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Kink surfaces in a directionally reinforced neo-Hookean material under plane deformation. I: Mechanical equilibrium. II: Kink band stability and maximally dissipative band broadening. (English) Zbl 1007.74022
Summary: Stationary kinks (elastostatic shocks) are examined in the context of a base neo-Hookean response augmented with unidirectional reinforcing that is characterized by a single additional constitutive parameter for the additional fiber reinforcing stiffness. Previous work has shown that such a transversely isotropic material can lose ellipticity in plane deformation if the reinforcing is sufficiently large and the fiber direction is sufficiently compressed. Here, we show that the same reinforcing levels can give rise to piecewise smooth plane deformations separated by a plane stationary kink. Attention is restricted to deformations in which, on one side of the kink, the load axis is aligned with the fiber axis. Then the fiber stretch on this side of the kink is a natural load parameter. It is found that such a deformation can support a planar kink for a certain range of this load parameter. This range is dependent on the reinforcing parameter, and can even involve fiber extension if the reinforcing is sufficiently large. The set of all deformation states on the other side of the kink is precisely characterized in terms of a one-parameter family of (kink orientation, kink strength)-pairs. The results are interpreted in terms of the associated fiber alignment discontinuity and fiber stretch discontinuity.

74B20 Nonlinear elasticity
74J40 Shocks and related discontinuities in solid mechanics
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