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A tribute to S. B. Prešić. Papers celebrating his 65th birthday. (English) Zbl 0977.00051
Beograd: Matematički Institut SANU, 122 p. (2001).

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A conference celebrating 65th birthday of Slaviša Prešić, professor of the Mathematical Faculty of the University of Belgrade, was held in Belgrade. Professor Prešić is one of the most deserving persons for the introduction and development of several modern mathematical disciplines in Serbia. The universal and very extensive fields of his scientific interests include mathematical logic, functional equations, group theory, linear algebra, artifical intelligence, numerical analysis, philosophy and methodology of mathematics. This book contains the talks delivered during the Conference.
The book consists of three parts. In the first part invited papers giving an overview of S. Prešić’s results in general or in some particular mathematical discipline are presented. The second part contains research papers, not necessarily connected to Prešić’s work, but from the fields he is familiar with. Finally, the book concludes with appendices containing relevant biographical and bibliographical data.
The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Mijajlović, Žarko, On the scientific work of Slaviša B. Prešić, 9-14 [Zbl 1274.01090]
Kapetanović, M., Work of Slaviša Prešić in artificial intelligence, 15-19 [Zbl 0997.01517]
Kečkić, Jovan D., Contribution of Professor S. B. Prešić to functional equations, 20-32 [Zbl 1005.39020]
Banković, Dragić, S. B. Prešić’s work in reproductive equations, 33-42 [Zbl 0997.01007]
Ćirić, Ljubomir, On S. B. Prešić’s type generalization of Banach contraction mapping principle, 43-46 [Zbl 0997.54063]
Milovanović, Gradimir V., Contribution and influence of S. B. Prešić to numerical factorization of polynomials, 47-56 [Zbl 1005.65044]
Kovačević-Vujčić, Vera V., Contributions of S. B. Prešić to the field of applied mathematics, 57-68 [Zbl 1014.01008]
Vujić, Slobodan, Educational and tutorial work of Professor Slaviša Prešić, 69-70 [Zbl 1274.01097]
Petrić, Zoran, Cut elimination in a category-like sequent system, 73-78 [Zbl 1002.03049]
Rašković, Miodrag; Ognjanović, Zoran; Petrović, Vladimir; Majstorović, Uroš, An automated theorem prover for the probability logic LPP, 79-83 [Zbl 1274.03041]
Markovski, Smile; Sokolova, Ana; Goračinova Ilieva, Lidija, On the functional equation \(A(x,B(x,y))=y\) in the variety of groupoids, 84-88 [Zbl 1224.39036]
Krapež, A., A generalization of rectangular loops, 89-93 [Zbl 1005.20048]
Bogdanović, Stojan; Ćirić, Miroslav; Stevanović, Nebojša, Semigroups in which any proper ideal is semilattice indecomposable, 94-98 [Zbl 1005.20041]
Došen, Kosta, A note on the set-theoretic representation of arbitrary lattices, 99-101 [Zbl 1002.06006]
Jovanović, Boško S., Note on the methods for numerical solution of equations, 102-106 [Zbl 1274.65138]
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Prešić, S. B.