Cosmological physics. (English) Zbl 0952.83002

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. xii, 682 p. (1999).
In “Cosmological physics”, the author combines two different things: The first 300 pages (chapters 1 till 9) represent a typical textbook on cosmology: Chapter 1 introduces general relativity, Chapter 2 is on relativistic astrophysics, i.e. mainly on gravitational radiation and black holes. Chapter 3 “The isotropic Universe”, also deals with the anthropic principle. Chapter 4 is on gravitational lensing, Chapter 5 on discrete scales, Chapter 6 on relativistic quantum mechanics, Chapter 7 is on quantum field theory, Chapter 8 deals with the standard model of elementary particles but covers also themes like quantum gravity, supersymmetry and Kaluza-Klein models. Chapter 9 represents the Standard hot big bang model incuding the primordial nucleosynthesis and its relation to the cosmic background radiation.
The next 300 pages are more advanced, and are also more detailed from the observational point of view. So, these pages represent a typical research monograph. The covered theoretical concepts contain topological defects, magnetic monopoles, cosmic strings and inflationary cosmology.
The extended observational part deals with possible candidates for dark matter, the anisotropy of the background radiation, and to a great deal with the formation, distribution and evolution of the galaxies.
The last 100 pages of this book are covered by useful lists of tables, formulas, references and a subject index. Finally, let me mention that the exercises at the end of the chapters give several nice and unexpected points of view.


83-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to relativity and gravitational theory
83F05 Relativistic cosmology
83-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to relativity and gravitational theory
83E30 String and superstring theories in gravitational theory
83B05 Observational and experimental questions in relativity and gravitational theory
00A30 Philosophy of mathematics
81T20 Quantum field theory on curved space or space-time backgrounds
83C57 Black holes
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