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Tools and algorithms for the construction and analysis of systems. 7th international conference, TACAS 2001, held as part of the joint European conferences on theory and practice of software, ETAPS 2001, Genova, Italy, April 2–6, 2001. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0960.00058
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2031. Berlin: Springer. xiv, 588 p. (2001).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (6th, 2000) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0935.00048).
Indexed articles:
Vardi, Moshe Y., Branching vs. linear time: Final showdown, 1-22 [Zbl 0986.68064]
Fourman, Michael P., Propositional reasoning, 23 [Zbl 0986.68892]
Finkbeiner, Bernd, Language containment checking with nondeterministic BDDs, 24-38 [Zbl 0978.68093]
Williams, Poul Frederick; Andersen, Henrik Reif; Hulgaard, Henrik, Satisfiability checking using Boolean expression diagrams, 39-51 [Zbl 0978.68563]
Yavuz-Kahveci, Tuba; Tuncer, Murat; Bultan, Tevfik, A library for composite symbolic representations, 52-66 [Zbl 0978.68536]
Colón, Michael A.; Sipma, Henny B., Synthesis of linear ranking functions, 67-81 [Zbl 0978.68095]
Pnueli, Amir; Ruah, Sitvanit; Zuck, Lenore, Automatic deductive verification with invisible invariants, 82-97 [Zbl 0978.68539]
Lakhnech, Y.; Bensalem, S.; Berezin, S.; Owre, S., Incremental verification by abstraction, 98-112 [Zbl 0978.68543]
Tiwari, A.; Rueß, H.; Saïdi, H.; Shankar, N., A technique for invariant generation, 113-127 [Zbl 0978.68091]
Sebastiani, Roberto; Tomasi, Alessandro; Giunchiglia, Fausto, Model checking syllabi and student careers, 128-142 [Zbl 0978.68544]
Fu, Xiang; Bultan, Tevfik; Hull, Richard; Su, Jianwen, Verification of Vortex workflows, 143-157 [Zbl 0978.68716]
Ball, Thomas; Chaki, Sagar; Rajamani, Sriram K., Parameterized verification of multithreaded software libraries, 158-173 [Zbl 0978.68679]
Behrmann, Gerd; Fehnker, Ansgar; Hune, Thomas; Larsen, Kim; Pettersson, Paul, Efficient guiding towards cost-optimality in UPPAAL, 174-188 [Zbl 0978.68541]
Hune, Thomas; Romijn, Judi; Stoelinga, Mariëlle; Vaandrager, Frits, Linear parametric model checking of timed automata, 189-203 [Zbl 0978.68094]
Andova, S.; Baeten, J. C. M., Abstraction in probabilistic process algebra, 204-219 [Zbl 0978.68100]
Ruys, Theo C.; Langerak, Rom; Katoen, Joost-Pieter; Latella, Diego; Massink, Mieke, First passage time analysis of stochastic process algebra using partial orders, 220-235 [Zbl 0978.68103]
Mycroft, Alan; Sharp, Richard, Hardware/software co-design using functional languages, 236-251 [Zbl 0978.68650]
Velev, Miroslav N., Automatic abstraction of memories in the formal verification of superscalar microprocessors, 252-267 [Zbl 0978.68764]
Ball, Thomas; Podelski, Andreas; Rajamani, Sriram K., Boolean and Cartesian abstraction for model checking C programs, 268-283 [Zbl 0978.68540]
Păsăreanu, Corina S.; Dwyer, Matthew B.; Visser, Willem, Finding feasible counter-examples when model checking abstracted Java programs, 284-298 [Zbl 0978.68641]
van den Berg, Joachim; Jacobs, Bart, The LOOP compiler for Java and JML, 299-312 [Zbl 0978.68708]
Cimatti, Alessandro; Roveri, Marco; Bertoli, Piergiorgio, Searching powerset automata by combining explicit-state and symbolic model checking, 313-327 [Zbl 0978.68546]
Ciardo, Gianfranco; Lüttgen, Gerald; Siminiceanu, Radu, Saturation: an efficient iteration strategy for symbolic state-space generation, 328-342 [Zbl 0978.68545]
Nielsen, Brian; Skou, Arne, Automated test generation from timed automata, 343-357 [Zbl 0978.68538]
Khurshid, Sarfraz, Testing an intentional naming scheme using genetic algorithms, 358-372 [Zbl 0978.68699]
Ricca, Filippo; Tonella, Paolo, Building a tool for the analysis and testing of Web applications: Problems and solutions, 373-388 [Zbl 0986.68891]
Souter, Amie L.; Wong, Tiffany M.; Shindo, Stacey A.; Pollock, Lori L., TATOO: Testing and Analysis Tool for Object-Oriented software, 389-403 [Zbl 0978.68768]
Chechik, Marsha; Devereux, Benet; Easterbrook, Steve, Implementing a multi-valued symbolic model checker, 404-419 [Zbl 0978.68542]
Fisler, Kathi; Fraer, Ranan; Kamhi, Gila; Vardi, Moshe Y.; Yang, Zijiang, Is there a best symbolic cycle-detection algorithm?, 420-434 [Zbl 0986.68522]
Carvajal-Schiaffino, Rubén; Delzanno, Giorgio; Chiola, Giovanni, Combining structural and enumerative techniques for the validation of bounded Petri nets, 435-449 [Zbl 0978.68550]
Christensen, Søren; Kristensen, Lars Michael; Mailund, Thomas, A sweep-line method for state space exploration, 450-464 [Zbl 0978.68547]
Amla, Nina; Emerson, E. Allen; Namjoshi, Kedar; Trefler, Richard, Assume-guarantee based compositional reasoning for synchronous timing diagrams, 465-479 [Zbl 0978.68537]
Tan, Li; Cleaveland, Rance, Simulation revisited, 480-495 [Zbl 0986.68165]
Gunter, Elsa L.; Muscholl, Anca; Peled, Doron A., Compositional message sequence charts, 496-511 [Zbl 0978.68549]
Klose, Jochen; Wittke, Hartmut, An automata based interpretation of live sequence charts, 512-527 [Zbl 0978.68548]
Chockler, Hana; Kupferman, Orna; Vardi, Moshe Y., Coverage metrics for temporal logic model checking, 528-542 [Zbl 0978.68092]
Bollig, Benedikt; Leucker, Martin; Weber, Michael, Parallel model checking for the alternation free \(\mu\)-calculus, 543-558 [Zbl 0986.68065]
Pandya, Paritosh K., Model checking CTL*[DC], 559-573 [Zbl 0986.68066]
Beaudouin-Lafon, Michel; Mackay, Wendy E.; Jensen, Mads; Andersen, Peter; Janecek, Paul, CPN/Tools: A tool for editing and simulating coloured Petri nets. ETAPS tool demonstration related to TACAS, 574-577 [Zbl 0978.68758]
Del Castillo, Giuseppe, The ASM Workbench – a tool environment for computer-aided analysis and validation of abstract state machine models. Tool demonstration, 578-581 [Zbl 0978.68761]
Noll, Thomas; Fredlund, Lars-Åke; Gurov, Dilian, The Erlang verification tool, 582-585 [Zbl 0978.68703]

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