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Finite or infinite dimensional complex analysis. Proceedings of the seventh international colloquium, Fukuoka, Japan, 1999. (English) Zbl 0943.00051
Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics. 214. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker. xiv, 630 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Aleksandrov, A. G., Modular space for complete intersection curve-singularities, 1-19 [Zbl 0966.32015]
Blasco, Fernando, Quasinormability of vector valued sequence spaces, 21-28 [Zbl 0968.46011]
Boyd, Christopher, Holomorphic mappings and cardinality, 29-34 [Zbl 0969.46034]
Braunss, H.-A.; Junek, H.; Plewnia, E., Approximation numbers for polynomials, 35-46 [Zbl 0987.46039]
Chang, Der-Chen; Tie, Jingzhi, Applications of Laguerre calculus to Dirichlet problem of the Heisenberg Laplacian, 47-53 [Zbl 0963.35071]
Defant, Andreas; Díaz, Juan Carlos; García, Domingo; Maestre, Manuel, The Pisier-Schütt theorem for spaces of polynomials, 55-62 [Zbl 0985.46030]
Dijneen, Seán, Canonical v. functional extensions of holomorphic functions, 63-68 [Zbl 0969.46033]
Du, Jinyuan; Liu, Hua, On convergence of trigonometric interpolation for periodic analytic functions, 69-76 [Zbl 0966.30029]
Fujita, Keiko, On the double series expansion with harmonic components, 77-86 [Zbl 0965.32002]
Fukushima, Yukio, Extension of pluriharmonic functions in locally convex spaces, 87-93 [Zbl 0958.31003]
Fukushima, Yukio, Regeneration in complex, quaternionic, and Clifford analysis, 95-102 [Zbl 0971.30027]
García, Domingo; Maestre, Manuel; Rueda, Pilar, Schauder decompositions of weighted spaces of holomorphic functions, 103-108 [Zbl 0969.46024]
Guliev, Vagif S., Spaces of Banach-valued holomorphic functions in the polydisk in connection with their boundary values, 109-124 [Zbl 0964.46015]
Hamada, Hidetaka; Kohr, Gabriela, Univalent \(C^1\) mappings on the unit ball in \(\mathbb{C}^n\), 125-132 [Zbl 0965.32009]
Honda, Tatsuhiro, The growth theorem of biholomorphic mappings on a Banach space, 133-137 [Zbl 0987.46038]
Hu, Chan-Gan; Jia, Jian-Hua; Liu, Chao, Stability of solutions for singular integral equations for two classes in locally convex spaces, 139-148 [Zbl 0958.45009]
Hu, Chuan-Gan; Ye, Xiu-Fang, The Nevanlinna’s First Main Theorem for holomorphic Hermitian line bundles, 149-155 [Zbl 0963.32008]
Huang, Xinzhong, On distortion theorem for \(N\)-set quasiconformal mappings, 157-167 [Zbl 0957.30015]
Imayoshi, Yoichi; Ito, Manabu; Yamamoto, Hiroshi, Monodromy of a holomorphic family of Riemann surfaces, 169-177 [Zbl 0963.30027]
Kajiwara, Joji; Fukushima, Yukio; Li, Lin; Li, Xiaodong, Characterizations of holomorphy of domains through validity of Theorem A, B or Oka’s Principle, 179-199 [Zbl 0965.32014]
Kajiwara, Joji; Zhou, Dong-Guo, Envelope of biregularity and \(\mathcal F\)-convexity in Clifford analysis, 201-208 [Zbl 0964.30030]
Kanemaru, Tadayoshi, On a representative domain in matrix space, 209-212 [Zbl 0959.30001]
Kato, Hisako, A new approximation of the Navier-Stokes equations, 213-218 [Zbl 0960.35080]
Katô, Kazuko, Generalization of the Blaschke product in the unit bidisc, 219-228 [Zbl 0965.32006]
Khots, Boris S., \(P\)-spaces, 227-232 [Zbl 0978.22019]
Kwon, Ern Gun; Shon, Kwang Ho, On the arithmetic-geometric mean inequality, 233-235 [Zbl 0962.26009]
Lê Hai Khôi, Weakly sufficient sequences in the space of functions of polynomial growth, 237-244 [Zbl 0966.46013]
Le, Hung Son, Some new results of Clifford analysis in higher dimensions, 245-265 [Zbl 0959.30029]
Hung Son Le; Thanh Van Nguyen, Matrix criteria for the extension of solutions of the general linear system of partial differential equations with function coefficients, 267-281 [Zbl 0966.35028]
Lee, Jinkee; Shon, Kwang Ho, Existence of the solutions of the Cauchy-Riemann equations, 283-288 [Zbl 0962.32029]
Li, Xing, Solution of a class of periodic hypersingular integral equations, 289-292 [Zbl 0958.45001]
Li, Xingmin, On two questions in Clifford analysis and octonion analysis, 293-299 [Zbl 0962.42015]
Li, Zhong, An inequality of Teichmüller’s distance, 301-307 [Zbl 0957.30033]
Lu, Jianke, Cyclically symmetric circular crack problems of different media., 309-315 [Zbl 1093.74551]
Mackey, Michael, The Grassmannian manifold associated to a bounded symmetric domain, 317-323 [Zbl 0974.32016]
Moraes, Luiza Amalia, Holomorphic mappings and weak continuity, 325-329 [Zbl 0969.46035]
Morimoto, Mitsuo; Suwa, Masanori, A characterization of analytic functionals on the sphere. I, 331-336 [Zbl 0968.46030]
Mujica, Jorge, Ideals of holomorphic functions on infinite dimensional spaces, 337-343 [Zbl 0973.46034]
Nakamura, Yayoi, Local cohomology and ideal of partial differential operators, 345-351 [Zbl 0973.46068]
Nanbu, Tokumori, On the large time behavior of solutions of some nonlinear degenerate parabolic system, 353-361 [Zbl 0963.35106]
Thanh Van Nguyen, The extension problem for the Maxwell system with additional conditions, 363-371 [Zbl 0961.35161]
Thanh Van Nguyen, Application of extension theorem of the solution of a first order general linear system of partial differential equations, 373-388 [Zbl 0962.35032]
Nishihara, Masaru, The extension of holomorphic functions on a nuclear space, 389-394 [Zbl 0961.46035]
Nôno, Kiyoharu, Characterization of Clifford differentiable functions, 395-400 [Zbl 0978.30030]
Ohya, Ken’ichi; Shinjo, Kazumasa, Hamiltonian algorithm for sound synthesis, 401-408 [Zbl 0964.68124]
Ouyang, Caiheng, Proper inclusions of function spaces and Ryll-Wojtaszczyk polynomials on the unit ball of \(\mathbb{C}^n\), 409-426 [Zbl 0962.32009]
Ouyang, Caiheng; Chen, Zeqian, Boundary behavior of nonlocally convex vector-valued Hardy classes in the complex ball, 427-442 [Zbl 0962.32011]
Plaksa, Sergiy, Boundary properties of axial-symmetrical potential and Stokes flow function, 443-455 [Zbl 0956.31002]
Raffee, Vadla Mohammad, Bessel function by parallel integration of ODEs under parallel virtual machine environment, 457-464 [Zbl 0961.68544]
Raffee, Vadla Mohammad; Rajput, Renuka; Dhoble, Nikhil; Rawat, Anil; Mhaskar, Shriram Padmakar, Numerical simulation of air core magnet in 3 dimensions under PVM environment, 465-471 [Zbl 0961.68541]
Rappoport, Juri, Some results for modified Kontorovitch-Lebedev integral transforms, 473-477 [Zbl 0960.44003]
Singh, A. P., Dynamics of transcendental meromorphic functions, 479-494 [Zbl 0995.37030]
Soraggi, Roberto Luiz, Exponential forms with exponential growth, 495-501 [Zbl 0973.46006]
Tajima, Shinichi, Grothendieck duality and Hermite-Jacobi formula, 503-509 [Zbl 0967.32009]
Tamrazov, Promarz M., Finely holomorphic functions in contour-solid and cluster problems, 511-522 [Zbl 0956.30025]
Tsuboi, Shoji, Infinitesimal parameter spaces of locally trivial deformations of compact complex surfaces with ordinary singularities, 523-532 [Zbl 0961.32027]
Tsuji, Kumiko, Round-off errors of residual in boundary value problems of Chebyshev series, 533-548 [Zbl 0959.65080]
Tsuji, Miki, Special reflexive modules and the first Chern class, 549-581 [Zbl 0966.32019]
Wang, Yuefei, Normality and Julia sets, 583-589 [Zbl 0986.30021]
Wu, Shengjian, Some results on extremal quasiconformal mappings, 591-603 [Zbl 0969.30010]
Wulan, Hasi, \(\alpha\)-normal functions and complex differential equations., 605-616 [Zbl 1159.30329]
Yang, Lian-Zhong, Entire functions that share one value with one of their derivatives, 617-624 [Zbl 0959.30017]
Yoshida, Mamoru, On estimate for some bilinear forms, 625-630 [Zbl 0960.26007]
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