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Proceedings of the meeting “Young numericians” in honour of the 60th anniversary of Professor Roger Temam, Poitiers, France, Mars 9–10, 2000. (Actes des journées “Jeunes numériciens” en l’honneur du 60ème anniversaire du Professeur Roger Temam, Poitiers, France, Mars 9–10, 2000.) (English) Zbl 0978.00050
Poitou-Charentes: Atlantique. ix, 149 p. (2001).

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Indexed articles:
Amassad, A.; Chenais, D.; Fabre, C., Optimal control of an elastic contact problem, 1-9 [Zbl 0992.35014]
Chen, M., Equations for bi-directional waves over an uneven bottom, 11-18 [Zbl 0991.35068]
Chiavassa, G.; Donat, R.; Dussoulliez, Ph.; Marquina, A., A parallel wavelet algorithm for two-dimensional conservation laws, 19-28 [Zbl 0994.35013]
Colin, J.; Grilhé, J.; Grinfled, M., Stress driven rearragement instability of solids free surface, 29-36 [Zbl 0997.35098]
Fabrie, P.; Galusinski, C.; Miranville, A.; Zelik, S., Continuity of exponential attractors for singularly perturbed damped wave equations, 37-47 [Zbl 0991.35013]
Ferone, A.; Volpicelli, R., Rearrangements and measure preserving transformations., 49-53 [Zbl 1045.49030]
Liandrat, J., Some connections between wavelets and other multi-scale approaches in numerical analysis, 55-67 [Zbl 0992.65154]
Mophou, Gisèle; Poullet, Pascal, A splitted Godunov scheme for solving a system of elasticity in a nonconservative form, 69-76 [Zbl 1005.35059]
Mureşan, A. C.; Curşeu, Alina, High-order compact schemes and incremental unknowns for 1D convection diffusion problems, 77-89 [Zbl 0992.65084]
Rakotoson, J. M., Recapitulation of some results on relative rearrangement, 91-105 [Zbl 1011.46022]
Vaillant, O., A stochastic particle method for the computation of statistical solutions of a McKean-Vlasov equation, 107-117 [Zbl 0992.35126]
Vishik, M. I., Attractors for differential equations with rapidly oscillating coefficients, 119-130 [Zbl 0995.35010]
Zelik, S., The dynamics of fast non-autonomous travelling waves and homogenization, 131-142 [Zbl 1004.35010]
00B30 Festschriften
35-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to partial differential equations
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Temam, Roger
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