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Resurgent functions and convolution integral equations. Proceedings of a symposium held at the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, January 12–14, 1998. (English, Japanese) Zbl 0954.34004
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Contents: Yoshitsugu Takei, Birkhoff normal form of Hamiltonian systems and WKB-type formal solutions (1-21); Tatsuya Koike, Exact WKB analysis for Schrödinger equations with periodic potentials (22-38); Takashi Aoki, Stokes geometry of Painlevé equations with a large parameter (39-54); Koichi Uchiyama, Asymptotic analysis of the modified Bessel function with respect to the parameter (55-67); A. B. Olde Daalhuis, On the computation of Stokes multipliers via hyperasymptotics (68-78); Hideshi Yamane, Formal solutions to nonlinear singular first-order partial differential equations and meromorphic coefficients (Japanese) (79-82); Daniele C. Struppa, Overconvergence phenomena for generalized Dirichlet series (83-93); Ryuichi Ishimura, Jun-ichi Okada and Yasunori Okada, The continuation of holomorphic solutions for convolution equations in complex domains (94-100); Ryuichi Ishimura and Yasunori Okada, Examples of convolution equations in tube domains (101-105).
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