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Econometrics and economic theory in the 20th century. The Ragnar Frisch centennial symposium. Papers from the symposium held in Oslo, Norway, March 3–5, 1995. (English) Zbl 0944.00092
Econometric Society Monographs. 31. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. xiv, 629 p. (1998).

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Ragnar Frisch (1895–1973) received the first Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science together with Jan Tinbergen in 1969 for having played an important role in ensuring that mathematical techniques figure prominently in modern economic analysis. This collection explores his contributions to econometrics and other key fields in the discipline, as well as the results of new research. Contributors include eminent scholars from Europe, the United Kingdom and North America who investigate themes in utility measurement, production theory, microeconomic policy, econometrics methods, macrodynamics, and macroeconomic planning.
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Indexed articles:
Chipman, John S., The contributions of Ragnar Frisch to economics and econometrics., 58-108 [Zbl 1138.91301]
Hausman, Jerry A.; Newey, Whitney K., Nonparametric estimation of exact consumer surplus and deadweight loss, 111-146 [Zbl 0978.91054]
Blundell, Richard, Consumer demand and intertemporal allocations: Engel, Slutsky, and Frisch, 147-166 [Zbl 0970.91039]
Griliches, Zvi; Mairesse, Jacques, Production functions: The search for identification, 169-203 [Zbl 0972.91063]
Jorgenson, Dale W., Investment and growth, 204-237 [Zbl 0962.91517]
Heckman, James J.; Smith, Jeffrey A., Evaluating the welfare state, 241-318 [Zbl 1013.91100]
Laffont, Jean-Jacques, Frisch, Hotelling, and the marginal-cost pricing controversy, 319-342 [Zbl 0995.91012]
Stigum, Bernt P., Scientific explanation in econometrics, 345-370 [Zbl 1032.91035]
Pesaran, M. Hashem; Shin, Yongcheol, An autoregressive distributed-lag modelling approach to cointegration analysis, 371-413 [Zbl 0972.91076]
Maddala, G. S., Econometric issues related to errors in variables in financial models, 414-432 [Zbl 0984.91049]
Johansen, Søren, Statistical analysis of some nonstationary time series, 433-457 [Zbl 0973.91070]
Klein, Lawrence R., Ragnar Frisch’s conception of the business cycle, 483-498 [Zbl 0993.91028]
Bårdsen, Gunnar; Fisher, Paul G.; Nymoen, Ragnar, Business cycles: Real facts or fallacies?, 499-527 [Zbl 0967.91060]
Bjerve, Petter Jakob, The influence of Ragnar Frisch on macroeconomic planning and policy in Norway, 531-559 [Zbl 0962.91520]
Hughes-Hallett, A. J., On the need for macroeconomic planning in market economies: Three examples from the European monetary union project, 577-618 [Zbl 0971.91049]

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Frisch, Ragnar