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Annual review of fluid mechanics. Vol. 32. (English) Zbl 0944.00031
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics. 32. Palo Alto, CA: Annual Reviews Inc. x, 873 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Meneveau, Charles; Katz, Joseph, Scale-invariance and turbulence models for large eddy simulation, 1-32 [Zbl 0988.76044]
Triantafyllou, M. S.; Triantafyllou, G. S.; Yue, D. K. P., Hydrodynamics of fishlike swimming, 33-53 [Zbl 0988.76102]
Ottino, J. M.; Khakhar, D. V., Mixing and segregation of granular materials, 55-91 [Zbl 0989.76087]
Shankar, P. N.; Deshpande, M. D., Fluid mechanics in the driven cavity, 93-136 [Zbl 0988.76006]
Peake, N.; Crighton, D. G., Active control of sound, 137-164 [Zbl 0988.76091]
Boyer, Don L.; Davies, Peter A., Laboratory studies of orographic effects in rotating and stratified flows, 165-202 [Zbl 0953.76513]
Warhaft, Z., Passive scalars in turbulent flows, 203-240 [Zbl 0988.76042]
Perlin, Marc; Schultz, William W., Capillary effects on surface waves, 241-274 [Zbl 0988.76013]
Lasheras, J. C.; Hopfinger, E. J., Liquid jet instability and atomization in a coaxial gas stream, 275-308 [Zbl 0953.76514]
Andreopoulos, Yiannis; Agui, Juan H.; Briassulis, George, Shock wave-turbulence interactions, 309-345 [Zbl 0988.76048]
Berger, S. A.; Jou, L.-D., Flows in stenotic vessels, 347-382 [Zbl 0989.76096]
Busse, F. H., Homogeneous dynamos in planetary cores and in the laboratory, 383-408 [Zbl 0988.76097]
Zhang, Keke; Schubert, Gerald, Magnetohydrodynamics in rapidly rotating spherical systems, 409-443 [Zbl 0989.76095]
Putterman, S. J.; Weninger, K. R., Sonoluminescence: how bubbles turn sound into light., 445-476 [Zbl 1050.76572]
Griffiths, R. W., The dynamics of lava flows, 477-518 [Zbl 0992.76007]
Finnigan, John, Turbulence in plant canopies, 519-571 [Zbl 0992.76040]
Berthoud, Georges, Vapor explosions, 573-611 [Zbl 0955.76519]
Riley, James J.; Lelong, Marie-Pascale, Fluid motions in the presence of strong stable stratification, 613-657 [Zbl 0988.76019]
Magnaudet, J.; Eames, I., The motion of high-Reynolds-number bubbles in inhomogeneous flows, 659-708 [Zbl 0989.76082]
Bodenschatz, Eberhard; Pesch, Werner; Ahlers, Guenter, Recent developments in Rayleigh-BĂ©nard convection, 709-778 [Zbl 0988.76033]
Sone, Yoshio, Flows induced by temperature fields in a rarefied gas and their ghost effect on the behavior of a gas in the continuum limit, 779-811 [Zbl 0988.76087]

76-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to fluid mechanics
00B15 Collections of articles of miscellaneous specific interest
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