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Computer aided systems theory - EUROCAST 2001. A selection of papers from the 8th international workshop, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, February 19–23, 2001. Revised papers. (English) Zbl 0977.00038
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2178. Berlin: Springer. xi, 670 p. (2001).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The preceding workshop (7th, 1999) has been reviewed individually (see Zbl 0943.00069).
Indexed articles:
Buchberger, Bruno, Gröbner bases: A short introduction for systems theorists, 1-19 [Zbl 1023.68882]
Börger, Egon, Design for reuse via structuring techniques for ASMs, 20-35 [Zbl 1023.68578]
Affenzeller, Michael; Pichler, Franz; Mittelmann, Rudolf, On CAST. FSM computation of hierarchical multi-layer networks of automata, 36-44 [Zbl 1023.68696]
Meine, Sebastian, A holarchical organized design assistant for hierarchical decompositions, 45-51 [Zbl 1023.93500]
Jacak, Witold; Pröll, Karin; Dreiseitl, Stephan, Conflict management in an intelligent multiagent robotic system based on FSM approach, 52-66 [Zbl 1023.68680]
Di Nardo, Elvira; Nobile, Amelia G.; Pirozzi, Enrica; Ricciardi, Luigi M., Computer-aided simulations of Gaussian processes and related asymptotic properties, 67-78 [Zbl 1023.65500]
Stauner, Thomas, Hybrid systems’ properties – classification and relation to computer science, 79-93 [Zbl 1023.93512]
Ábrahám-Mumm, Erika; Hannemann, Ulrich; Steffen, Martin, Assertion-based analysis of hybrid systems with PVS, 94-109 [Zbl 1023.93510]
von Issendorff, Hermann, Algebraic description of physical systems, 110-124 [Zbl 1023.93019]
Shimogawa, Takuhei, Information structure and logical design of social rules, 125-138 [Zbl 1023.91502]
Németh, Gábor, Towards a generic model of information processing systems, 139-145 [Zbl 1023.68811]
Hurtado, Maria V.; Parets, Jose, Evolutionary information and decision support systems: An integration based on ontologies, 146-159 [Zbl 1023.68693]
del Aguila, Isabel María; Túnez, Samuel; Cañadas, Joaquín; Bosch, Alfonso; Marín, Roque, A proposal for project management using CommonKADS, 160-171 [Zbl 1023.68746]
Mauerkirchner, Manfred, A general planning method for allocation of human resource groups, 172-181 [Zbl 1023.90522]
Schwaninger, Markus, Optimizing organizational structure: A Hausdorff benchmark for complex social systems, 182-195 [Zbl 1023.90523]
Paniagua-Arís, Enrique; Palma-Méndez, José T.; Martín-Rubio, Fernando, A planning under uncertainty model, 196-208 [Zbl 1023.68676]
Bienvenido, Jose F.; Flores-Parra, Isabel M.; Guirado, Rafael; Marín, Roque L., Knowledge based modeling of the design process as a base of design tools. Application to the development of agricultural structures, 209-222 [Zbl 1023.68717]
Dierneder, Stefan; Scheidl, Rudolf, Complexity analysis of systems from a functional and technical viewpoint, 223-232 [Zbl 1023.68688]
González Cobas, Juan David; López Brugos, José Antonio, A complexity-theoretic approach to the design of good measures of cryptographic strength, 233-241 [Zbl 1023.94525]
Campani, Carlos A. P.; Menezes, Paulo Blauth, Characterizing the software development process: A new approach based on Kolmogorov complexity, 242-256 [Zbl 1023.68540]
Scharinger, Josef, Application of signed Kolmogorov hashes to provide integrity and authenticity in web-based software distribution, 257-269 [Zbl 1023.68567]
García-Cabrera, Lina; Rodríguez-Fórtiz, María José; Parets-Llorca, José, Toward a formalisation of evolutionary hypermedia systems based on system theory, 270-284 [Zbl 1023.68759]
dos Santos Leal, Liara Aparecida; Menezes, Paulo Blauth; Moraes Claudio, Dalcidio; Vieira Toscani, Laira, Optimization problems categories, 285-299 [Zbl 1023.68058]
Moreno-Díaz, Roberto; de Blasio, Gabriel, Systems methodology for classical neural nets at various levels, 300-315 [Zbl 1023.68581]
Quesada-Arencibia, Alexis; Moreno-Díaz, Roberto jun.; Aleman-Flores, Miguel, Biologically based CAST-mechanism for visual motion analysis, 316-327 [Zbl 1023.68825]
Suarez Araujo, Carmen Paz; Fernandez Lopez, Pablo; Garcia Baez, Patricio, Towards a model of volume transmission in biological and artificial neural networks: A CAST approach, 328-342 [Zbl 1023.92500]
Zorrilla, Marta E.; Crespo, José Luis; Mora, Eduardo, An online information retrieval systems by means of artificial neural networks, 343-351 [Zbl 1023.68873]
Resconi, Germano; Borboni, Alberto; Faglia, Rodolfo; Tiboni, Monica, Kinematics in robotics by the morphogenetic neuron, 352-368 [Zbl 1023.68102]
Ceska, Milan; Janousek, Vladimír; Vojnar, Tomás, Analysis and verification queries over object-oriented Petri nets, 369-384 [Zbl 1023.68731]
Albertos, Pedro; Crespo, Alfons, Integrated design and implementation of digital controllers, 385-392 [Zbl 1023.93509]
Rodríguez-Millán, Jesús, Symbolic computation tools for dynamical nonlinear control systems, 393-404 [Zbl 1023.93501]
Rodríguez-Millán, Jesús, Integrated symbolic-graphic-numeric analysis and design in nonlinear control through notebooks in Mathematica, 405-420 [Zbl 1023.93502]
Frappier, Marc; St-Denis, Richard, Towards a computer-aided design of reactive systems, 421-436 [Zbl 1023.93511]
Raya, Agustin; Maravall, Dario, Contributions to the control and stabilization of the pole-cart system, 437-449 [Zbl 1023.93503]
García Rosa, Ricardo; de Pedro, Teresa, A qualitative system as a frame to control unmanned vehicles, 450-456 [Zbl 1023.93505]
Machado, Júlio P.; Notare, Márcia R.; Costa, Simone A.; Diverio, Tiarajú A.; Menezes, P. Blauth, Hyper-automaton system applied to geometry demonstration environment, 457-468 [Zbl 1023.68653]
Buchberger, Bruno, The PCS prover in \(\text{TH}\exists\text{OREM}\forall\), 469-478 [Zbl 1023.68655]
Ida, Tetsuo; Marin, Mircea; Suzuki, Taro, Higher-order lazy narrowing calculus: A solver for higher-order equations, 479-493 [Zbl 1023.68086]
Meier, Andreas; Pollet, Martin; Sorge, Volker, Classifying isomorphic residue classes, 494-508 [Zbl 1023.68883]
Sato, Masahiko; Kameyama, Yukiyoshi; Izumi, Takeuti, CAL: A computer assisted learning system for computation and logic, 509-524 [Zbl 1023.03540]
Windsteiger, Wolfgang, A set theory prover within Theorema, 525-539 [Zbl 1023.68662]
Barreiro, Miguel; Gulías, Víctor M.; Sánchez, Juan J.; Jorge, Santiago, The tertiary level in a functional cluster-based hierarchical VoD server, 540-554 [Zbl 1023.68707]
Domínguez, César; Lambán, Laureano; Pascual, Vico; Rubio, Julio, Hidden specification of a functional system, 555-569 [Zbl 1023.68129]
Du Bois, André Rauber; da Rocha Costa, Antônio Carlos, Distributed execution of functional programs using the JVM, 570-582 [Zbl 1023.68754]
Freire Nistal, José L.; Freire Brañas, José E.; Blanco Ferro, Antonio; Sánchez Penas, Juan J., Fusion in Coq, 583-596 [Zbl 1023.68085]
Labra Gayo, Jose E.; Cueva Lovelle, Juan M.; Luengo Díez, María C.; González Rodríguez, Bernardo M., A language prototyping tool based on semantic building blocks, 597-611 [Zbl 1023.68024]
Martín-Mateos, Francisco J.; Alonso, Jose A.; Hidalgo, María J.; Ruiz-Reina, José L., Verifying an applicative ATP using multiset relations, 612-626 [Zbl 1023.68088]
Pareja, Cristóbal; Peña, Ricardo; Rubio, Fernando; Segura, Clara, Adding traces to a lazy monadic evaluator, 627-641 [Zbl 1023.68518]
Pointon, Robert F.; Priebe, Steffen; Loidl, Hans-Wolfgang; Loogen, Rita; Trinder, Phil W., Functional vs object-oriented distributed languages, 642-656 [Zbl 1023.68509]
Quintela, Juan; Sánchez, Juan J., Persistent Haskell, 657-667 [Zbl 1023.68827]

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