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AI*IA 99: Advances in artificial intelligence. 6th congress of Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence. Bologna, Italy, September 14–17, 1999. Selected papers. (English) Zbl 0935.00047
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1792. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer. xi, 392 p. (2000).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The 3rd congress 1993 has been indicated (see Zbl 0875.00073).
Indexed articles:
Nardi, Daniele; Rosati, Riccardo, Generalized default logic: Minimal knowledge, autoepistemic and default reasoning reconciled, 1-12 [Zbl 0958.03018]
Di Sciascio, Eugenio; Donini, Francesco M.; Mongiello, Marina, A description logic for image retrieval, 13-24 [Zbl 0962.68169]
Lucas, Peter, Certainty-factor-like structures in Bayesian networks, 25-36 [Zbl 0970.68624]
van der Gaag, Linda C.; Coupé, Veerle M. H., Sensitivity analysis for threshold decision making with Bayesian belief networks, 37-48 [Zbl 0970.68676]
Sadri, Fariba; Toni, Francesca, Abduction with negation as failure for active and reactive rules, 49-60 [Zbl 0962.68028]
Ciampolini, A.; Lamma, E.; Mello, P.; Stefanelli, C.; Torroni, P., An implementation for abductive logic agents, 61-71 [Zbl 0970.68615]
Milano, Michela; Roli, Andrea, Solving the satisfiability problem through Boolean networks, 72-83 [Zbl 0970.68679]
Giunchiglia, Enrico; Sebastiani, Roberto, Applying the Davis-Putnam procedure to non-clausal formulas, 84-94 [Zbl 0961.03014]
Giunchiglia, Enrico; Giunchiglia, Fausto; Tacchella, Armando, The SAT-based approach for classical modal logics, 95-106 [Zbl 0961.03015]
Leone, Nicola; Perri, Simona; Rullo, Pasquale, Local search techniques for disjunctive logic programs, 107-118 [Zbl 0962.68029]
Governatori, Guido; Luppi, Alessandro, Labelled tableaux for non-normal modal logics, 119-130 [Zbl 0961.03016]
Franceschet, Massimo; Montanari, Angelo, Pairing transitive closure and reduction to efficiently reason about partially ordered events, 131-142 [Zbl 0962.68158]
Cesta, Amedeo; Oddi, Angelo; Susi, Angelo, TimeNetManager – a software tool for generating random temporal networks, 143-154 [Zbl 0970.68689]
Badaloni, S.; Giacomin, M., A fuzzy extension of Allen’s interval algebra, 155-165 [Zbl 0970.68603]
Panati, Andrea, Non binary CSPs and heuristics for modeling and diagnosing dynamic systems, 166-177 [Zbl 0970.68654]
Botta, M.; Giordana, A.; Saitta, L.; Sebag, M., Relational learning: Hard problems and phase transitions, 178-189 [Zbl 0970.68674]
Esposito, Floriana; Malerba, Donato; Di Pace, Luigi; Leo, Pietro, A machine learning approach to web mining, 190-201 [Zbl 0970.68605]
Giannotti, Fosca; Manco, Giuseppe; Pedreschi, Dino; Turini, Franco, Experiences with a logic-based knowledge discovery support environment, 202-213 [Zbl 0970.68633]
Esposito, F.; Semeraro, G.; Fanizzi, N.; Ferilli, S., Conceptual change in learning naive physics: The computational model as a theory revision process, 214-225 [Zbl 0970.68703]
Gaglio, S.; Pilato, G.; Sorbello, F.; Vassallo, G., Using the Hermite regression formula to design a neural architecture with automatic learning of the “hidden” activation functions, 226-237 [Zbl 0970.68731]
Pianta, Emanuele; Tovena, Lucia M., XIG: Generating from interchange format using mixed representations, 238-248 [Zbl 0970.68699]
Bagnasco, Clara; Cappelli, Amedeo; Magnini, Bernardo; Zamatteo, Diego, Natural language access to public administration data: The TAMIC-P system, 249-260 [Zbl 0970.68653]
Ardissono, Liliana; Console, Luca; Torre, Ilaria, On the application of personalization techniques to news servers on the WWW, 261-272 [Zbl 0970.68658]
Falcone, Rino; Castelfranchi, Cristiano, Levels of delegation and levels of adoption as the basis for adjustable autonomy, 273-284 [Zbl 0970.68646]
Agostini, Alessandro, Notes on formalizing coordination, 285-296 [Zbl 0970.68506]
Monekosso, N.; Remagnino, P., Autonomous spacecraft resource management: A multi-agent approach, 297-308 [Zbl 0970.68621]
Remagnino, P.; Orwell, J.; Jones, G. A., Multi-agent scene interpretation, 309-320 [Zbl 0970.68650]
Amigoni, Francesco; Villa, Mauro, An algorithm for recruitment of agents in agency design, 321-332 [Zbl 0970.68614]
Chella, Antonio; Frixione, Marcello; Gaglio, Salvatore, Towards a conceptual representation of actions, 333-344 [Zbl 0970.68693]
Adorni, Giovanni; Cagnoni, Stefano; Mordonini, Monica, Cellular automata based inverse perspective transform as a tool for indoor robot navigation, 345-355 [Zbl 0970.68702]
Gerevini, Alfonso; Serina, Ivan, On plan adaptation through planning graph analysis, 356-367 [Zbl 0970.68657]
Piaggio, Maurizio; Sgorbissa, Antonio, Real-time motion planning in autonomous vehicles: A hybrid approach, 368-379 [Zbl 0970.68672]
Schaerf, Andrea; Meisels, Amnon, Solving employee timetabling problems by generalized local search, 380-389 [Zbl 0970.68678]
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