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Constraint databases, queries and query languages. (English) Zbl 0962.68046
Kuper, Gabriel (ed.) et al., Constraint databases. Berlin: Springer. 21-54 (2000).
Summary: We formally define the constraint database model, the concept of query in this model, and the basic constraint query languages provided by the relational calculus, the relational algebra, and DATALOG. We show how a computationally complete constraint query language can be obtained by augmenting the constraint relational calculus with basic programming language features. We look into some basic model-theoretic issues concerning the constraint relational calculus, in particular the equivalence problem. The notion of an o-minimal structure turns out to be a useful abstraction to discuss these issues in some generality. We see that equivalence of relational calculus queries on constraint databases is typically undecidable, but that that equivalence is decidable in the special case of conjunctive queries on constraint databases.
For the entire collection see [Zbl 0935.00022].

68P15 Database theory