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Rigidity in dynamics and geometry. Contributions from the programme Ergodic theory, geometric rigidity and number theory, Isaac Newton Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK, January 5–July 7, 2000. (English) Zbl 0987.00036
Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-43243-4/hbk; 978-3-642-07751-7/pbk; 978-3-662-04743-9/ebook). xiii, 492 p. EUR 79.95/net; sFr. 132.50; £ 56.00; $ 89.95 (2002).

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Indexed articles:
Bourdon, Marc; Pajot, Hervé, Quasi-conformal geometry and hyperbolic geometry, 1-17 [Zbl 1002.30012]
Burger, Marc; Monod, Nicolas, On and around the bounded cohomology of \(\text{SL}_2\), 19-37 [Zbl 1004.22006]
Conze, Jean-Pierre; Guivarc’h, Yves, Density of the orbits of the actions of linear groups and equidistribution properties of random walks, 39-76 [Zbl 1012.37006]
Dodson, Maurice, Exceptional sets in dynamical systems and Diophantine approximation., 77-98 [Zbl 1035.37022]
Feres, Renato, An introduction to cocycle super-rigidity., 99-134 [Zbl 1035.37021]
Fisher, David, Rigid geometric structures and representations of fundamental groups, 135-147 [Zbl 1003.22001]
Furman, Alex, Coarse-geometric perspective on negatively curved manifolds and groups., 149-166 [Zbl 1064.53025]
Gaboriau, Damien, On orbit equivalence of measure preserving actions., 167-186 [Zbl 1036.22008]
Goldman, William M., The Margulis invariant of isometric actions on Minkowski \((2+1)\)-space, 187-201 [Zbl 1013.53047]
Hersonsky, Sa’ar; Paulin, Frédéric, Diophantine approximation in negatively curved manifolds and in the Heisenberg group., 203-226 [Zbl 1064.11057]
Parkkonen, Jouni; Paulin, Frédéric, Appendix: Diophantine approximation on hyperbolic surfaces., 227-236 [Zbl 1064.11058]
Iozzi, Alessandra, Bounded cohomology, boundary maps, and rigidity of representations into \(\text{Homeo}_+(\text{S}^1)\) and \(\text{SU}(1,n)\), 237-260 [Zbl 1012.22023]
Kaimanovich, Vadim A., SAT actions and ergodic properties of the horosphere foliation., 261-282 [Zbl 1054.37002]
Karlsson, Anders, Nonexpanding maps, Busemann functions, and multiplicative ergodic theory., 283-294 [Zbl 1035.37015]
Labourie, François, The phase space of \(k\)-surfaces, 295-307 [Zbl 1019.53040]
Mosher, Lee, Schottky subgroups of mapping class groups and the geometry of surface-by-free groups, 309-319 [Zbl 1006.20033]
Nevo, Amos; Zimmer, Robert J., Actions of semisimple Lie groups with stationary measure, 321-343 [Zbl 1005.22001]
Niţică, Viorel; Török, Andrei, On the cohomology of Anosov actions., 345-361 [Zbl 1037.37015]
Oh, Hee, Harmonic analysis and Hecke operators, 363-378 [Zbl 1014.11035]
Pansu, Pierre, \(L^p\)-cohomology and pinching, 379-389 [Zbl 1009.53029]
Rémy, Bertrand, Classical and non-linearity properties of Kac-Moody lattices, 391-406 [Zbl 1029.22028]
Tomanov, George, Actions of maximal tori on homogeneous spaces, 407-424 [Zbl 1012.22021]
Weiss, Barak, Dynamics on parameter spaces: submanifold and fractal subset questions., 425-440 [Zbl 1048.37005]
Witte, Dave, Superrigid subgroups and syndetic hulls in solvable Lie groups, 441-457 [Zbl 1001.22008]
Zorich, Anton, Square tiled surfaces and Teichmüller volumes of the moduli spaces of Abelian differentials., 459-471 [Zbl 1038.37015]
Żuk, Andrzej, On property (T) for discrete groups, 473-482 [Zbl 1007.22011]

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