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Séminaire Bourbaki. Volume 1998/99. Exposés 850–864. (French, English) Zbl 0939.00019
Astérisque. 266. Paris: Société Mathématique de France, 483 p. (2000).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding seminar (1997/98) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0911.00019).
As in the preceding volumes of this seminar, one finds here fifteen survey lectures on topics of current interest: two lectures on theory of Lie groups and algebras, one on algebraic geometry, three on \(p\)-adic arithmetic algebraic geometry, one on combinatorial geometry, one on differential geometry, two on partial differential equations, two on probabilities, one on celestial mechanics and one on quantum computing.
Indexed articles:
Chemin, Jean-Yves, Geometric blow up for some nonlinear wave equations (after Serge Alinhac)., 7-20, Exp. No. 850 [Zbl 1049.35124]
Colmez, Pierre, \(p\)-adic \(L\)-functions., 21-58, Exp. No. 851 [Zbl 0964.11055]
Demailly, Jean-Pierre, \(L^2\) methods and effective results in algebraic geometry., 59-90, Exp. No. 852 [Zbl 0962.14014]
Komorowski, Tomasz, Brownian motion in a Poisson obstacle field, 91-111, Exp. No. 853 [Zbl 0964.60091]
Marmi, S., Chaotic behavior in the solar system (following J. Laskar), 113-136, Exp. No. 854 [Zbl 0976.70009]
Boileau, Michel, Uniformization in dimension three., 113-137, Exp. No. 855 [Zbl 0942.57013]
Burq, Nicolas, Trace formulae, resonances and quasi-modes (after Sjöstrand-Zworski, Stefanov-Vodev et al.)., 175-191, Exp. No. 856 [Zbl 1049.35121]
Carayol, Henri, Proof of the local Langlands conjecture for \(\text{GL}_n\): works of Harris-Taylor and Henniart, 191-243, Exp. No. 857 [Zbl 0958.11077]
Mathieu, Olivier, Classification of simple Lie algebras., 245-286, Exp. No. 858 [Zbl 0990.17008]
Talagrand, Michel, Spin glasses and combinatorial optimization., 287-317, Exp. No. 859 [Zbl 1005.82014]
Breuil, Christophe, Integration on \(p\)-adic varieties (after Coleman, Colmez), 319-350, Exp. No. 860 [Zbl 1015.11028]
Bryant, Robert, Recent advances in the theory of holonomy, 351-374, Exp. No. 861 [Zbl 1014.53029]
Manin, Yuri I., Classical computing, quantum computing and Shor’s factoring algorithm, 375-404, Exp. No. 862 [Zbl 1005.81014]
Oesterlé, Joseph, Maximal density of sphere packings in dimension \(3\) (after Thomas C. Hales and Samuel P. Ferguson), 405-413, Exp. No. 863 [Zbl 0958.52022]
Serre, Jean-Pierre, Finite subgroups of Lie groups, 415-430, Exp. No. 864 [Zbl 0968.20025]

00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
Séminaire; Bourbaki