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Curve und surface fitting, Saint-Malo 2002. Fifth international conference on curves and surfaces, Saint-Malo, France, June 27 – July 3, 2002. (English) Zbl 1023.00023
Modern Methods in Mathematics. Brentwood, TN: Nashboro Press. xi, 492 p. (2003).

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Indexed articles:
Achatz, Stefan; Zenger, Christoph, Higher order sparse grid methods for elliptic partial differential equations, 1-10 [Zbl 1036.65088]
Allasia, Giampietro, A scattered data approximation scheme for the multidimensional Poisson equation using cardinal radial basis interpolants, 11-20 [Zbl 1036.65092]
Bacchelli, Barbara; Bozzini, Mira; Rabut, Christophe, A fast wavelet algorithm for multidimensional signals using polyharmonic splines, 21-30 [Zbl 1036.65115]
Barrera, D.; Ibáñez, M. J.; Sablonnière, P., Near-best discret quasi-interpolants on uniform and nonuniform partitions, 31-40 [Zbl 1036.65005]
Bejancu, Aurelian; Kounchev, Ognyan Iv.; Render, Hermann, Cardinal interpolation with biharmonic polysplines on strips, 41-58 [Zbl 1037.65013]
Bernard, Christophe P.; Mallat, Stéphane G.; Slotine, Jean-Jacques, Scattered data interpolation with wavelet trees, 59-64 [Zbl 1037.65014]
Castaño, Daniel; Kunoth, Angela, Adaptive fitting of scattered data by spline wavelets, 65-78 [Zbl 1036.65011]
Cotronei, Mariantonia; Sauer, Thomas, Polynomial reproduction and the dyadic eigenvalues of bi-infinite matrices, 79-88 [Zbl 1036.65119]
Crampton, A.; Kendall, S. C.; Mason, J. C., Shape preserving approximation with large sets of scattered data, 89-96 [Zbl 1037.65015]
De Floriani, Leila; Magillo, Paola, Triangle-based multi-resolution models for height fields, 97-106 [Zbl 1036.65015]
Demaret, Laurent; Iske, Armin, Scattered data coding in digital image compression, 107-117 [Zbl 1108.94302]
Dodgson, N. A.; Ivrissimtzis, I. P.; Sabin, M. A., Characteristics of dual triangular \(\sqrt{3}\) subdivision, 119-128 [Zbl 1036.65016]
Dyn, Nira; Levin, David; Simoens, Jo, Face-value subdivision schemes on triangulations by repeated averaging, 129-138 [Zbl 1037.65023]
Fasshauer, Gregory E., Approximate moving least-squares approximation: A fast and accurate multivariate approximation method, 139-148 [Zbl 1037.65009]
Foucher, Françoise, Bimonotonicity preserving surfaces defined by tensor products of \(C^1\) Merrien subdivision schemes, 149-157 [Zbl 1037.65020]
George, P.-L.; Frey, P. J.; Laug, P.; Borouchaki, H., Curve and surface meshing for finite element applications, 159-176 [Zbl 1036.65102]
Gori, Laura; Pezza, Laura; Pitolli, Francesca, New families of wavelets on the interval, 177-186 [Zbl 1036.65120]
Han, Bin, Classification and construction of bivariate subdivision schemes, 187-197 [Zbl 1036.65018]
Hassan, M. F.; Dodgson, N. A., Ternary and three-point univariate subdivision schemes, 199-208 [Zbl 1037.65024]
Hegland, Markus, Additive sparse grid fitting, 209-218 [Zbl 1036.65012]
Höllig, Klaus; Hörner, Jörg; Kopf, Andreas, Web-spline methods in linear elasticity, 219-228 [Zbl 1108.74331]
Ivrissimtzis, I. P.; Shrivastava, K.; Seidel, H.-P., Subdivision rules for general meshes, 229-237 [Zbl 1036.65019]
Kvasov, Boris I., On interpolating thin plate tension splines, 239-248 [Zbl 1036.65008]
Lei, D.; Crampton, A.; Mason, J. C.; Ross, C., An efficient algorithm for solving linearized SVM regression problems, 249-258 [Zbl 1037.65011]
Lemire, Daniel, A family of 4-point dyadic multistep subdivision schemes, 259-268 [Zbl 1036.65020]
Levesley, Jeremy; Odell, Carl; Ragozin, David L., Scattered data on homogeneous manifolds: The norming set approach, 269-278 [Zbl 1037.65017]
Light, Will, Radial basic functions from the perspective of splines, 279-294 [Zbl 1036.65009]
Loop, Charles, Smooth ternary subdivision of triangle meshes, 295-302 [Zbl 1036.65021]
Maxim, Voichiţa, Denosing signals observed on a random design, 303-312 [Zbl 1035.94514]
Meignen, Sylvain; Perrier, Valérie, Texture segmentation using stable texture features, 313-322 [Zbl 1034.68111]
Oswald, Peter, Smoothness of a nonlinear subdivision scheme, 323-332 [Zbl 1037.65029]
Randrianarivony, M.; Brunnett, G., A multiresolution method for detecting higher order discontinuities from irregular noisy samples, 333-342 [Zbl 1036.65121]
Rogina, Mladen; Bosner, Tina, A de Boor type algorithm for tension splines, 343-352 [Zbl 1036.65010]
Sabin, Malcolm; Barthe, Loïc, Artifacts in recursive subdivision surfaces, 353-362 [Zbl 1036.65022]
Sablonnière, Paul, Some properties of \(C^1\) surfaces defined by tensor products of Merrien subdivision schemes, 363-372 [Zbl 1037.65022]
Schaefer, Scott; Warren, Joe, A factored interpolatory subdivision scheme for quadrilateral surfaces, 373-382 [Zbl 1036.65023]
Werther, Tobias, Characterization of semi-Hilbert spaces with application in scattered data interpolation, 383-392 [Zbl 1039.41019]
Zheludev, Valery A.; Averbuch, Amir Z.; Gruzd, Marina, Interpolatory subdivision schemes generated by splines, 393-402 [Zbl 1036.65024]

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