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Numerical studies of transonic BZT gas flows around thin airfoils. (English) Zbl 0967.76046
The authors study the two-dimensional transonic flow of dense gases of retrograde type, known as BZT gases, around thin airfoils. Dense gases are treated as ordinary single-phase vapours with moderate molecular weights, operating at pressures, densities, and temperatures around their corresponding thermodynamic critical values. A steady, attached, compressible two-dimensional flow of dense gas around a thin airfoil with a parabolic nose at a low angle of attack is considered in the \((x,y)\)-plane. The mathematical model assume that the velocity potential field \(\Phi(x,y)\) of the flow is described by the equation \((a^2-\Phi^2_x)\Phi_{xx}-2\Phi_x\Phi_y\Phi_{xy}+(a^2-\Phi^2_y)\Phi_{yy}=0\) \((a\) is speed of sound). On the basis of a recent asymptotic theory, the authors develop a new transonic small-disturbance equation solver to compute gas flow in the outer region. The computational results demonstrate the similarity rules for transonic flows of BZT gases, which are discussed and compared with the corresponding solutions of Euler equations.
Reviewer: S.Nocilla (Torino)

76H05 Transonic flows
76N15 Gas dynamics, general
82D05 Statistical mechanical studies of gases
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