Simon; Larrosa, Javier; Meseguer, Pedro; Schiex, Thomas, Solving Max-SAT as weighted CSP, 363-376 [Zbl 1273.68368]
Golden, Keith; Pang, Wanlin, Constraint reasoning over strings, 377-391 [Zbl 1273.68347]
Green, Martin J.; Cohen, David A., Tractability by approximating constraint languages, 392-406 [Zbl 1273.68146]
van Hoeve, Willem Jan, A hybrid constraint programming and semidefinite programming approach for the stable set problem, 407-421 [Zbl 1273.90181]
Katriel, Irit; Thiel, Sven, Fast bound consistency for the global cardinality constraint, 437-451 [Zbl 1273.68400]
Liu, Lengning; Truszczyński, Mirosław, Local-search techniques for propositional logic extended with cardinality constraints, 495-509 [Zbl 1273.68353]
Maher, Michael J., A synthesis of constraint satisfaction and constraint solving, 525-539 [Zbl 1273.68354]
Michel, Laurent; Van Hentenryck, Pascal, Maintaining longest paths incrementally, 540-554 [Zbl 1273.68355]
Mitchell, David G., Resolution and constraint satisfaction, 555-569 [Zbl 1273.68356]
Puget, Jean-François, Symmetry breaking using stabilizers, 585-599 [Zbl 1273.68360]
Quimper, Claude-Guy; van Beek, Peter; López-Ortiz, Alejandro; Golynski, Alexander; Sadjad, Sayyed Bashir, An efficient bounds consistency algorithm for the global cardinality constraint, 600-614 [Zbl 1273.68361]
Ratschan, Stefan, Solving existentially quantified constraints with one equality and arbitrarily many inequalities, 615-633 [Zbl 1273.68362]
Régin, Jean-Charles, Using constraint programming to solve the maximum clique problem, 634-648 [Zbl 1273.90176]
Satish Kumar, T. K., Incremental computation of resource-envelopes in producer-consumer models, 664-678 [Zbl 1273.91330]
Sellmann, Meinolf, Approximated consistency for knapsack constraints, 679-693 [Zbl 1273.90179]
Sellmann, Meinolf, Cost-based filtering for shorter path constraints, 694-708 [Zbl 1273.90231]
Terrioux, Cyril; Jégou, Philippe, Bounded backtracking for the valued constraint satisfaction problems, 709-723 [Zbl 1273.68363]
Walsh, Toby, Consistency and propagation with multiset constraints: a formal viewpoint, 724-738 [Zbl 1273.68364]
Wolf, Armin, Pruning while sweeping over task intervals, 739-753 [Zbl 1273.68366]
Bessière, Christian; Van Hentenryck, Pascal, To be or not to be \(\ldots\) a global constraint, 789-794 [Zbl 1273.68334]
Brand, Sebastian; Gennari, Rosella; de Rijke, Maarten, Constraint programming for modelling and solving modal satisfiability, 795-800 [Zbl 1273.68336]
Cohen, David A., A new class of binary CSPs for which arc-consistency is a decision procedure, 807-811 [Zbl 1273.68341]

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