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Advances in cryptology - CRYPTO 2002. 22nd annual international cryptology conference, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, August 18–22, 2002. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0997.00039
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2442. Berlin: Springer. xiv, 627 p. (2002).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (21st, 2001) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0969.00102).
Indexed articles:
Murphy, Sean; Robshaw, Matthew J. B., Essential algebraic structure within the AES, 1-16 [Zbl 1026.94537]
Joux, Antoine; Martinet, Gwenaëlle; Valette, Frédéric, Blockwise-adaptive attackers. Revisiting the (in)security of some provably secure encryption modes: CBC, GEM, IACBC, 17-30 [Zbl 1026.94531]
Liskov, Moses; Rivest, Ronald L.; Wagner, David, Tweakable block ciphers, 31-46 [Zbl 1026.94533]
Halevy, Dani; Shamir, Adi, The LSD broadcast encryption scheme, 47-60 [Zbl 1026.94528]
Camenisch, Jan; Lysyanskaya, Anna, Dynamic accumulators and application to efficient revocation of anonymous credentials, 61-76 [Zbl 1026.94545]
Hopper, Nicholas J.; Langford, John; von Ahn, Luis, Provably secure steganography, 77-92 [Zbl 1026.94529]
Stern, Jacques; Pointcheval, David; Malone-Lee, John; Smart, Nigel P., Flaws in applying proof methodologies to signature schemes, 93-110 [Zbl 1026.94550]
Nielsen, Jesper Buus, Separating random oracle proofs from complexity theoretic proofs: The non-committing encryption case, 111-126 [Zbl 1027.68601]
Jonsson, Jakob; Kaliski, Burton S. jun., On the security of RSA encryption in TLS, 127-142 [Zbl 1026.94530]
Canetti, Ran; Krawczyk, Hugo, Security analysis of IKE’s signature-based key-exchange protocol, 143-161 [Zbl 1026.94524]
Bellare, Mihir; Palacio, Adriana, GQ and Schnorr identification schemes: Proofs of security against impersonation under active and concurrent attacks, 162-177 [Zbl 1026.94521]
Gennaro, Rosario; Ishai, Yuval; Kushilevitz, Eyal; Rabin, Tal, On 2-round secure multiparty computation, 178-193 [Zbl 1026.94527]
Bläser, Markus; Jakoby, Andreas; Liśkiewicz, Maciej; Siebert, Bodo, Private computation – \(k\)-connected versus 1-connected networks, 194-209 [Zbl 1026.94523]
Nguyen, Phong Q.; Pointcheval, David, Analysis and improvements of NTRU encryption paddings, 210-225 [Zbl 1026.94538]
Coron, Jean-Sébastien; Joye, Marc; Naccache, David; Paillier, Pascal, Universal padding schemes for RSA, 226-241 [Zbl 1026.94526]
May, Alexander, Cryptanalysis of unbalanced RSA with small CRT-exponent, 242-256 [Zbl 1026.94535]
Lu, Chi-Jen, Hyper-encryption against space-bounded adversaries from on-line strong extractors, 257-271 [Zbl 1027.68057]
Cramer, Ronald; Fehr, Serge, Optimal black-box secret sharing over arbitrary Abelian groups, 272-287 [Zbl 1026.94546]
Wagner, David, A generalized birthday problem, 288-303 [Zbl 1026.94541]
Mironov, Ilya, (Not so) random shuffles of RC4, 304-319 [Zbl 1027.68058]
Black, John; Rogaway, Phillip; Shrimpton, Thomas, Black-box analysis of the block-cipher-based hash-function constructions from PGV, 320-335 [Zbl 1026.94522]
Rubin, Karl; Silverberg, Alice, Supersingular Abelian varieties in cryptology, 336-353 [Zbl 1026.94540]
Barreto, Paulo S. L. M.; Kim, Hae Y.; Lynn, Ben; Scott, Michael, Efficient algorithms for pairing-based cryptosystems, 354-368 [Zbl 1026.94520]
Vercauteren, Frederik, Computing zeta functions of hyperelliptic curves over finite fields of characteristic 2, 369-384 [Zbl 1023.14007]
MacKenzie, Philip; Shrimpton, Thomas; Jakobsson, Markus, Threshold password-authenticated key exchange, 385-400 [Zbl 1026.94548]
Nielsen, Jesper Buus, A threshold pseudorandom function construction and its applications, 401-416 [Zbl 1026.94539]
Algesheimer, Joy; Camenisch, Jan; Shoup, Victor, Efficient computation modulo a shared secret with application to the generation of shared safe-prime products, 417-432 [Zbl 1026.94543]
Li, Wen-Ching W.; Näslund, Mats; Shparlinski, Igor E., Hidden number problem with the trace and bit security of XTR and LUC, 433-448 [Zbl 1026.94532]
Damgård, Ivan; Nielsen, Jesper Buus, Expanding pseudorandom functions; or: From known-plaintext security to chosen-plaintext security, 449-464 [Zbl 1027.68056]
Bresson, Emmanuel; Stern, Jacques; Szydlo, Michael, Threshold ring signatures and applications to ad-hoc groups, 465-480 [Zbl 1026.94544]
Naor, Moni, Deniable ring authentication, 481-498 [Zbl 1026.94549]
Itkis, Gene; Reyzin, Leonid, SiBIR: Signer-base intrusion-resilient signatures, 499-514 [Zbl 1026.94547]
Coppersmith, Don; Halevi, Shai; Jutla, Charanjit, Cryptanalysis of stream ciphers with linear masking, 515-532 [Zbl 1026.94525]
Sarkar, Palash, The filter-combiner model for memoryless synchronous stream ciphers, 533-548 [Zbl 1026.94519]
Carlet, Claude, A larger class of cryptographic Boolean functions via a study of the Maiorana-McFarland construction, 549-564 [Zbl 1026.94518]
Fehr, Serge; Maurer, Ueli, Linear VSS and distributed commitments based on secret sharing and pairwise checks, 565-580 [Zbl 1028.94509]
Damgård, Ivan; Nielsen, Jesper Buus, Perfect hiding and perfect binding universally composable commitment schemes with constant expansion factor, 581-596 [Zbl 1028.94505]
Lysyanskaya, Anna, Unique signatures and verifiable random functions from the DH-DDH separation, 597-612 [Zbl 1028.94511]
Coron, Jean-Sébastien, Security proof for partial-domain hash signature schemes, 613-626 [Zbl 1028.94508]

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